Monday, December 9, 2013

Kindle Tips: A ONE-day sale on the Basic e-Ink Kindle, new Kindle HD 7" 16GB, and new Kindle HDX 7" 16GB

ONE-Day Sale. 20% off the Basic Kindle, the new Kindle Fire HD 7", and the new Kindle Fire HDX 7"

 This is effective TODAY Only (Monday), effective through midnight.  20% off the Basic e-Ink Kindle - $55.20, new Kindle Fire HD 2nd Gen with 16 GB (not 8) - $135.20, and the Kindle HDX 7" (16 GB) - $183.20.

  Note that the Kindle Fire models are the WiFi-only models, and that they both have Dolby Audio Dual Stereo Speakers and Dual band WiFi, while the HDX model has dual antennas in addition.

Normal starting prices are w/ special offers that they say will offer more savings than Lighting deals.
Kindle Fire HD 7" - $139
  Basic "family" tablet, HD Gen2
8 and 16GB options
Display: 1280 x 800, 216 PPI
Ram: 1GB
No camera or mic (no Skype)
No HDMI-out, No Mayday
Dual-core 1.5 GHz processor
Kindle Fire HDX 7" - $229
  'Personal' HDX tablet
16, 32 or 64GB options
Display: 1920 x 1200, 323 PPI
Ram: 2GB
Front-facing, 720p camera
No HDMI-out: Use 'Fling' or Miracast
Quad-core 2.2 GHz processor
Kindle Fire HDX 8.9" - $379
  'Does it all' HDX tablet
16, 32, or 64GB options
Display: 2560 x 1600, 339 PPI
Ram: 2GB
Adds 8MB rear-facing camera
No HDMI-out: Use 'Fling' or Miracast
Quad-core 2.2 GHz processor

The image and table above are added so that you can compare the current Kindle Fire models specs and what each one has, to give you a head start on all the information at the product pages.

If you're interested in this one-day 20% discount, here are MORE DETAILS that I put together earlier on the new feature enhancements on these two tablets -- they have thorough descriptions of what these tablets do:

  1. Overview of New Features
  2. Things to Know about the new features

  Those two articles have clarifications for some points that have puzzled some.

The e-Ink Basic Kindle is for basic e-book reading and it's NOT a touch screen device. Any searches are done with an alphabetically-arranged keyboard which you navigate with a 5-way controller button, clicking it for each alpha character needed.  But it has good customer feedback from those who just want to read books and who don't take many notes or do many searches and it has features not found on e-Ink devices from other makers, especially for $55.
  Furthermore, it has the physical side buttons for Previous and Next page, a feature some e-Ink eReader users miss.  (Me, I'd miss the normal touch keyboard, but many rarely want to type or do searches.)

  Note that once you add a night light, it can still be $90 total for one, close to the price of a Paperwhite 2 with built-in light.  But it's lighter and if you don't need a night light for it, you get two of these for less than the cost of a Paperwhite 2.

More later
  I'm pausing this blog entry here so I can get it off for the East Coast readers but will be adding a bit more on the Kindle Fire tablets and will do an update alert on Twitter and the Facebook page ( Link: ).

Consumer Reports' latest ratings reported by the Boston Globe today.
' Top electronics list

In its second annual list of Ten Top Electronics, Consumer Reports selected 10 standout products. They were chosen because each pushes technology or performance to new heights. Product highlights from this year’s list include:
Top-notch tablet. Amazon Kindle Fire HDX, ($230). The latest Kindle has one of the highest-resolution 7-inch displays available, great for watching videos and reading books and magazines.  New X-Ray features let you dig deeper into the videos you watch and the books you read.  Consumer Reports hasn’t fully tested the Kindle Fire HDX yet, but prior versions were top-rated, and this one looks promising.'

Today, Amazon announced new parental control features with an education-focus for the Kindle Fire tablets.  The controls can be done for weekdays and weekends, a curfew is set with "bedtime" and they assure that your education goals are met befeore the tablet can be used for games, etc."

The Kindle Free Time Unlimited feature (from $2.99/mo.) is getting "thousands of new educational books, apps, games and videos ... including Common Core Standard-aligned books, educational apps from developers like BrainPOP and Agnitus, and movies and TV shows from Sesame Street, PBS, Reading Rainbow and more."  The "... the update will be delivered automatically to any Kindle Fire tablet that has the FreeTime app in the coming weeks."

Amazon's "Top Holiday Deals" start today.
  Actually, the Top Holiday Deals page replaces the CyberMonday Week.

Kindle Edition of the blog
  By the way, I found out that the Kindle Edition of this blog did not receive a blog feed for 2 weeks because the blog size for 25 articles had exceeded the 512K size limit for feeds but I didn't get a feed-alert on that from Google.  A reader notified me, and I've whittled down the feed to the 21 most-recent articles per feed and it's working again.  Apologies to subscribers, especially since this happened during Black Friday and CyberMondy weeks.

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