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Black Friday Kindle Device banners caution: Check you have the right one for Black Friday specials. Updated the Kindle Devices table for ID'g and direct links. 11/24/16.. UPDATES for Cyber Monday Week 11/28-29

UPDATES: I've updated the table of current Kindle device ID and links for the U.S., UK., Canada and International offerings. (Nov 24, 2016).

In September, Amazon released the newer 8" Fire HD tablet.
  Clicking on the image or the text link will get you the info on what this one does.  I haven't had a chance to look at forum responses to this model (I'm still happy with my older 8.9" HD year 2013 model), but the reviews rate this new HD 8"device higher than I've seen with previous tablets.
  I'll be looking at this more closely later.

This post was first published for Good Friday on Nov 24, 2016
UPDATES added here Nov 28-29 for Amazon's CyberMonday Week (General, rather than just devices).

They say a lot of things would go fast but to keep checking.  In the meantime, they also add this:
' Some Cyber Monday 2016 deals are in limited supply, and all will go quickly–but don't worry if you miss one, because we'll keep adding new ones as often as every five minutes throughout the day and all week long.'

So, these days, special sales holidays are week-long as they were last year (and probably the year before), but they have always run out of some items and their discount amounts may fluctuate.

Amazon of course updated its Amazon Devices page for Cyber Monday's pricing.
Most of the "Thanksgiving Holiday" pricing remains since that was to be for a week anyway.
  However, Amazon ended several device/tablet sales though they still have a couple of other ones.

UPDATED AGAIN Nov. 29 to confirm that the Fire HD specials on Monday were in effect through CyberMonday only and NOT for the week.  What's described just below is NO LONGER ON SALE for the rest of CyberMonday Week, unfortunately.
So, I'm revising the wording for Tuesday morning.

  On Thursday, I saw that the popular new Fire HD 8" 2016 tablet was offered as part of the HD 8 Essentials Bundle.  This bundled set was $78 with the custom cover and a screen protector. [Regular pricing is back Tuesday Nov. 29. and the "Essentials Bundle" is no longer available.]

  The default HD8 model has 16GB of memory.  The tablet does come with a microSD slot for added storage, but I personally always feel more comfortable with the 32GB so I don't have to swap apps out or worry about how much music I can keep on the tablet or the number of movies downloaded.  The difference is about $30 between a 16GB model and a 32GB version.

  With a fast processor and HD definition, it's a good deal, but more so when you have Amazon Prime-US or Amazon Prime-UK and its huge selection of free videos and free 2-day shipping among many other features -- and a 30-day free trial comes with the purchase, but after the 30-day period, Prime will cost about $8.25/mo on an annual basis, although Prime for STUDENTS - US or Prime for Students - UK is a much better deal.
[REMINDER: The sale on these ended the end of Monday evening Nov. 28.]

 The Essential bundle came (and will likely be offered again, later) with only the black cover, but when buying the Fire tablet separately, you're offered a choice of blue, magenta, or tangerine colored covers -- however, this color choice in covers would cost more when the cover is added separately.

On the HD 8 page (UK page here) for just the tablet, the colors represent the colors of a cover IF you choose to also get a cover.

They had the bare bones Fire basic model for $33 Monday.  It has Only 8GB memory with probably 4GB+ used by the system files.  It does have a microSD slot -- but with only 8GB of internal memory, you'd be switching out material quite a bit, back and forth.  Good for very young kids, probably.  It's normally $50 and is back at that pricing Tuesday Nov. 29.

  HOWEVER, remember that the 8" HD model with better speed, display, and storage space is only $40 more.

Also remember that Amazon is still adding sales items on the Amazon Devices CyberMonday page as well as the GENERAL CyberMonday Week page for other items.

Amazon has very good $ale prices for this Thanksgiving holiday:
However, I get banners showing different sales pricing depending on the page I was on when I clicked to go to look at current Kindles.

While going directly to the "Buy a Kindle" top menu page when I'm at the Amazon Devices page, I get the following sales-banner-menu:

Current e-Reader banner info:
Black Friday Deals Week: Kindle $79.99 $49.99Kindle Paperwhite  $119.99 $99.99, and Kindle Voyage  $199.99 $169.99.

When going from other pages to a Kindle page with a Kindle banner at the top, I get the below instead:
Limited-time offers: Kindle $99.99 $69.99, Kindle Paperwhite, $139.99 $119.99 and Kindle Voyage $219.99 $189.99.

That's probably because Amazon is changing its landing pages and hasn't yet caught all of the Black Friday changes, which would officially begin tomorrow but they usually start them earlier.  So, this is a heads-up that for the Black Friday Deals week, look for the first banner above, for eReaders.

Current Fire tablets banner info
Black Friday Deals Week: Save $30 on All-New Fire HD 8 Tablets $89.99 $59.99  Learn more

The "Learn more" leads to the Fire HD 8 page that has a banner that links you to the HD 8 Essentials Bundle at a very good discount for now.

Getting this off for browsing during spare Thanksgiving Day time to be ready for Black Friday.

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