Thursday, January 14, 2010

CHILE / HAITI - How to Help - Update3

The Google Crisis page has a lot of information on what people can do to help, with donation boxes added to speed up the collection and distribution of donations -- Google itself is contributing $1 million.

Bruce Keener of Keener Living adds:
"Note that the White House (and Consumer Reports) particularly recommend making contributions to the Red Cross. You can do so via your phone by SMS texting “HAITI” to 90999 to donate $10 to Red Cross relief efforts."

Amazon is working with Mercy Corps and has said that their donation box provides a safe and secure platform.

The whole thing is unreal.  They just had a bad aftershock.

Updates 2:14 pm and 2:23 pm PST - Original posting 10:29 am:
U.S. civilian flights to Haiti halted due to lack of room and resources and 11 planes were in the air at the time of the report.
 I guess military planes have other areas to land...

International Medical Corps (Santa Monica California) is one organization bringing in supplies, but the situation is really dire.  I won't be doing any regular updates in this space, as this particular report already details too well how truly devastating things are

  In the meantime the Red Cross reports they've run out of supplies.  More is being sent but no one knows when they might get there.

  Some credit card companies are skimming off the fees still.  Kudos to Capital One though whose policy is not to, in situations like this.

  State Dept number for Americans needing info on family and close friends in Haiti: 1-888-407-4747

  Huffington Post - Haiti Earthquake page has reams of ongoing coverage.

  (By February, 200,000 dead, thousands of children orphaned.)

  New York Times - In Haiti, the Displaced Are Left Clinging to the Edge - July 10, 2010

UPDATE for Chile, February 27, 2010
  Huffington Post - Chile Earthquake - How You Can Help
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