Monday, January 26, 2015

Kindle Book Tips: A book on The New Yorker cartoonists is one of the Kindle Daily Deals today + a recommended book for history buffs ("Exodus Lost")

Unusual Kindle Daily Deal book today

I don't check the Kindle Daily Deal every day but did look just now and saw one in today's batch that New Yorker Cartoon fans might not want to miss.

"I Only Read It for the Cartoons: The New Yorker's Most Brilliantly Twisted Artists"
is $1.99 today.  Published October 2014.

  From editorial reviews:
“Everyone who's ever had their mind blown by a New Yorker cartoon has wondered about the twisted, perforated, skewed, and fizzy geniuses that create them. This book is our Rosetta Stone. It explains who these wonderful weirdos are, how they acquire their odd, delicious ideas, and how those ideas migrate fantastically to paper and then press. We are in enormous debt to Richard Gehr for tracking these artists down, for charming them, disarming them, and translating their lives and work into wise and elegant prose. Books like this should cost a fortune.” —David Shenk, author of The Genius in All of Us
"A great New Yorker cartoon goes deeper than it looks, and Richard Gehr's masterful profiles of the magazine's artists reveal the rich weirdness and intense craft behind their doodly bursts of wit." —Douglas Wolk, author of Reading Comics
“[Gehr’s] knowledge of the history and culture of the magazine, and his incisive, revealing interviews, make for great reading…When Roz Chast, George Booth, Ed Koren, and all the rest read this book, I think they will be delighted—as will you.” —Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons, from the foreword

A favorite non-fiction book

I'm adding a favorite book of mine that some readers of the New Yorker might like:

Exodus Lost [Kindle Edition] by S. C. Compton
  As with the first book above, Amazon's editors picked this for their "Best Books of 2014" feature.

It's an extensively-researched, in-depth look into the origins of Mexican and Western civilizations, with intriguing parallels noted with the history of other areas of the world.  What's unusual is how very readable it is, although that will be so mainly for history buffs.

The author, Stephen Compton, "dedicated 14 years to the research and writing of Exodus Lost, including travels to archaeological sites in Egypt, Mexico, Greece, Israel, and Turkey and to relevant museum and library holdings across Mexico, Europe, and America.
  He currently edits academic journals in the fields of history and literature for Oxford University Press.

  From editorial reviews:
"Exodus Lost is a first-rate intellectual adventure.  Its fresh perspective and new revelations make for a thoughtful and captivating journey into the roots of Mesoamerican and Western civilizations. I highly recommend this thought-provoking new book."
Dr. Jonathan Fanton, eminent historian, leading human rights advocate, former President of the New School for Social Research, and retired President of the MacArthur Foundation

"Exodus Lost is a page-turner... I highly recommend this fascinating, educational read by a scholar refreshingly willing to think "out of the box."
Dr. David Kaufman, Linguistic Anthropologist

The well-illustrated book includes 126 photos, maps, and engravings and, as a result. may take somewhat longer than usual to download.  Both books offer the "Look Inside" feature.

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