Monday, September 14, 2009

Tips of the day - 9/14/09

  This tip came from M. Francis in an Amazon forum thread.

1.  If you want a publisher to create a Kindle version of a book you want to read, let them know on the book's product page, on the left, below the book's main description.

2. Then add the hard copy book to your Amazon wish list.

3. Once that's done, go visit Mysteria, "your obsessive, obsequious librarian for all your digital stuff."  She's always on-call, working endlessly in the background searching for what you told her (via your public Amazon wishlist(s)) you have to have (books, music, videos).
  Read the page, as it's an entertaining intro.  The number of items she is tracking will show up on the upper right of that page.

4.   If you've not registered before, sign up (there's no cost or spam, people say), and type into the Sign-up box the email address you use for correspondence with Amazon.  If you use that address, she'll also automatically check to see if you have new requests in any of your wishlists.

5.   When a Kindle book (or digital movie or song download) you wanted has become available, she'll send you an e-mail.

6.   Here's how it works.
  And the service is free.


Zoolert says that they hunt, we gather.  They track hard-to-find items, but best, they TRACK PRICES of Amazon items you want and will send you an alert when an acceptable price you set has been met.

Len and his listeners say this works well for them, the original recommendation coming from Yisroel Parker, and Len Charnoff has a helpful tutorial on using Zoolert. Below are ways to Share this post if you'd like others to see it.
-- The Send to Kindle button works well only on Firefox currently.

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