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Kindle Fire HDX and HD tips: Several things to know. Which tablets have certain features (or don't) and which features will come later. Unheralded enhancements. Yr 2012 HD 8.9" Kindle Fire HD w/ HDMI-out is now $229 . UPDATED.

What, where, and when are the new features coming with the new Kindle Fire HDX and HD line?

Here again is the simple table comparison of new models here for easy reference, with
Pricing bases plus Amazon links for the new HDX models and the new basic HD 7"
  ALL have Dolby Audio Dual Stereo Speakers and Dual band WiFi, while the HDX models have dual antennas also.

Starting prices are with special offers that they say will offer more savings than Lighting deals.
Kindle Fire HD 7" - $139
  Basic "family" tablet, HD Gen2
8 and 16GB options
Display: 1280 x 800, 216 PPI
Ram: 1GB    No Mayday
No camera or mic (no Skype)
No HDMI-out: Use 'Fling'- NO Miracast
Dual-core 1.5 GHz processor
Kindle Fire HDX 7" - $229
  'Personal' HDX tablet
16, 32 or 64GB options
Display: 1920 x 1200, 323 PPI
Ram: 2GB
Front-facing, 720p camera
No HDMI-out: Use 'Fling' or Miracast
Quad-core 2.2 GHz processor
Kindle Fire HDX 8.9" - $379
  'Does it all' HDX tablet
16, 32, or 64GB options
Display: 2560 x 1600, 339 PPI
Ram: 2GBfling
Adds 8MB rear-facing camera
No HDMI-out: Use 'Fling' or Miracast
Quad-core 2.2 GHz processor

  (The 1st generation HD 8.9" remains available, starting at $229) **.  See why you might want the Yr 2012 HD 8.9" 1st Gen model instead but you'd be missing many new features you might want (info in original new-HDX's blog article).

  (This is a follow up to the main Overview of features for new HDX/HD line that was first posted Sept. 25, 2013, with several information updates after that.)

QUESTIONS in the Kindle forums have generally been about the details of the many new features, which models offer them, and WHEN the features will actually be available, since the tablets to be received in Oct. and early November won't have them all.  A mid-November update is expected to bring most of the more-delayed ones.

    ("[ ALL ]" includes HDX and HD models -- confirmed by Amazon)

. Mayday video-help (Press release and Amazon's detailed Comparison Table say "HDX" only.
. Expanded X-RAY, with Music also, for Movies and TV [ ALL ]
      See Song titles as they play in-scene (powered by IMDB)
. Carousel and Grid Views -- From Amazon's Mojito" Press Release: [ ALL ]
      "...home screen easily switches between viewing their recent content on the Carousel
      or their favorites in Grid view.  [ ALL ]
. Quiet Time - mute all incoming notifications and calendar reminders [ ALL ]
. Quick Switch - Go between multiple apps, using a global swipe gesture [ ALL ]
      without navigating Home
. Enhanced E-mail - Makes it easier to set up accounts and group conversations
      by subject [ ALL ]
. Basic printing support Accessibility Tools [ ALL ]
. Downloading of "Prime Instant Video movies and TV shows -- "now available..." [ ALL ]
    The press release for the HDX models had mentioned this is
    "exclusively on Kindle Fire HDX," while the press release for
    the HD 7" model included it as an "Amazon-exclusive feature."
    I received confirmation it's on all 3 new tablets.)  But publishers will
    probably decide which movies can be downloaded as well as streamed.
. Miracast capability - Display, wirelessly on your HDTV, what is on your tablet. [ ALL ]
    This displays, wirelessly on your HDTV, what is on your tablet and
    it requires a Miracast-enabled adapter.   Amazon Search 1, Search 2.
      TV-involved technology is very sophisticated, so I asked for clarification
    on whether it was included in the $139 basic Kindle HD 7"tablet.
      The response: "Both Second Screen (coming later this month) and Miracast
    mirroring are available on all of the new tablets (including the $139 HD)."
    UPDATE: Miracast is NOT available on the $139 HD despite that assurance at the time.

. Second Screen and 'Fling' technology, turning your TV into the primary
    screen and freeing up your Fire as a 'second' screen to email, browse the web,
    play a game, or follow along scene-by-scene with x-ray.  
    Note that this works with some Samsung TVs and newer Playstations. [ ALL ]
. Goodreads integration - sharing from within a Kindle book [ ALL ]
. Cloud Collections - Organize your apps, books, newspapers, and magazines in
    customized collections...Whispersync sunchronizes the collections across
    your Kindle devices and reading apps.   [ ALL ]
    "Organize your content library into Collections like "Favorite Books" and "Sports Apps"
      Whispersync technology synchronizes the collections across your Kindle devices
    and reading apps so they’re available on all of your devices..."
. The 1-Tap Archive feature - Not enough space remaining?
    Frees up space on your Kindle Fire by identifying items not used recently
    and provides a 1-tap option to store them in the Cloud for later retrieval.  [ ALL ]
. Complete Enterprise Support - "Reliable management of Kindle tablet deployments,
    with support for encryption, Kerberos Intranet, secure Wi-Fi connections
    and VPN integration.  Encryption is software-based on the $139 model and
    hardware-based on the HDX.  [ ALL ]
. Extended Printing Support - Print photos, PDFs, e-mails, contacts, calendar,
    and Kindle docs.  [ ALL ]

LESS-KNOWN OR DISCUSSED FEATURES - Some are under the hood, but the results were requested.
The Essential and primary Coming features are already described in some detail in the main Kindle Fire HDX article, and I'll add some detail below while listing some of the less-marketed new features and capabilities.

New Graphics Engine "Perfect for Gaming"
Before this new line of tablets, the Google Nexus was superior in this area.  But the new Kindle Fire hardware is the fastest available.

  "The new Adreno 330 graphics engine on Kindle Fire HDX delivers 4x the graphics performance of the previous generation Kindle Fire HD.  This combination of a new graphics engine, HDX display, quad-core processor, and 2x the memory creates a more immersive, high-frame rate HD gaming experience."

The lightest, large-screen tablet , at 13.2 ounces and 34% lighter than before.
"Amazon integrated the capacitive touch layer directly into the glass display on Fire HDX, leaving a lighter single layer instead of the typical 2-layer display stack.

  The Kindle Fire HDX 8.9" frame is a single-piece of machined magnesium with a blend of glass and nylon molded onto the unibody to create openings for the antennas and maximize signal strength without sacrificing sturdiness..."

8MP Rear-Facing Camera for Kindle Fire HDX 8.9"
While both HDX tablets have front-facing cameras at 720p for HD video calls with Skype use primarily, the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9" model "has an 8 megapixel rear-facing camera that allows for high-resolution photos and 1080p HD video, plus an LED flash, Electronic Image Stabilization, and a wide-aperture 5P f2.2 lens that lets in more light, reducing exposure times and producing sharper images.  See a [19-second] video: http://amzn.to/fire-camera, which mentions "HDR images, panoramas, and burst photos, even in low light, as well as video in 1080p."

  In-camera 'HDR' would normally mean the camera takes at least 3 pictures with different exposures to get the best combination of highly-contrasting light, for a final single picture.  There's no explanation what was meant by 'HDR' in the video and no information on how the panoramas are done (wide-sweep like iPhones and Sony RX100's? or more like auto-stitched photos?).

Optimizing Download Manager
Amazon's doing serious work here.  They're optimizing parallel content downloads.
' Unlike standard Android, Fire OS adjusts the number of simultaneous downloads per device, so that foreground app performance is not impacted by background download activity.

In addition, the Optimizing Download Manager automatically pauses ongoing content downloads when the customer starts streaming an Amazon Instant Video, to maximize video quality.

  Customers can prioritize individual items to download first, and with progressive download they can open videos, Audible audiobooks, or magazines and start enjoying them while the download is still ongoing. '
That's pretty impressive.

Graphics Direct Texture - More optimization for speed
This "replaces the standard Android graphics pipeline.  The Fire OS graphics system is customized to quickly load large graphical assets like the high-resolution cover art in the Fire OS home screen.  It enables the Carousel and the Fire OS media libraries to include large, detailed images and still load quickly and scroll smoothly."

Touch Responsiveness - Very clever what they've done with the Touch processes.
  The system dynamically increases the CPU speed after the customer lifts the finger off the screen, to minimize delay in response to touch in games and apps.

  When a customer taps an app in the Carousel or Grid views, the system removes unnecessary overhead and drives the app animation direct to the graphics processor, and the app will open immediately.
  So, they were listening.

Tablet Reading Mode optimizations for battery life
Now, when you're just reading static pages, which would take less resources in the first place, the system "automatically powers down unnecessary system components, storing the text in a dedicated, low-power memory, and powering down the CPU."  A lot of thought was put into the lower-level enhancements.

Origami cases or covers that Amazon highlights
Well, these are fairly expensive -- For the 8.9" HDX, the cost is $65 for the leather one and $55 for the polyurethane, so what are the upsides?  I normally buy lighter, less-expensive ones but these are described by Amazon as the 'lightest, thinnest' available for the new Kindles.

  The Origami covers have magnetized panels that allow it to stand in either landscape or portrait orientation and should be easier to attach or remove, and they redirect the speaker sound back toward you.  An unusual plus for camera users is that if you slide the device up in the case, the camera automatically starts, allowing you to quickly snap a picture

  Here's a good video showing how it works for the larger model with the 8-megapixels rear-facing camera..

The other day, I saw the words "Youtube optimized..." and the name of an app on one of the marketing pages.  Looking for it today, I no longer see that wording, but it's interesting to see how Amazon has worked on making Youtube, a Google-owned video site, easier to access.  What I see today is:
' YouTube
Enjoy your favorite YouTube videos — easily discover, bookmark, and view video content. '

The GooglePlay apps question
This question comes up a lot.  I replied yesterday to tech-site articles that said that Amazon users are locked into the Amazon ecosystem.  Well, of course that's not true, but it's still a powerful myth among tech writers on the larger sites.

  Android system tablets include a Settings box that lets us choose to allow installation of apps from 'unknown sources' and Amazon actually enabled that option box (while B&N did not for its Nook tablets before giving up on their current tablets and their own apps store).

That enabled setting lets us get other appstore shopping apps to download from as we do at Amazon, though Amazon is the best vetted store for Kindle Fire users.  1mobile and m.getjar.com are favorites of many of us, but 1mobile is the easiest and has over 300,000 Google Play apps now.  I go there only if an app is not available at the Amazon store for the Kindle Fire.  I also wait two or three days before downloading a new version from ANY appstore to make sure it's not giving users unforeseen problems.

  So, Kindle Fire users can install non-Apps easily by straight-downloading them to a totally unmodified Kindle Fire.  See How to install non-Amazon apps on the Kindle Fire HD to discover how easy it is to install google-play apps (not in Amazon's store) on a Kindle Fire because there are now many good app stores that carry those GooglePlay apps and which do not bar the Kindle Fires from downoading them.  No rooting or modifications are needed - just a checking of a Settings box.

  With regard to the walled-garden complaint,a summary: The setting to install apps from 'unknown sources' is a normal Android setting.  It also means that the Amazon tablets are not walled in or 'locked' into Amazon with no access to the world outside.  You can decide to open the door and allow yourself to go outside Amazon to pick up an item you want.  Amazon did the right thing there but gets little credit for it from most tech-review sites.

  Availability, Shipping Estimates - Pre-Orders for "a place in line" started Sept 25.
  Kindle Fire HDX 7":    Oct 18, but with 4G: Nov 14.
  Kindle Fire HDX 8.9": Nov 7, but with 4G Dec 10
  Kindle Fire 7" HD 2nd Gen: Oct. 2.

  You can do a TRADE-IN on your older Kindles
To learn how to submit a trade-in order for your Kindle, visit this Help page

Related article
Also, see the main Overview of features for new HDX/HD line that was first posted Sept. 25, 2013, with several information updates after that.

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  1. If you use an Android phone, it allows you access to Google Play apps if you "backup" those apps from your phone. I frequently do this to add apps to my current Fire from my Note 2.

    1. Yes, I definitely do backups on my phone. You recommended this early on and I used that method. It's a few extra steps for the casual Amazon consumer in that they need to find out how to access the backups, but while ES File Explorer will confuse many new tablet users, Easy Installer's only task is to find the apk install files downloaded and show them to you.

      Then there is the step in getting it to the tablet and physical side-loading (or done via something like WiFi Pro, which I love but it's not always that intuitive, but I think you used to upload the backup app to Dropbox or Google docs and then download it to the Kindle Fire.

      You did an article on this once at mykindlestuff.com? If you still have it, let me know the URL and I can let people know that they can read another method for apps actually downloaded from Google Play and link to your article. Thanks!

  2. Great writeup! Just a couple of comments.
    Regarding Quick Switch, I think I learned that it also lets you switch between books in the reading app, which is something I've wanted for awhile (I'd have this on the Paperwhite if I could—say two finger swipe left/right to go to previous/next item). Can't remember where I saw this.
    Also I believe Nook still lacks 'allow unknown sources' option even after getting Google Play.

    I'm 'warming up' to the idea of getting the 7" HDX, but still want to wait for the new iPads (which in the case of the mini may push to next year). My requirements are in a bit of flux and are somewhat divergent. Most of the tech features of HDX would be of little import to me but there are so many of them that of course some of them are very attractive.

    1. THANK you, Tom! It took awhile to do.
      Re Quick Switch, you might have read the following on my original blog entry about the new HDX line:
      "... unlike standard Android, works with individual content items like different textbooks without navigating home."
      That struck me, so I bold-faced it.

      Yes, Google still won't allow downloads or installations of apps from "unknown sources" despite the deal they made for GooglePlay, so people are finding they can't get updates from developer sites for apps not in Google Play. It's odd. Once they gave in to what Google requires re their content having priority in certain important areas, I don't understand why they'd still restrict people to get other apps elsewhere. Users can't download the recommended files from XDA Developers (without rooting it).

      I'll be getting the 8.9" HDX for home use as I like the bigger screen a lot for that and for sending video or webpages and photos to HDTV though that will have to be through the wireless Miracast adapters once we find one that gets very good reviews. Right now latency seems to be an issue with them, relative to the direct-cabled method.

      I also like 2-page Kindle book reading in Landscape mode, which looks great and makes it easier for me to read more quickly, as the 'bites' of text seem smaller that way and I don't get width-reading fatigue that way.
      Magazine content is easier to read on the 8.9" one. Videos are gorgeous at that size on the current one, and I'm eager to see how they look in the new extreme display resolution. The 7" one, though, at 1920 x 1200, should be spectacular. I'm already amazed with the 7" one I almost always have with me when outside.

      The 64 GB is also a plus, with photos (and videos) being key. Amazon's display of your Cloud-served photos (like the albums so easily imported from Facebook) is lightning fast, which I did not expect, on the current HD's. And the new camera's features on the 8.9" sound pretty attractive, including that low-light capability.

      When I've seen others taking pictures with tablets, which looks odd, it's become more apparent why they do it. They can view the subject without squinting at a little 2x3 LCD screen in sunlight and view the scene in 8x10 format. Then, after taking the pic, they get to view it as an 8x10 and don't have to zoom it (with all the awkwardness involved with that) to see whether it's ok or not. They know right away if they should take another shot or if they'll be happy with this one. They have burst mode and even an in-camera HDR mode for high-contrast scenes (which works fantastically on my Sony RX100. We'll see.

    2. B&N probably has enough customer support issues without adding another one (by enabling 'unknown sources').

      Interesting about 'width-reading fatigue'. I've been reading everything in landscape mode on my Paperwhite because I don't like the rivers of whitespace that normally accompany short line widths when there is full justification but without any hyphenation. With longer lines the 'color' is much more even and (to me) nicer to look at. But on larger screens, I agree, I prefer 2 column landscape reading or the lines are too long. And yes, I'd like hyphenation (with KF8 at least I guess you can insert soft hyphens to allow word breaks where you want to allow them, if you are working with source files).

      Too bad they didn't add the camera to the 7" model. Would not be surprised if a tear down shows there's space for one. But it was probably more important to get to $229 with the beautiful screen and to have more differentiation between 7 and 8.9 models.

      I don't think I'll be getting the 8.9. Our iPad fulfills the 'large tablet' requirement nicely (and it is really nice for certain things, though not so much for reading). I recently got a pressure sensitive stylus for drawing, which is really fun, and am about to shell out $8 for a music score app ('forScore', turns pages automatically etc.). The only thing better would be a 12" tablet, which Apple is rumored to be exploring...

    3. Too true about B&N and the customer support issues with getting apps from unknown sources.

      My Paperwhite Aa fonts setting is Size option 5, Helvetica (best contrast), Line spacing 1, and Margins 3 -- and for Helvetica, this means the white space on the left and right edges is about 1/4 inch, same as I get on the top.

      This gets me 27 lines of text and is as wide as my eyes can take w/o strain. I wouldn't want more of a margin but I guess you prefer the words go to the edge? This would get me one more word per line but it would be a wall of words for me. Could you try that setting to see if your margins are any better? I mean #5 if that's not too small -- I don't get much white space.

      Re full justification, when we were able to change this (even with the hidden file put into system folder), I chose left justification and I prefer no justification. My eyes are more comfortable with ragged edges (as we would get in hand-written notes. I've never liked the rigid-looking (for me) absolutely matched right-edge text, not to mention the white space gaps to get that right-edge.

      The 8.9" tablet's camera is fairly sophisticated for a tablet one, so I wonder if it -would- have fit well into a 7" one, but I agree with you that cost was probably the larger factor.

      Is that a music score composition app? Or one that shows it for study? or for reading along with the music? I still have my Samsung 10.1" galaxy but am not using it much as I'm more sensitive to the standard resolution now. I'll look fwd to the now lighter 8.9" though.

      I'll probably just tether it to the smartphone and get the WiFi one, since the shared-mobile plans are expensive even if the add-a-tablet cost is 'only' $10/mo. tho' the add'l cost is not bad if I scale back to 2GB/mo since I don't watch movies on 3 or 4G.

      In fact, the Line spacing is probably not enough vertical line spacing for me (using the book 'Cleopatra' so I just went to Line Spacing 2.

    4. I agree, left justification seems a little better when there's no hyphenation to even out the 'space rivers'. But I really want the publisher to be able to choose the justification they think looks best. For example, they may want normal 'body' text to be justified, but quoted paragraphs to be left justified (which looks nice to my eye). The problem of course is that digital reading systems often run roughshod over the intentions of would be ebook designers by mucking with CSS, resulting in lowest common denominator typography. I would only want to override when the publisher didn't know what they were doing.

      The justification problem gets worse when dealing with languages like German and Dutch with longer average word lengths. I have to think they'll need to address this before too long (by adding hyphenation) if they want to be successful in those markets.

      I don't want the text to run to the edge of the screen but the minimum margin width is maybe twice as large as I'd like. If there were decent hyphenation I probably wouldn't care that much. Of course hyphenation might drive other people nuts, particularly if it is overdone or done poorly.

      I don't generally muck with line spacing and it would drive me crazy to have full control over everything if the reading system didn't have good defaults. The key is to have good defaults and a way to reset to them. I don't want to spend all my time switching typefaces and having to re-adjust line spacing, margins, etc. Readmill, for example, doesn't have any such options and gets good marks for its typography (they just released their first release for Android but it doesn't look too good on my Xoom, no landscape, no margin adjustment).

      forScore is for displaying and annotating sheet music (in PDF format) on the iPad. You can tell it how many measures on each page, set a tempo, and it will turn the page at the appropriate time (assuming you are playing along at the specified rate). You can also hook up blue tooth pedals to signal page turns, e.g.:


    5. Tom, thanks for that forscore info.
      Re margins, linespacing, I have to admit I don't give it much thought, mainly because my eyes are wanting more contrast, so I just choose Helvetica (which many hate). Hyphenation hurts my mind.
      I can't imagine writing letters and doing partial words at the end with '-' after them just to align the right end more. It feels mechanical to me. I love seeing just whole words but I do know that a lot of people want the hyphenation. It seems more human to me to have raggedy edges.
      I saw a PDF program, some Android app, that gives you the publisher's desired layout but also lets you modify it if you want. Seems a nice balance. The reader's comfort should mean something. I've seen the most hideous layouts ever in some Kindle books where publishers insist on setting the line-spacing (usually huge) and leaving just ugly big gaps by setting the fonts too large.

      With setting 5 (or at times 6) for size on the Paper white (3 or 4 on the KK), I'm happy. White spacing between lines is really important for my eyes but not too much, so I love having those options. I like some fonts people love but they are too thin for reading, though they're really pretty.

      I think the minimum 1/4" was set because it leaves more room for touching the edge of the display without hitting a hyperlink, which I've done too often. They started that with the touch devices.

      Let me know if you decide to do a Paperwhite 2. The speed (I find the Paperwhite 1 responses slow) and the flipping of pages and handling of footnotes are things I'd like and I see that many are getting $90+ for their Paperwhite 1's in trade-in.
      Now, that is pretty fair... But my Paperwhite has a really good screen (now -- it really settled down into a beautiful screen) so I'm wary of getting one that I don't like as much. Since with tablets, I like sepia backgrounds, I wouldn't mind the slightly yellower tint of the Paperwhite 2 either. But if you get one, that'll help me decide :-) I think the trade-in value will go down pretty fast as they get scads of them coming in.

  3. Seriously considering the Fire HDX 7 inches but I'm not sure about the price. Hope it will be offered on discount this Holiday Season http://hub.me/afTHt

  4. The Kindle Fire HDX screen's nowhere near as responsive as other phones and tablets I have used.
    In Games like Modern Combat 4 the movements are so slow and sluggish even with the settings turned right up, that without auto aim it's not even possible to play properly.
    I played some shooters on the iPad Mini Retina today and the Kindle Fires HDX screen seems terribly unresponsive by comparison.
    I own both but regret buying Kindle's tablet, as it's only any good for puzzle games with it's unresponsive screen, when the iPad Mini is so much better.

    1. This would have more weight if you left a name instead of posting anonymously, since this goes against other reports, including video'd ones showing games needing high speed and complex movements. See Mobile Tech Review of the HDX on youtube for one example.

      I haven't fouind mine slow or unresponsive at all, quite the contrary. But try one thing to see if it doesn't improve the situation in your case -- a hard reboot will very often change a situation like yours, if it hasn't been done before -- and if it doesn't, then you should call customeor support at 866-321-8851 or ask customer support to call you (it will take about 1-2 seconds before you get a call back) since your unit would likely be defective.
      In any case a hard reset is
      1. press the power button for 21 seconds (or 'salute' time)
      2. let go and then wait a few seconds
      3. it should turn itself back on after reorganizing its sense of system memory etc
      4. but if it doesn't, then tap the power button to turn it on.

      I'd appreciate it if you'd let me know what happens after that and if it doesn't help, what customer support says (they'd almost surely send anothe unit).

  5. I asked how do you get rid of to many apps ? if there I could not see it. Diagram please, my kids bought this for me and I find myself lost as how to take care of the problem

    1. Anonymous -- to get rid of an app you don't want, long-press the app image and you'll get a choice of deleting it from your device.
      Do you have an Kindle HDX tablet? If so, you can also get personalized help and see an Amazon rep via video who can help you operate your tablet. They will respond within 15 seconds. The rep can't see you but you can see the rep and you can bopth hear each other. You can ask them to circle the things you should do, right on the tablet, or they can do the actions for you while you watch.
      -- This feature is called 'Mayday' and it's found by lightly touching the very top row and dragging it down to see Quick Settings toolbar at the top. On that toolbar, you'll see "Mayday". Press it and you'll get immediate help 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.

  6. Does the Kindle Fire HDX 7" Tablet has an adobe flash player? Before I buy it I want to make sure I can play my Bingo Blitz facebook game on it. Thanks!

  7. I have the kindle fire hdx 7 64gb and i keep getting remove an app to add an app. Now I have not added that many apps mainly necessary ones ive added 16 apps and yet i get this message when i went to add another ? 16 apps ? I am very much disappointed with this device, also the lack of flash or an alternative to play videos I transferred to the device oops no way they wont play. and no SD card what was I thinking, guess ill bookrest it until they come out with one that is not so incomplete.

    1. Jeff, you should pull down the top Quick Settings tool bar and tap on "Mayday" and get a customer rep you can watch as s/he looks at your HDX to see what is causing the message.
      -- There could be games that are several gigs each, or videos, as HD videos can be 4GB each or so, and that will leave less room for your apps. I'm well under my 64GB. Anyway, the customer rep won't be able to see you but can hear you and can help you look through your storage area to see what's going on OR can do it for you while you watch.

      Apps you get from Amazon are on the server, so if you delete one you're not using from the device, it'll be downloadable when you want it. But something odd is probably going on in your case.

      Flash is, yes doable on this, despite Adobe dropping Android OS 4+ support. See my blog entry at http://bit.ly/kwt1022.

      For installing other non-Amazon apps, you can also see http://bit.ly/kwt1123.

      Let me know how it goes for you.


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