KINDLE SUPPORT page for phones, user guides, software updates, etc. (Updated 1/30/18)

1-866-321-8851 (U.S.)
1-206-266-0927(outside U.S.)
0800 496 1081 (UK-only)

Contact-Amazon form:
   Call Me feature
   Contact Kindle Support page

FEEDBACK mail for development team
  to Kindle Team, for all Kindles:

Kindle Customer Support via E-mail:

Web: Support page
   for US/Int'l (non-UK)
  UK-Only Support page
  UK-Only Contact page

Kindle FAQ Formerly "Frequently Asked Questions" by Amazon now redirects to the Kindle Support page.
  All should take a look at these to see what's available, including "Kindle Problem Solver." as well as other pages and resources Kindlers can check out when wondering where and how something is done.

FORUMS: Links to available forums. Q&A
. New USER Forum Links (2018)

. GENERAL Help info for all Kindle-compatible devices

Often asked: (Updated 7/2/14 and 3/17/16)
. Identify your Kindle model
      Seriously needs updating for newer models (sooner than later)
. User Guides
    for Kindle. Plus PDFs.
. Manage Your Content and Devices page
    A How-to for the page
. Manage synchronization
. Subscriptions: How? Where?
. Kindle Organization
. SOFTWARE Updates:  US,  UK
. Kindle for iPhone
. 3G/4G Amazon file-send w/ or w/o conversion
    to Kindle device - 15c or free

To see how and where to change your settings to avoid accruing 3G/4G charges when sending personal docs to your Kindle device, see these earlier posts:
  . How to send documents to your Kindle

  WORD docs
  . How to send WORD docs to your Kindle

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  at A Kindle World

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