Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Kindle CALENDAR with Recurring Events, by 7 Dragons - Update


For now, Amazon Kindle apps like this are U.S. only, still, although they have said on the forums that they intend them to be international at some point.

7 Dragons has done it again.  There are several Kindle calendar apps now but no other with Recurring Events (apparently quite difficult to do) or some of the other features included.

From the product description: (All emphases mine)
"Calendar is a user friendly scheduling tool and daily planner for Kindle.

Calendar lets you see events and to-do lists quickly and easily with day, month and week views.  It lets you create events (including recurring events) and daily to-do lists.  You can set reminders that show up when you start Calendar; and copy/paste, sort and search tools make working with your data a breeze.  US Holidays are included, but you can turn them off if you want to do so.

A Go-to-Date and Go-to-Today feature helps you move around quickly, and fast typing speed with word-wrap helps you work quickly too. You get 6 font sizes and 9 backgrounds or a simple full-screen mode from which to choose, and you can use the built-in Backup and Restore feature to save your calendar data to a PC or Mac."

Abhi Singh replies to customer questions about Kindle Calendar at this Amazon Kindle Forum message thread.

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  1. What happens to all of these Active Content apps on a presumed Kindle Touch? They are going to have to be completely redesigned (assuming there will still be support for apps at all), and one would assume, re-bought.

  2. Tom,
    Re what happens to all the Active Content apps if we do get a Kindle Touch (in addition to the co-existing model with physical keyboard -- I suspect they are not going to want to continue supporting both types though!

    I was thinking the same thing yesterday after looking at how much work went into the Calendar app.

    The rules will remain the same, and I guess all they have to do is change the sections on the actions that drive what will be the same functioning, except this is key-input heavy.

    I guess, allow for different type of character input but do the same with the values of that input.


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