Friday, May 19, 2017

Amazon's new, updated Fire tablets for 2017, their features, and Amazon's special introductory offer

Amazon actually came out with some new, updated tablet models

All New Fire 7

Thinner and lighter, improved 7" IPS display, battery life no up to 8 hrs, faster performance, improved Wi-Fi connectivity. 8 GB or 16 GB. Up to 256 GB expandable storage via microSD card.

All New Fire HD 8

Over 1 million pixels, widescreen 8" 1280 x 800 HD display, up to 12 hrs of battery life, and 16 GB of storage. Up to 256 GB expandable storage via microSD card.

All New Fire 7 Kids Ed.

As above, but with 16 GB of storage and with a year of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited* (see article explaining benefits, a kid-proof case, and a 2-yr worry-free guarantee.

All New Fire HD 8 Kids Ed
As above, now with an 8" screen, with 32 GB of storage and with a year of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited* (see article explaining benefits), a kid-proof case, and a 2-yr worry-free guarantee

* Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, Amazon adds, "now offers over 15,000 age-appropriate books, videos, educational apps, and games, plus access to over 55,000 hand-curated websites and YouTube videos, plus Parent Dashboard and Discussion Cards."

Accessories for the tablets
Promo Code FIRE3PACK - Amazon's special introductory offer
The tablets are available in a multi-pack option ... Buy any three Fire tablets and save 20 percent.

For now -- For those in the UK, you'll see the same new tablets HERE.   Canadian and International Fire tablets are probably ordered from the U.S. pages above these days.

Amazon's announcements yesterday highlight the following:

Features both the tablets have(and the "kids" versions of course)
Alexa - Just press and ask to play videos, enjoy music, listen to audiobooks, ask questions, shop, find news, display the weather, and more on your Fire tablet.
Quad-core 1.3 GHz processor - Quickly and easily switch between apps, stream movies, and browse the web without waiting for your tablet to catch up.
Durability - As measured in tumble tests, Fire 7 and Fire HD 8 are both more durable than the latest generation iPad.
Front- and rear-facing cameras - Video chat with friends and family with the front-facing camera; take and share photos, and save them for later with free, unlimited cloud storage for all photos taken on Fire devices.
Fast Wi-Fi connectivity - dual-band Wi-Fi with support.
Screen Sharing customer service - let an Amazon expert guide you remotely through any feature on your screen, available 24x7, 365 days a year - for free.
Amazon-exclusive features - Alexa, ASAP, X-Ray, Second Screen, Amazon FreeTime, Family Library, Blue Shade, On Deck, Prime Video downloads, and more.
World-class content ecosystem - Access to millions of movies, TV shows, songs, books, magazines, apps, and games - with free, unlimited cloud storage for all Amazon content.
New color options - Black, Punch Red, Marine Blue, and Canary Yellow.

I'll update the special Kindle eReader and Fire Tablets sheet or table probably this weekend.

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