Saturday, April 10, 2010

More iPad+Kindle: Overheating in the Sun ? WiFi fixes

CNet: iPad reportedly overheating in the sun

PC Magazine editor Zach Honig posted on Twitter that he took his brand new iPad out in the sun in New York City  (high temperature that day in NY was 67) and ten minutes later it shut down with the message, "iPad needs to cool down before you can use it."

CNet writes that "The Atlantic's blog did a nice round up of the complaints entitled, 'Techies Fume over iPad's Hidden Weakness.' and adds,
 "In fact, the folks over at The Next Web discovered that the iPad's operating temperature is 32 degrees to 95 degrees F (0 to 35 C) when running or up to 113 degrees when off. The same is true for the iPhone, but the iPad, due to its size, appears to attract a lot more heat a lot more quickly."

TheNextWeb published a story titled "Want to use your iPad in the sun? You might have to rethink that."
Report1, Phillip Bowden (Austin, Texas) - photo:
  ' Was sitting out in the sun for about an hour and iPad showed a temperature warning screen. "ipad needs to cool down..." '

His subsequent tweets:
'  a. A little over an hour the first time.  Then I let it sit for a minute or two, then it happened again maybe 30 mins later.
  b. Actually 4 times. I'm not too worried though.  It is Rev-A hardware and it's pretty damn hot in Texas ;) '

Loves his iPad nevertheless so hasn't been that big a problem.

Report2: Elliot Croo (San Diego, Ca) - photo:
'  After about 10 minutes in the sun, my iPad overheated! '
'  I'm in San Diego, out in the sun.  a reboot and moving to the shade fixed it '

KINDLE IN THE SUNLIGHT - for the Kindle-interested tired of me talking about the iPad
From Rich Jaroslovsky for Bloomberg's BusinessWeek:
' I’ve found the iPad’s kryptonite: sunlight. Indoors, the backlit screen works beautifully. When I take the iPad to a terrace at the Bloomberg office or to a park near my home, the screen becomes, ahem, a glaring weakness.

Turns out it’s easier to see my own reflection on the glossy screen than to do a little reading or catch a glimpse of the Real Racing HD course I was hoping to conquer in a prerelease game Apple loaded onto my loaner. Moreover, my fingerprints on the touch screen, which barely register indoors, are thrown into cruel relief by the sun. '

A Kindle for iPad tip from Jaroslovsky:
The Kindle for iPad app is not nearly as nifty as the iBookstore reader (paper-like page turns, text on what looks like a book, and Jaroslovsky adds this info:
' You also lose some of the iPad’s slick book-like experience. Kindle pages slide rather than turn, unless you go into the app’s settings and turn off something called “basic reading mode.” '
Something to try.  But then what mode do you get?  iPad/Kindle users, let me know.
  He has other nitpicks with other aspects, such as a lack of a blue-tooth mouse, which he feels he needs as an option if it is going to replace his netbook.

Here's a story on first-day buyers enthralled with their iPads.  It's written by Omar L. Gallaga, for American Statesman, who "spoke to five iPad owners, and all said they love their new devices and have no plans to return them."  These were people in line on the first day.  I include here the one with a Kindle owner, for Kindle-interested readers.
' Caroline Tang waited for seven hours at the Apple Store at the Domain with her husband, along with hundreds of others, to buy one. It was her husband's birthday, but by the time they got to the front of the line, they decided to buy two.

"After our time investment, we wanted to have the return," Tang said.

She plans to use her iPad to play video games such as her favorite, "Plants vs. Zombies," use social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter and to look up things on Wikipedia while she watches TV or lies in bed.

It won't replace her Amazon Kindle for e-book reading, though.  "I tried using the Kindle App on the iPad.  It's tougher on your eyes with the glare.  When you use a Kindle, it really feels like it's just a book." '

MacFixIt troubleshoots weak or fluctuating Wi-Fi signals - Several ideas here.  They don't mention one customer suggestion the other day that helped a lot of iPad owners:
  Raise the brightness of the screen display.  That worked for a lot of people.

  Again, the antenna is on the back of the iPad, behind the logo.  When propping it up against something, give it enough space to receive the WiFi signal well.

  Also, here is Apple Support Forum's own WiFi discussions, with almost 2,000 messages, more than half of them helping with resolving WiFi reception problems and helping with successful setup.

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  1. I tried changing the setting from the home page of the Kindle app. The pages turn but it is rather annoying and rough. The iBook has a smoother turn. I changed it back to sliding mode. I'm hoping the Kindle for Tablet app might be better. Any news about when that might be released? I'm still loving the iPad and some of the terrific apps. The other night the iPad beat the pants off me in Scrabble!
    Donna Clark

  2. Donna,
    Thanks very much for that feedback on what it's like when you do change the page-turn mode.

    The Kindle for Tablet app is what you get with the Kindle for iPad except that it's customized for the iPad.

    However, they're working on updates, and the Kindle for iPad software announcement page has this:

    "Coming soon: Search and instant dictionary lookup"

    So maybe they will work on the page-turning at the same time, but I suspect they'll just keep the slide as they have plenty of other things they have to do on software development for the Kindle itself...

  3. Donna,
    I don't think I'd want to play Scrabble against the machine. I love playing it but I once played Scrabble with a boss during lunch time and he came up with FOUR 7-letter words in one game.

    The rest of my day was not very productive :-)

  4. I've been Reading your blog for a fair while, ever since I bought the first Kindle 2 available in the UK. I found I wanted to be kept up to date with the Kindle developments.

    Seriously though, over the last few months, especially the last two weeks, I've been getting the feeling that the blog is 'A Kindle and Apple World' - I get that you are reporting on the Kindle app for other platforms, as that's relevant. What I don't want to read (as I have it from other sources) is the wireless problems, or pricing decisions for the iPad or whatever.

    I don't wish to be overly critical, as I do like your views and insights into the Kindle-related news!


  5. Ben,
    My blog header mentions "A Kindle World" and then adds it covers, therefore, as well, "and latest information on the Kindle and its competitors" ...

    So that's a difference with mine. Also, some of you would like a blog entry every day but during a time period where there are no other developments to write about the Kindle other than the countless columns and forum discussions about whether or not to get an iPad on top of or instead of a Kindle, that information is of interest to others who are Kindle-involved or who feel they'd like to be but are uncertain about choosing what to buy or whether to buy either or both of these devices.

    I now have many cohorts and Kindle acquaintance who have bought an iPad to supplement their Kindles and are not interested in giving up their Kindles, especially not for outdoor use but many of them are also reporting problems such as the wireless ones and looking for solutions.

    For me, those people count too.

    I was really gratified to see on Twitter someone saying to someone else that she had just learned she might be able to have her boarding pass scanned when it's displayed on the Kindle (this will depend on the ticket clerk, I'm pretty sure), a factoid I brought from the forums to the attention of people who don't get to the forums or any particular message thread.

    Some don't travel and will find that not germane to themselves either. But I'll do what I can to bring developments that -affect- Kindle owners and hope you'll have patience re the other.

    Not everyone will be reading the other columns to find out why their other device, which is ALSO used for Kindle reading, is not working to let them access their books on Amazon, whether via WiFi or other reasons.

    But i appreciate your telling me how you feel and your frustration over it. That kind of feedback is also taken into account when I sit down to write something for the day.

    If you have an idea of what topics I might include for the Kindle-only, send those too.

  6. Of course as usual I read this 4 days after the initial post but what the heck.

    I have been following the blog pretty regualry and enjoy it very much. Until I came here I had no idea I could get free books for my Kindle (have lots now).

    Let me say right now I love my Kindle(2). I've had it just over 4 months and it goes everywhere with me. I work ALOT so fast food locations become my usual eating places. Waiting in drive thrus would get boring and just aggrevating sometines but not since I got my Kindle. I just turn it on and when they say there will be a wait I don't even care.

    My point is while I love my Kindle and I want to get a DX I have been interested in the iPad. However I don't like to buy things when they first come out. I believe first versions of things are usually buggy and have issues. From my understanding the Kindle 2 is better than the Kindle 1. Glad I waited. So I like coming here and getting updates on other pieces of tech stuff.

    I'm an old Sci-fi geek. When I see things like the Kindle, Nook, Sony, and iPad I see the future and that which was so far fetched to me as a kid, something that is right here, right now. For now my Kindle is my baby but please don't stop telling us about the other gadgets out there.

    Here's to the

  7. Igotnothing,
    Blogs are for when you can read them, and I like that the entries are kept so that people can see them later on when there's time.

    I've read, a few times in only the last 2 days, that people no longer dislike waits, because we can so easily read something we actually want to read while waiting and I've even been disappointed to be called, ending my waiting time :-)

    Thanks for letting me know that you do like getting updates on other tech items that are tangentially related to the Kindle. There is a lot happening on the gadget front certainly.

    Am with you re the wonder over what these things can do.

  8. I have a regular old kindle and i belong to a book club and am in the middle of reading our August book and was sitting outside sunbathing and my kindle was partly in the sun for a little while. When I tried starting it up it wouldn't start. I'm now charging it and the light goes on but it won't go to the main page. Not sure what I need to do? This has never happened before, can anyone help?

    1. It's okay for it to be in the sun, Anonymous. But it sounds as if your battery was drained. Charging it will not bring the home page up right away if it ran all the way down.

      You wrote this yesterday so probably have either seen the home page come up at some point or not. If not, press the Power lever or button and HOLD it for 21 seconds or more. Then let it go. The Kindle should start up anew, with a soft reboot and a fresher start. If it doesn't start up on its own after a minute or so, tap or press the power button or lever again and wait for it to restart..

      Let me know how it went.


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