Saturday, September 27, 2014

Kindle Fire tablets and Kindle e-Ink readers available for order internationally when not available in country of residence. Interesting what is and isn't available or may be coming (back) soon.

QUICK NOTE: Revised the List of Current Kindles Globally to include new Amazon pages for new (and old) Kindles available for order from those outside the U.S. who need to order these models from Amazon-US rather than from their countries of residence.

  Here's the quick-list of current Kindles, globally. with links.
     I added Amazon's links to new product-pages for Kindles available for purchase
     from their "International" pages.  (The UK section was updated 9/21.)

As of today, for the International-order page, there's no basic Kindle e-Ink Reader, although that can change.

The 'Other Int'l pages' section there starts with the latest Paperwhite 2, which was slightly modified for more storage space and includes the model with '3G' as well.

  It also shows the 9.7" Kindle DX Graphite e-Ink eReader Int'l as being available again in "2 to 4 months" for international buyers.  Until then, it refers you to the page for the U.S. version of the DX which is available now ONLY in "Used" models for now.  They resuscitate this 9.7" eInk reader from time to time though.
  Apparently, someone at Amazon intends to bring back the 9.7" DX e-Ink reader again within months.

  The new 6-inch and 7-inch low-cost Fire HD tablets announced Sept. 17 ARE available for international orders as is the Yr 2013 HDX 7.
  The faster HDX has Mayday help feature but no rear-camera for normal photos.  Both have front-ones for Skype-type use.

  Oddly enough, the Kindle Fire HD 8.9" (Yr 2012) tablet has an active International page but shows none available and no new orders possible, ALTHOUGH Amazon's order-box shows this:
  "Want us to email you when this item becomes available?" and asks for your email address.
  This model was notable for having a micro-HDMI-port for simple cable-out to any HDTV tv.

Is it just me, or are there a lot of available models to keep straight?

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