Monday, May 19, 2014

Kindle Tips: Free Android App of the day, a PDF reader with annotation capability normally $7.99 ... Certified Refurbished Kindle Fire HD 8.9" 4G-LTE (Nov. 2012) on sale May19-only at 219

Free Android App of the Day, PDF MAX, normally goes for $7.99

For those who didn't see this already, Guven Witteveen sent an alert that PDF Max, normally $8 is available today as the free Amazon Android app of the day.

  While popular in the Apple iOS version, this Android version has been less successful in the past, although there have been various recent improvements noted and seen if you sort Customer Reviews by "Newest first" (as I've done in the reviews link).

  Things customers have noted:

1. Ability to print via wireless
2. Can annotate (but this seems a bit glitchy for some)
3. Also possible: Magnifying, highlighting, dropbox file sharing, editing tools
4. Works offline (as I'd expect)
5. Seems quicker than some other PDF readers and handles large files
      but large files will take a lot of memory
6. Downloaded PDF files are more easily 'found' than with some other PDF readers
7. Print drivers are found under "SHARE"

At any rate, worth a try at the one-day "free" price and if you just keep it in your Cloud, you'll be eligible for future updates as an owner of the app.

GoldBox deal today ONLY on Certified Reburished Kindle Fire HD 8.9" 4G LTE (November 2012 model), with physical HDMI port to HDTV.
  It needs to be added to a data plan to be use the 4G Capability, though of course it has WiFi access too.
  IBM charges $130 additional for any of its 4G/LTE models.
Normal pricing: 32GB storage: $299     64GB storage: $349
May 19 pricing: 32GB storage: $219     64GB storage: $269

 This 8.9" HD model will be slower than the current 8.9" HDX tablet and will not be nearly as light -- and doesn't have "Mayday" help, "Miracast" mirroring (wireless) to HDTV, or "Fling" technology for separate content shown on tablet and HDTV. But as a 4G LTE cellular network tablet, it's quite a bargain.

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