Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thorough customer report on Amazon DX cover

Bruce Woodcock's report and forum thread on the differences between the Kindle 2 hinged cover and the Dx's cover has a lot of good detail.

As I mention there, I had wondered why the DX cover was $20 more than the K2 cover but then realized that the screen is of course the vital element with this unit, and the DX's surface is 2.5 times the surface of the K2's.

 And now they've added magnets which makes the back cover less easily separated from the Kindle's back and also ensures that the whole cover, closed, is less likely to open easily...

Don't miss the extremely informative forum thread on the real-world experiences by Brent Newhall and others, on the Kindle DX.  He also has a superb video of it running through various tasks.  Note that some PDF pages that make heavy use of large images can sometimes take quite a bit longer to load -- but that in landscape mode, page turns are faster, even with large graphics involved.

UPDATE 6/12/09 - Customers report that the initial slower screen refreshes were almost surely due to massive transfers of files from their earlier Kindles and the indexing that follows.  Once that was completed, most don't notice a difference anymore. Below are ways to Share this post if you'd like others to see it.
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  1. I just ordered a Kindle DX and after reading your comments and others I looked into, I added the DX Cover as an after-thought!


  2. Wally, I've been on the fence but I am beginning to fall over it. :-)


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