Monday, October 23, 2017

Amazon announces new, limited time $30 Discounts on select Kindle E-Readers. Updated for Kindle 10th Anniversary page added tonight.

Amazon just announced a "limited time" discount of $30 off select Kindle E-readers.  You'll see which ones in the Comparison chart image above.

If you click on the image, it'll take you to Amazon's full Comparison Chart of features for each E-reader, or you can click here for that.

Their "Limited time" deals tend to be sudden and short-term, but their e-mail wording was:
' $30 off select Kindle E-readers, plus more deals
    Celebrating 10 years of reading '
The basic Kindle, normally $80, is $50 for or however long they run this.  That's probably the lowest price I've seen on that model.  It has Amazon's Audible capability (using Bluetooth, same method for the New Oasis) but does not have built-in lighting.

  It's the lightest one of this current set, weight-wise -- an important factor for many.  Its display resolution is 167ppi vs the 300ppi of the other Kindles.  The text would be a little less bold than on the other Kindles.

The Paperwhite's current sale price is just $10 more than the regular price of the basic Kindle but has built-in lighting and the higher-definition display, although it has no Audible capability.

Will get this quick blog entry off, so blog readers will be aware of the temporary $30 discount and have enough time to read the comparisons and all of the Amazon page details to see which features might be more or less important for you.

UPDATE: Amazon has added a Kindle 10th Anniversary Deals page and appears to still be adding to it.
  Included are better trade-in terms than usual, though not startling.  But they're featuring a possible $75 toward a new Paperwhite when trading in an older Kindle E-reader (another "limited time" offer), depending on the condition of your used Kindle and the way in which you prefer to receive $credits.

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