Monday, December 27, 2010

For New and Olde Kindlers Wanting to Do More with their Kindles

Well, pleasurable reading is good enough for most, but there is a lot more that can be done with the Kindle, as shown in the short list just below.
  (I recommend bookmarking this for quick access later.)

  1. an old, continuing favorite forum thread about the more unique uses of the Kindle's capabilities thought up by members of the Amazon Kindle Community, and I saw another idea added today.

  2. a newer forum thread of favorite tips for new Kindle owners from Kindle oldtimers.

NOTE: If your web browser (especially Firefox) drops you onto the Amazon forum list of topics instead of bringing you to the forum thread, click on Refresh or Reload to get the message thread itself -- or click on the link again.  I don't know why a 'retry' is often needed, but it is.

  3. The Kindle Chronicles
  This is a very informative, fun resource for Kindlers at, a weekly podcast hosted by Len Edgerly who, each Friday night, brings us a roundup of the latest news (with links), excellent tech tips, an interview with someone from the Kindle world at large and some from just outside it who are of course in the Kindle net then :-)  Len also presents video reviews as well.  At the site are summaries of what is included in the latest podcast report.  Links are given there for items mentioned in the podcast.

  4. the new Kindle book by Stephen Windwalker, who has been explaining what can be done on Kindles since the Kindle 1, and this just-released book that includes info for the Latest Generation Kindles is only $0.99, which is more than a bargain.

To START, though, Amazon has made a new 'Announcement' in the forums which introduces Kindlers to Kindle Top Ten FAQ's, and oldtimers add to the thread, explaining some of it from their experience and helping some there who have specific problems starting out.

Here is a regular WEB version of Kindle Team's TOP10 FAQs with active links (bracketed comments are mine).

  I'll keep a link to this post in the right-hand reference column of the web blog).
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Amazon Kindle Customer Service says:

Did you recently receive Kindle as a gift? Welcome to our growing family of Kindle users!  To help you quickly get started with your new Kindle, we've created a list of some of the most common questions new users have:

1. How can I start reading on my new Kindle?

Visit our Getting Started page to see the simple steps (including videos) to start reading on your new Kindle right now:

2. How do I set up the Wi-Fi connection on my Kindle (Latest Generation)?

Kindle (Latest Generation) automatically detects nearby Wi-Fi networks and hotspots that broadcast their network name.  You can watch a video about how to connect to a Wi-Fi network here:

For more information on how to connect to a Wi-Fi network see our guide here:

  [Note that you can click to get larger videos, if wanted, at the video pages.]

3. How do I apply and use a gift card to purchase Kindle titles?

To use an Gift Card for purchases from the Kindle Store, redeem the gift card in Your Account (  Any gift card balance available on your account will be applied to purchases from the Kindle Store, except for content with recurring subscription charges.

To successfully complete your purchase, you'll need to establish your home country or region and set a valid 1-Click billing address.  You can set your billing address at the link below:

  [The billing-address page sometimes takes a while to load.]

4. How do I register/deregister my Kindle?

From, you can register or deregister via the Manage Your Kindle page


From your Kindle, select Home > Menu > Settings > Register or Deregister.

5. How do I start shopping in the Kindle Store?

You can shop in the Kindle Store directly from Kindle or from  Shopping the Kindle Store on your Kindle is a convenient way to find and buy Kindle books, newspapers, magazines, and if you are a U.S. customer, Kindle active content and blogs for your Kindle.  If you are in your wireless coverage area, your purchases from the Kindle Store are delivered to your Kindle, typically in less than 60 seconds.

  [KINDLE SHORTCUT: If on the Kindle, press Alt-Home keys at the same time.]

6. How do I give a Kindle book as a gift or redeem a Kindle book that I received as a gift?

To gift a Kindle book, click the Give as a Gift button located under the Buy button on Kindle Store product detail pages, and follow the prompts to complete your order.

You can find more information about Kindle book gifts here:

7. Are there any free books available for Kindle?

The Kindle Store contains the largest selection of the books people want to read.  This includes the most popular classics for free with wireless delivery in under 60 seconds to your Kindle, computer, or other mobile device.

Learn more: Free eBook Collections (

  [Also see this blog's Free Kindle Books for more.]

8. Can I read Kindle books if I don't have my Kindle with me?

You can read anywhere with our free reading apps, no Kindle required. Whispersync technology saves and synchronizes your last page read, bookmarks, notes, and highlights across your devices.

To download: (

9. I have the Kindle (Wi-Fi), but I don't have a Wi-Fi network at home.  Can I still buy and download books from home?

  If you don't have a Wi-Fi network set up in your home, you have the following options for receiving Kindle content:

I. If your Kindle was recently ordered, you may return the Kindle (Wi-Fi) and purchase the Kindle 3G (Free 3G + Wi-Fi).  The added convenience of 3G enables you to download books anytime, anywhere, while on the go-without having to find a Wi-Fi hotspot connection.

  The full Return Policy is posted on the Kindle Support pages
  You can process your return and print a mailing label by visiting our
    Online Returns Center (

II. Even without a home Wi-Fi network, you can still buy content from the Kindle Store and access your Kindle items Archived on through your computer and transfer them via USB to your Kindle.  Information about transferring content to your Kindle with USB is available on our Kindle Support pages here:

III. You can purchase a home Wi-Fi router to establish a Wi-Fi network in your home with which the Kindle can connect.

10. I have a problem with my Kindle, what should I do?

If you're experiencing software or hardware issues with your Kindle, please reach us by phone for personalized support.  You can reach us by phone directly and toll free from many countries by clicking the Contact Us option in the right-hand column of our Kindle Support pages at:

Contacting us through the website allows you to verify security before a call is placed and ensures we have your account information ready when we call you.  If your country isn't listed or you're unable to take advantage of the Contact Us feature, you can call us directly at 1-866-321-8851 or 1-206-266-0927 if you're calling from outside the U.S.

Still have questions?

Additional information, including answers to frequently asked questions, how to use Kindle, and the Kindle User's Guide can be accessed from our Kindle Support pages here:

Happy Reading! '

The "Do More" idea is represented by an overview, at the top, of what Kindle owners have enjoyed doing beyond reading a book and there'll be more detail in the new year.

Be sure to check the reference-section in the right-hand column of the website version of this blog, for guides to making Collections, using the Send Passage to Facebook and Twitter features, and many other tips.

  In the coming weeks, I'll be updating those and streamlining them a bit in newly modified blog articles that can also be read on the Kindle edition of the blog for those with not enough time to get here regularly.

NOTE: At the end of each more-recent blog entry, you'll see ready-made links to getting the very latest temporarily-free Kindle books available whenever you're curious about what has been offered since you last checked, sorted by publication date, most recently posted, best-selling, etc.  These are links to both the Amazon-US and Amazon-UK sites.  Also there are links to information on all free books available for your Kindle.

Kindle 3's   (UK: Kindle 3's),   DX Graphite

Check often: Temporarily-free late-listed non-classics or recently published ones
  Guide to finding Free Kindle books and Sources.  Top 100 free bestsellers.
UK-Only: recently published non-classics, bestsellers, or highest-rated ones
    Also, UK customers should see the UK store's Top 100 free bestsellers. Below are ways to Share this post if you'd like others to see it.
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  1. Excellent summary as always. let me take this chance to say that I send a link to this blog to every person that I know who has gotten a kindle. your tech stuff is always thorough and well written.

    I look forward to much more from you (even though, to be honest, I only utilize a small portion of what you offer= STILL, I love to have it available.

    Have a great and even more succesful New Year.
    Rick Askenase

  2. Dear Andrys,

    I am a newbie in the Kindle world, having got mine just yesterday. I have been playing with it for a few hours now, slowly wrapping my head around the different things it does. Needless to say, I too had questions that had to be 'answered just right now or I won't be able to sleep peacefully' ~ those "silly" questions that newbies always have.

    Well it took me just 15 minutes to find your blog and have all my questions answered without bothering Kindle customer care!

    I just wanted to leave you a note thanking you for the wonderful job you do with the blog ~ and I'm sure I speak for most of of your readers, if not all.

    Didn't find any other place I could write to you, hence the comment here :-)

    Thank you ~ you have another fan!

  3. Great post, Andrys, and thanks for the shout out!

    Happy New Year,
    Steve Windwalker

  4. Rick, thanks very much for doing that. From you that's quite a compliment!

    Shyam, welcome to the Kindle world :-) Am pretty sure you'll really be enjoying it. Glad this was helpful to you and I appreciate the time taken from your first day on the Kindle to give such nice feedback. And now you can even get some peaceful sleep :-)

    Questions and suggestions are always welcome.

    Steve, thanks for visiting this space! Your new book will be very helpful to many.

    A great 2011 and beyond to all :-)

  5. Can anyone tell me the correct OUTPUT voltage needed to charge a Kindle 3G. Amazon did not ship me the white plug and there are lots of IPod / MP3 chargers out there, but I do not want to trash my Kindle with the wrong charger.

    Email to:


  6. Bob,
    First, there is no reason you should accept that they didn't send you a charger, if you got a new Kindle from Amazon.

    Call 866-321-8851 for Kindle Support and let them know. Also, they'd have the info on the output voltage.

    Good luck.


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