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Amazon to release an Android Console by end of 2013? Web apps can now be submitted to Android app store for conversion.

Strong rumor that Amazon is about to offer its own Android-based game Console

As gameinformer's Mike Futter writes, with more certainty, "Amazon Developing Android Console For Release By End Of 2013"
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Sources with "knowledge of the in-development hardware" approached them with this news that the console will have its own dedicated controller and will "most likely" be available around Black Friday and will of course leverage the titles already available on its platform and its existing relationships with key developers.

Futter points out that its target would be the "affordable home gaming sector" with emphasis, little doubt, on "affordable."  Futter wouldn't be surprised to see "Amazon cut a deal to have their Android gaming technology integrated with key television manufacturers' products."

  Rick Munariz, at the investment site The Motley Fool headlines his reaction, "Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony Have a Problem."

  Microsoft's XBox 360 has been the topselling console in this country for over two years, with the Nintendo Wii U not doing that well against it, and Microsoft is coming out in November with the XBox One, which Munariz expected would be an "easy winner" over Sony's PS4, BUT Sony decided to price its system $100 lower, and then Microsoft alienated many in the "diehard" gamer community with some sudden restrictive policies, though they've backtracked on that a bit, after some tumult.
  You will see some of that community in the vitriolic comments section to the article on Amazon's plans.

  So, now Amazon will enter that fray. Not proprietary, it would still be less attractive for those who wouldn't, Munariz says, give up their Halo 4 or The Last of Us for Candy Crush Saga or Temple Run but then there's the lure, for families, of "free or nearly free" Android games vs $60 console titles.  He adds:
' At least one analyst -- Webush Securities analyst Michael Pachter -- opined earlier this year that the online retailer could give away a year of Amazon Prime to help move the set-top platform that may very well cost less than $100. Amazon is just that brazen when it comes to winning market share. '

  I'm giving this some space here because I've not been interested in games ONLY because when I've tried them they were just too addictive for me, so I decided to opt out before my life was taken over by them.  I do see many on Facebook who are playing Candy Crush Saga a LOT.
  It also occurred to me that other Kindle owners, readers, video watchers may, like me, wonder what this is all about.

  The thinking, re the new Amazon console rumored, is that Amazon would get enough families interested to take a good, tasty or share of the pie.

  "Someone who's zapping away at candy pieces or playing digital Scrabble -- and then using that same platform to stream music and watch video -- isn't going to have as much time to play traditional video games."
  Note that 'reading books' is not an activity mentioned

  I also read this last week that only 50% of iPad users use the tablet for reading books.  But that makes sense; it has a lot of fun, useful apps, and it's just too big, too heavy for reading books.  MANY I know enjoy iPads for everything but reading (though books can look very good on it even if it's heavy for casual reading) but they also own e-Ink Kindles for their time with books.  Easier on the arms and eyes.  More portable too.

  A side note for no reason: iPads, Kindles, and thieves
 An e-Ink Kindle would probably be less likely to be a thief's target on mass transit.  I was startled to read today that a Kindle tablet was snatched from some poor woman enjoying it on a Tri-Rail and they have a video of the guy actually taking it. (Pic at right.)

 While trying to find this again just now, I was surprised to see so many recent news reports of Kindles (and iPads) stolen.

Amazon is adding HTML5 Web-app support for Kindle Fire/Android
Apparently, the selection of apps available will increase quite a bit as a result of this new ease of conversion.  CNET's Don Reisinger reports that now Web app developers will be able to port their HTML 5 programs directly to Amazon's Appstore - no additional coding necessary - and they'll be made available to Kindle Fire and Android user through the Appstore.

  They'll also be able to access Amazon's In-App Purchasing API for JavaScript, to "incorporate the sale of digital goods as well as subscriptions and digital currencies" into their apps.

Current Kindle Models for reference, plus free-ebook search links.
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Kindle Paperwhite, WiFi - $119/$139
Kindle Paperwhite, WiFi+3G - $179/$199
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*OTHER Int'l pages*
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Kindle Keybd 3G - $189
  Keybd: w/ Free, slow 3G WEB
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Kindle Fire HD 7: * $40 off on both 16GB and 32GB models, 8/4/13, for a limited time.

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  1. I had not been thinking about Amazon doing a game console. My guess for something radical would be some kind of Chromecast on steroids device. But this makes excellent sense -- especially about giving some relief to the traditional console game price of $60.

    The upcoming Xbox One from Microsoft shifts their emphasis away from games to more of a living room set top box. So now I wonder will Amazon do a game console AND some kind of souped up Chromecast device, OR will it combine both functions into one device?

    I SO love the pre-holiday announcement season (:grin)

    1. Me too, Ed. Also, my Kindle Fire tablets both do microHDMI direct to HDTV, including Instant Prime and any web-browsing i do, so I haven't been tempted with Chromecast yet, since my phone and 10" tablet are not in HD and the phone video size would be too small and in lower resolution. But for $35 and for my phone when not at home, it seems a natural.


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