Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Kindle News: Kindle Paperwhite video comparison with Nook Glowlight. Kindle Touch internat'l page info. Throw in the Vowel, on Paperwhite

GoodEReader's Michael Kozlowski has put together an effective video comparison showing, side by side, the differences in display and features of the Kindle Paperwhite and the Nook Glowlight.

FIRST, the Kindle Touch e-Ink eReader situation
[Corrected the confusing typos that had 'Nook' in place of 'Kindle'
  Just had Nook on the brain, obviously.]
The Kindle Touch situation has been of interest to many, as this model has/had the Text-to-Speech feature (as does the Kindle Keyboard  See Int'l).  The Kindle Touch disappeared from Kindle 'family' headers and comparison charts for the U.S. Kindle pages once the Paperwhite was announced September 6.

  The old pages for 3G and WiFi-Only models say "Currently Unavailable" -- normal wording but it's in contrast to the Kindle DX page, which shows only Used models and Trade-In values.  NO pretense of possible later availability for the big Kindle DX.

  For awhile, the Kindle Touch WiFi was showing as available on UK product pages until it was announced that the UK is getting the Paperwhite November 22, 2012.
  Then, that Kindle Touch 3G/WiFi, UK model became "currently unavailable," with a note that Amazon UK doesn't know when or if it will be back in stock.

  International model of the Kindle Touch
  At the same time, there is an "International" model product page which has a "sign up" box for availability notices, which is quite out of the ordinary.
  The Kindle Touch 3G/WiFi version shows "currently unavailable" in the way these things are usually done.
  However, the Kindle Touch WiFi-Only int'l model shows something out of the ordinary.
  In both the main content and buy-box areas, it has this, in Red:
    "Sign up to be notified when this item becomes available."

  It could be that Amazon is leaving its options open on the International model of the Kindle Touch WiFi. "International" models are sold from Amazon U.S.

BACK to the Kindle Paperwhite model

  The GoodEReader video by Michael Kozlowski covers more than the usual comparisons I've seen, so rather than discuss that more, I recommend a visit there.

An excellent, thorough video of the Kindle Paperwhite plus written review
This thorough video, by MobileTechReview's Lisa Gade, covers almost every feature.  Here's the accompanying written article.

  The video is very clear, and the only problem for some could be that she speaks so fast that some of the words are totally lost, with no gaps between sounds at times.  Otherwise, it's visually the best Paperwhite DEMO I've seen, as she explains most of the features in detail.
  Toward the end of the video, she shows the Nook Glowlight side by side with the Kindle Paperwhite and then the Paperwhite in daylight alongside the 7-inch Kindle Fire HD, a novel comparison that should be useful to those trying to decide between the two.

An excerpt from her Conclusion:
' If you're happy with Amazon's huge selection of well-priced books or you use Calibre to convert ePub eBooks to Mobi format for use on the Kindle, then this is the best eReader on the market.   I personally find that 1.25 gigs of storage is more than adequate to carry a vast library of books with me, so I don't miss the card slot. I prefer the thin and modern Paperwhite design to the bulky Kindle Touch and Nook GlowLight design. But those of you with large hands and a hankering for hardware page turn buttons will disagree. The display and frontlighting are the best on the market, and that's arguably the most important feature on a single purpose digital book reader. '

Another review from NewsObserver's Paul Gilster agrees, calling the Paperwhite "the best ebook reader I've yet encountered."

Throw in the Vowel

Throw in the Vowel
is a popular word game for all e-Ink Kindles except the Kindle 1 (the latter has no direct access to the screen), and I'm mentioning it again, as it's newly available for the Kindle Paperwhite too.

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    Also, UK customers should see the UK store's Top 100 free bestsellers.

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  1. Lots of typos on this post.
    Starting with the title: "Throw in the Towel on Paperwhite" (as opposed to "Vowel" led me to expect a VERY different article.

    Then I was confused for a bit by "FIRST, the Nook Touch e-Ink eReader situation" before I realized that you had done a search and replace "Kindle" => "Nook" over several paragraphs.

    1. Sandbagger,
      What an understatement. Thanks very much for reading it and then alerting me to some very strange typos, but believe it or not those were not search and replace as I can't do that function in blogger's editor.
      My head was just seeing 'Nook' with 'Touch' ... I've done it before. The 'towel' one was funny and I'd do better to look at the product again before typing. Could you tell I was sleepy? :-) Thanks again.

  2. I'm hoping they add a new model of the Paperwhite with sound. Otherwise I will have to baby my KKeyboard and KTouch Wifi to death, praying they don't break. While I understand their need/wish to keep the price down, I am really irritated about the removal of TTS with its introduction into the Kindle Fire. Why would I prefer to use that TTS on a tablet device given the way the same option eats up my KTouch's battery.


    After 5 years of delightful surprises with each new Kindle, they've laid a big....egg on this one, IMO.

    1. I would think they'd have a very good market for a later Paperwhite with Audio and TTS and 4GB and it would help with the State contract, certainly.

      I think there was business pressure to come in LIGHTEST and at lowest price while keeping cost low enough so they could sell it at $119.

    2. There are several empty parking spaces on the Paperwhite circuit board for additional chips, and all kinds of space for a bigger battery:



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