Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Kindle cover and its hinged protection

This leather jacket came with a new rubber smell, which left after about a week

The Amazon Kindle 2 cover is a lot better than I'd expected after last year's included cover that helped us drop our Kindles though there was no warranty protection for accidents.

The Kindle forums have included questions on how to use the hinged cover without scratching the Kindle. A few have found the hooks unpleasant in concept, but I like their protection, especially after the Kindle 1 cover -- and I've had no problem with scratching of the Kindle. But since others have, I've made a photo guide to using the locking/unlocking mechanism.

UPDATE 8/30/09 - There are a few who have reported problems with the Kindle shell "cracking."  Many of us have had the Kindle 2's for 7 months with no signs of that happening.  A poll at Kindleboards shows 136 of 139 participating members saying they've had no problems while 3 reported they had the cracking problem.
 An obvious way for it to happen is if you open the book from the back.  You'd need to force it quite a bit to do that at all (not realizing why there was resistance) and that would make the hinge hooks act as levers and cause cracking of the Kindle.  I almost did that once, in a dark place but I didn't force it.  The design should have prevented opening it from the back then.  Customer "TAS" at the Amazon forums recommends a way to prevent accidental forced-opening from the back.

I don't know why I took the photo from that angle

The jacket opens like a book.

the hinged unit is behind the Kindle

I fold the front cover back if using it with the Kindle and I sometimes prop it against something when eating, even at cafes.

Notice it has a clean floating look. The cover is thin, light, and flexible, though padded and solid.

This shows the look of an e-Ink page for a periodical, using the new bottom status navigation bar. When reading it, I don't think about the unit unless I want to type a search to remind myself who a named character or participant is.

We are now able to choose the distance between lines (using Shift-Alt-{1-9}.  The default is '3' -- and anything above that will increase the distance between the lines.


The first item is the lower hook. It's curved downward and some have worried that theirs was "bent" or defective -- but it's curved down in order to hold the Kindle more securely.

  The Kindle should be angled to match the direction of the hook or clip, whether you're locking your Kindle in place or removing it.  It's also easier if you have the front cover folded behind the back cover and are matching the connectors that way, since you can then see what you're doing more easily.

Matching the angle of the bottom hook makes it easier to lock the Kindle The Kindle's angled in and connected and then... the top of the unit is moved to the left toward the hinge, to connect the top.

the top won't be lined up by design and you push to snap it in place
The top hook will not be aligned with the slot.  That's because in order to hold the Kindle in place, it needs to be higher once connected.

If you just press the Kindle lightly against the hook, it'll slide down and then the Kindle will snap into place and be locked in.

refastening the Kindle or removing it
Someone posted that the M-Edge's hinge wasn't as easy to snap in on her model.  In that case, slide the top hook down just a bit so it can be inserted into the
Kindle slot. (Do the same to release the top connector later.)
  And that should do it!

Reading the NY Times Latest News which is delivered 2 or 3 times a day
So, since the end result of the activity above should be a focus on reading, I'll end with a shot of the screen only, to give an idea of what the e-Ink technology is like, for those who don't yet have a Kindle or a Sony e-reader.

The cover did have a strong unpleasant odor the first week but it was gone after a week. I spent the first day airing it by a window.

  I particularly like that it's very light, covers the Kindle well and looks like no more than a notebook (good theft avoidance).

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  Also, UK customers should see the UK store's Top 100 free bestsellers.

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this. I'd been trying to work out how to remove my Kindle from its case and almost broke it in the process!

  2. Anonymous,
    You're very welcome. Good to know that it's useful, so thanks for taking the time to write!

  3. The "Strong, Unpleasant odor" is the nice smell of genuine leather. :) While some people dislike it i don't mind it, and the smell of my case also went away in a couple weeks... :\

  4. Sean,
    I'm not sure it was leather. It seems it's a combo of leather and a layer of neoprene as well.

    Mine was unbearable for a few days but I left it by a window where it was aired by good and it's been fine since then.

    I'll probably do an entry about it yesterday due to the email advisory received in the email today (after a settlement). It's a great cover though. No problems with mine.

  5. Does anyone know where you can purchase the hinges for the Kindle? I have a line of kindle covers coming out and I am trying to see if they are proprietary or if they are readily available.


  6. Anonymous,
    You could write M-Edge, see an interview with the CEO of M-Edge Covers (Patrick). A very approachable guy, he might be reachable at their contact page.

    His hinged covers are described as Amazon Kindle *compatible* so I suspect you can't just get the Amazon ones. Maybe he'd have some ideas for you.

  7. Thank you very much for posting this. I'd connected the case to the Kindle a year ago and forgot how to take it back off.

  8. Help! I got a Kindle for my birthday, I clasped the hooks for the cover but I can't seem to release my kindle from the bottom hook, does anyone know how to do that?

  9. Anonymous, September 18, 10:41 AM
    The 4th and 5th photos show you how to remove the Kindle from the bottom connector.

    It mentions that the the clip curves down to hold the Kindle and that you should match the angle when removing and fastening.

    Hope that helps...

  10. Bloody Annoyed At AmazonJanuary 29, 2012 at 8:44:00 AM PST

    Have to say the Kindle DX and it's cover and the biggest pile of shit when it comes to design.

    I simply cannot remove the cover. The reason I want to remove it is because the POS is damaging my kindle (splitting the front from the back covers). It's really appaulling design.

    Matched only in quality by the disintegrating USB leads.

  11. Bloody Annoyed,
    You didn't say what kind of cover you have.

    First, if a cover that's designed by Amazon (as the ones with slot inputs are) causes damage to the Kindle, they will replace the Kindle, but you have to call them -- if in the US, call Kindle support (preferably on weekdays but 24/7 nevertheless), at 866-321-8851.

    I don't know what 'POS' stands for (outside of point-of-sale), but if your cover is one that has the hooks in it (and I don't know if those were even made for the DX -- I use a simple sleeve), see Using the Hinged Cover.

    The disintegrating USB leads in that power cable have definitely been a problem - call them about that too. Let me know, if you can, what happens with all this.

  12. I just saw that you wrote this AFTER seeing instructions on how to attach and remove a hinged cover.

    If this is the cover, I don't know what else to say, re how to remove it, as I have pictures that show how (the angle of the lower hook is important).

    But if your Kindle is damaged by the opening of the back of the cover, call Kindle support as I mentioned...

  13. I love my Kindle DX.

    But after the horrid cover with hooks damaged my first two Kindles I found (after getting my third DX) that the Peil Frama leather cover is the way to go. High quality and best of all-no hooks. All, while holding Kindle in place. At $99 it is $20 more than Amazon cover, but worth it.

    1. Anonymous,
      I have the cover for my Kindle 2 and for my DX. Neither one has ever been damaged. The only way you can damage it with this cover is to open it up on the wrong side forcefully when you find it won't open very far from the back.

      It's easy to do, once. After that it would be very hard to forget.

      Amazon's current DX covers are not $79 without a built-in light. Don't know what you mean by $20 more. Since you didn't link the cover, I'm assuming this is a good cover you bought and liked, which is good information so am adding your comment to the area. I found later a good sleeve for $20 and it's not necessary to to pay $100 for a good cover. HOWEVER, I did once pay $80 for a beautiful cover out of pure self-indulgence (we deserve it). I've loved the hinged cover though and use it whenever I want best security for the Kindle.

  14. can someone tell me how to change the battery for the light in the cover?

    1. Anonymous - The built-in light on the Amazon cover for e-Ink Kindle drawa power from the Kindle, when the Kindle has enough of a charge. There's no user-replaceable battery...

    2. charged but no light in cover

    3. Anonymous, it would be that it's not making a proper connection. I sometimes couldn't get the light to come on unless I pulled very hard, all the way out. Might it be that?

      If not, I'd call Kindle Customer Svc at 1-866-321-8851 and let them know. They mignt send a replacement cover because it's not supposed to just stop working. Let me know what happens if youhave time...

    4. Anonymous, it would be that it's not making a proper connection. I sometimes couldn't get the light to come on unless I pulled very hard, all the way out. Might it be that?

      If not, I'd call Kindle Customer Svc at 1-866-321-8851 and let them know. They mignt send a replacement cover because it's not supposed to just stop working. Let me know what happens if youhave time...

  15. Someone wrote to comment yesterday or the day before that they were having a problem with a cover they bought, and I clicked on 'Publish' but then it disappeared. It's not in 'Spam' (where there are 95,000 of those) and not in 'Published' ... If you see this, let me know what the problem was as I no longer have access to what you wrote. Apologies.


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