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    Also, see Certified Refurbished Kindles page

Again, info below includes current *regular* start-pricing on the current models and links to some older ones.
  All Amazon pricing is subject to change, though.
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  Amazon's Comparison table for the Fire tablets.
  Amazon's Comparison table for the e-Ink Kindle eReaders.

Current Kindle Models for reference, plus free-ebook search links.
New Kindle 2016 ("Kindle") - $79-99
E-Ink Kindle for Kids Bundle - Varies
Kindle Paperwhite 3, WiFi - $120-140
Kindle Paperwhite 3, WiFi+3G - $189-209
Kindle Voyage, WiFi - $199-209
Kindle Voyage, WiFi+3G - $260-289
Kindle Oasis, WiFi/+3G - $289.99-$359.99
Fire Tablet 7" 8GB - $50
Fire HD 6" 8-16GB - $99.99-$119.99
Fire HD 8" 2016 8-16GB - $89.99-$119.99
Yr 2014 Fire HDX 8.9" 16-64GB - Starts: $379
- w/ 4G: 32/64GB: Starts: Add $100 AT&T  Verizon
Fire HD 10.1" 16-32GB - $229.99-$259.99
Fire HD 'Kids' 7" - $99.99
The 7", 8", 10.1" + "Kids" tablets have MicroSD card slots.
Older or Findable, Used:
Kindle Keybd 3G (eInk) - Free web, USED (at Amzn)
  For info on other older Kindles, see Older.

New Kindle 2016 - £59
Kindle Paperwhite 3, WiFi
Kindle Paperwhite 3 WiFi+3G£169.99
Kindle Voyage, WiFi - £169
Kindle Voyage, WiFi+3G - £229
Kindle Oasis, WiFi/+3G - £269.99-£329.99
Fire 7" -£49.99-£59.99
Fire HD 6" 8GB - £99.99
Fire HD 8" 2016 8-16GB -
See OLDER Kindles for Yr 2014 models
Fire HD 10.1" 16-32GB - £169.99-£199.99
Fire HD "Kids" 7" - £99.99

CANADA - Kindlestore, CDN-$
New Kindle 2016 - $79
Kindle Paperwhite - $139
Kindle Paperwhite 3G - $209
Kindle Oasis, WiFi/+3G - $399.99-$499.99

*OTHER Int'l pages*
New Kindle 2016 - $99
Paperwhite 3 WiFi $139.99
Paperwhite 3 3G/Wifi $209.99
Kindle Oasis Int'l, WiFi $309.99
Kindle Oasis Int'l, 3G/WiFi $379.99

Australia Kindlestore
France Boutique Kindle
Deutschland - Kindle Store
Italia - Kindle Store
Spain - Tienda Kindle
Brazil - Amazon Brazil
China - Amazon China [?]
Amazon Japan - Japan
India - Amazon India

  For daily free ebooks, check the following links:
Temporarily-free books - Non-classics
USA: by:
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UK: PubDate   Popular

The Kindle Daily Deal

What is 3G? and "WiFi"?       Battery Care

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,  Newest: $1-$2, $2-$3
Most Popular Free K-Books
U.S. & Int'l (NOT UK):
   Top 100 free
   Top 100 free

Guide to finding Free Kindle books and Sources.

USEFUL for your e-Ink Kindle Keyboard (U.S. only, currently):
  99c Notepad 1.1,   99c Calculator,
  99c Calendar,   99c Converter

CHANGES noted earlier:

E-Ink eReaders:
Updated 6/17/15 and 7/12/15 for the upgraded Kindle Paperwhite 3 announced June 17 for June 30th delivery that replaces the Paperwhite 2, in the UK, as well as in the U.S.
Updated 8/10/15 to include the Kindle for Kids Bundle (eReader + 2 yr warranty + kid-friendly cover)
Updated 4/14/16 to add Kindle Oasis. (UK also). Added Canada and Int'l links.
Updated 8/11/16 to add New Kindle (June 22 2016 model).  Added Canada, UK, and Global model links.

Fire tablets:
Updated 11/24/16 to add New Fire HD 8" 2016 (Sept 2016 model).  Adding Canada, UK, and Global model links.
  Currently, Canada and Int'l pages don't show Fire tablets anymore, and Amazon doesn't suggest going to the US pages for these.

See New e-Ink Kindles announced for more info on the current Kindle Voyage and new $79 Basic Kindle Touch.

Earlier and sometimes still available
Fire Tablets for Year 2015 (US and UK)
Updated 9/19-10/1/2015
  New Fire tablets were announced Sept. 17, 2015
  The 6" Kindle HD from Yr 2014 remains.
  Gone are Yr 2014 7" and 8.9" and first "Kids" tablet models,
    replaced by the Yr 2015 lineup.

  As before, the new Fire tablet model "for kids" has strong parental controls and the same serious added features as the basic models but is built to be harder to break, carries a 2-year "no questions asked" warranty and includes a free year of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited with unlimited access to 10,000 books, videos, educational apps, and games.  Added for 2015 tablets is access to over 20,000 age-appropriate websites and YouTube videos.

  Added 10/1/15 that the Year 2014 Kindle Fire HDX 8.9" tablet (higher resolution and speed) remains available, and a note on THAT page links to the Year 2013 Kindle Fire HDX 8.9" tablet (higher resolution but less fast than Yr 2014 HDX) which is ALSO still available (the Year 2013 model is what I still have, and it's excellent, used daily by me for 2 years so far).
  These older models that are still offered are not on the header/banner, so it's hard to know if they're limited to the current stock or are still being produced due to being models with higher resolution and speed.
(UK: I've not looked that up, but you can use the OLDER Kindles table to check the pages for the older models.)


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  1. Thanks for the post
    I want to know how can we use Kindle in the dark?

    1. Henry, that depends on which Kindle you get:
      1. An e-Ink Kindle without an internal light (you can use an attached light (accessory) or light from a lamp)
      2. An e-Ink Kindle with an internal light -- this is readable in the dark without any added effort
      3. A Fire tablet (these work best in the dark, with no added effort).


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