Monday, June 16, 2014

Kindle Tips: Added info re enlarging text on a page layout that doesn't allow zooming in on a Kindle Fire tablet. Also, how to get the ongoing blog comments (Questions/Answers/Feedback) into your news feeds.

Added info and comments on the new Manage Your Content and Devices page

In the blog article on the new Kindle-management page ("Manage your Content and Devices"), I'd written that although some page layouts do not allow us to zoom the text when using the Kindle Fire tablets, a customer rep had mentioned that  the Manage your Content and Devices page is one of those but there's another way to enlarge the text on those.

  The text and fonts on that page are too small for some to read on a 7" tablet.  I mentioned that the Kindle support person had said that if you triple-tap on the page, then you can zoom the text.
  However, that didn't work for me.  I've updated that with new info and am highlighting it in this post.

 In the Comments section of the post, Tom Semple wrote that he believed this function would have to first be enabled in the "Accessibility" settings.

  Sure enough that's true; On my 8.9" Kindle Fire HDX, I found the setting labeled as "Screen Magnifier" option under the 'Accessibility' setting.
  (At top menu of Home page, swipe down to see the "Settings" option.)

  My Kindle Fire HD 7" Gen 1 (Yr 2012) does NOT have this feature, but it IS a feature that you can enable in Yr 2013's Kindle Fire HD Gen 2.

  After enabling the Screen Magnifier, you can triple-tap on a page layout that normally doesn't allow zoomed enlargements of the text, and the text will be larger and definitely easier to read.  To get the text size back to normal setting, triple-tap the display again.

  Tom Semple often has terrific additional information as he is usually one of the first to try out the new features and does a thorough analysis.  So his comments are worth a read.

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  . Feedly - Varied layouts, lots of features. I find it sort of confusing but it has attractive magazine-like layouts.
  . Newsblur - A lot of features but they're sort of aggressive about hoping you'll upgrade to the paid version when there are too many people in front of you waiting for approval of the free version.  It has a good rep though.

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