Saturday, September 14, 2013

Quick, late Kindle Tips on two Kindle booklets on formatting text and pictures for Kindle books

A couple of short Kindle books for $0.01 today (normally $2.99) on the topics of how to improve your Kindle book layout with HTML and some good advice on making quality pictures for a Kindle book.

I've seen only the "Click to look inside" but the advice I saw in both looked very useful and well-written for Kindle books that you can get tonight and maybe tomorrow, for a penny each, or $0.01.

I don't know how long this sale has been on or how long it will last, but they're generally 1 to 5 days tops.

Both of these small Kindle books are only 68 to 69 pages long.

1.  Pictures on Kindle: Self Publishing Your Kindle Book with Photos, Drawings, and Other Graphics, or Tips for Formatting Your Images So Your Ebook Doesn't Look Horrible (Like Everyone Else's), by Aaron Shepard

Description: "... The advice offered by Kindle experts and even Amazon itself can give images that are tiny, blocky, noisy, or wildly inconsistent on different Kindles...
  How do you make pictures look great on the Kindle? He answers that question, while also providing beginners a basic course in picture editing."

The author can rightfully boast "#1 AMAZON BESTSELLER IN PUBLISHING & BOOKS (JULY 2013"  (He priced the short books well at $2.99 each.)

2. HTML Fixes for Kindle: More on Self Publishing Your Kindle Book, or Tips for Touching Up HTML from Microsoft Word and Other Apps So Your Ebook Looks as Good as It Possibly Can
 This should be helpful to those concerned about final layout as experienced by the reader.

Hope they're  also at this price tomorrow.  I just happened on these tonight.
They're both published in the last two months, and the feedback looks good.

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