Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Amazon's Public Library Lending program to to begin in September??


We'd heard "by the end of the year" from Jay Marine, Amazon's Kindle Director, and then, on a June 3 blog entry here, seen that the Moorestown Patch, in an article titled "Library Keeping Up with Technology," said:
' (Attention all Kindle users -- Amazon will be making their e-books available on Overdrive starting this fall.) '
And I'd hoped they were right.

  Well, could be!  Nancy Picchi wrote on Google+ that paidContent's Laura Hazard Owen reported a strong hint from OverDrive CEO Steve Potash, which she read at EarlyWord, The Publisher|Librarian Connection.

  At OverDrive's Digipalooza, the question most in librarians' minds was "when Kindle users will be able to download from OverDrive."

  EarlyWord reports that Potash kept saying "soon" and "I'm not allowed to announce a date yet" -- but then at the final session, he dropped a broad hint by "summarizing the main points of his 'Crystal Ball Report'":
Streamlining (both downloading and ordering)
Explosion (we have gone from two reading devices to 85 and more are coming)
Premium (the library catalog as the most premium,
    value-added site on the Web)
Traffic (enormous growth coming by year’s end)

paidContent's Owen adds that "OverDrive previously announced its new platform for libraries, OverDrive WIN, which includes support for Kindle, patron-driven e-book acquisition and “always available” e-book collections.  There's a bit more on the WIN platform enhancements at EarlyWord's article.

  . The Kindle Chronicles interviews Amazon's Jay Marine re Library Lending, etc.
  . More on Kindle Lending Library - How it would work. Reactions & Analyses.  April 21, 2011
  . 11, 000 Local Libraries in Kindle Lending Library - Amazon did it quietly.   April 20, 2011

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  1. Who actually said 'September'? I looked through all of the links and failed to find this reference. I mean, I hope it is true, but if it doesn't arrive until December 20 we are still within the officially announced 'fall' delivery...

  2. Tom,
    See the boldfaced starting letters in his "Crystal Ball Report" summary. I have it in orange quote box.

    Note I use two question marks in the blog-article title though :-)

  3. I totally missed that! I need to wake up a little more before reading.. :)

  4. LOL!, Tom.
    It's really not that obvious. I added indents to try to make the first letter stand out more. I should probably italicize/slant them too. (I may.)

    But it's so funny that they say they can't say, and then they do it that way! It could be a coincidence, but then the points are a bit tortured sounding.

  5. Okay,
    I used italics too. I think it'll be more noticeable now. There are probably many wondering what I was talkint about.

  6. Another theory is that SEPT refers to launch of Overdrive's WIN initiative (the part librarians interact with), not to Kindle lending per se. But the sooner, the better!


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