Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Canada finally gets the Kindle - late border crossing - Update2

DigitalHome was the first to announce it, though with not much info.

Canada.Com followed and then blogs.canoe.ca included a quote from Ian Freed:
  "We know that Canadians are passionate about books and reading, and we’re excited to make Kindle available to our customers there.  Kindle enables customers around the world including Canada to think of a book and start reading it in under 60 seconds."  I wish it had been a bit more specific to Canada instead of the usual.

Update 2 - Updated the "kindlecountries" file of country-specific Kindle access information extracted from the Amazon page to note countries that have web-browsing enabled and to include Canada in the International Kindle list.

  The Kindle will cost Canadians $2 more per book for NY Times bestsellers and new releases, to start, so the wireless deal Amazon got there was not ideally priced for them or for customers, it would seem, though they're right on the border.  It did take longer to do at all and likely many will be glad to see it even for the additional $2 per book (plus other fees for the unit, such as import fees, [Update] said to be about $31 + 2-day shipping of about $21, or a total of $311 US].

  Some customers in Canada have been using the Kindle under the US-address and gift-certificate workaround favored over the last year (alternate guide linked in TheKindleChronicles Tech Tips), but it's uncertain how long that will be doable.
  However, this way they get instant wireless downloads of books wanted and also free 24/7 web access to Wikipedia.  I hope that someday wireless-access can cost less so that they also get the web access that Tokyo, HongKong, and Mexico get (though the latter don't have access to the Kindle blogs feature but the RSS feeds can help with that although computer access to those is always easier/faster).

  The Canada product page at the International Kindle product page when you click the Canada entry in the pull-down menu, includes the following:
' Because publishers give us eBook rights on a country by country basis, available titles for your country will vary from our current U.S selection. We are actively working with publishers to get the rights to all titles for every country and adding this selection every day.
. . . You'll also find many books for less - over 100,000 titles are priced under $5.99.
. . .
  Your international shipment is subject to customs duties, import taxes and other fees levied by the destination country. We will show you these fees upon checkout.

  Blogs and the experimental web browser are currently not available for your country.  You will have free access to Wikipedia.
  Since wireless delivery of personal docs direct to the Kindle, then, is not possible without non-store Whispernet, Amazon links potential customers to an explanation of or guide to how they can receive free conversions at their normal e-mail address (used for correspondence with Amazon).

 The Globe & Mail prints all the detail given by Amazon in its country-specific Kindle-page entry, but I'd check the actual page (given above) at any time in case Amazon changes or adds to it, and they do update those pages.

Congratulations to Canadians who have waited for this and will like the ability to quickly download books to the Kindle. Below are ways to Share this post if you'd like others to see it.
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  1. Great news!!! As a Canadian living in the US, I couldn't be happier for my Canadian friends and relatives who have been dying to get a Kindle.

  2. Hi, Clarissa -
    I'm glad too but I hope the wireless providers offer a worthwhile plan to Amazon so that the web browser can be enabled as it is in Japan, Hong Kong and Mexico where wireless service for Amazon Kindle is apparently more affordable.

    I noticed that some Canandian newspaper readers are unhappy about losing that feature. However, many of my friends don't use the feature as they are mainly interested in reading the books. But they'll wait patiently while I use it to see where a movie is playing nearby and when -- http://m.moviefone.com -- or what good Italian restaurant might be nearby -- http://m.yelp.com .

  3. nice link i like it so much. this link is very useful to every body. very nice posting



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