Monday, March 23, 2009

Kindleholics (not quite) Anonymous

The Kindle 2 was barely out when bloggers began speculating about the Kindle 3.  At the left is Crunchgear's mock-up of that, based on actual talk of an imminent 8 x 10 "student" Kindle, although that was the screen-size anticipated and not the frame size.   :-)

But, the news focus on the Kindle these days is fairly intense, and Kindle forums have one common thread -- "Kindle addiction."  One of the best examples is this Amazon forum thread (alternate link) started by the very funny "Lulu" who has obviously read many typical Kindle threads with all their questions and concerns.

A new 'addiction' thread was started inadvertently by an enthusiastic new Kindle owner and I did laugh when reading some of these too, one particularly funny one by Michael A. Steen which sums up a common situation of the new Kindle owner.

Here are some links to the various forums available, where just about any question will be answered by several people.

. Kindle-2 Forum (alternate) specifically - for those who have or are thinking of getting the Kindle 2
. Kindle-1 Forum (alternate) - for Kindle 1 owners and those considering buying the older Kindle-1 unit (at Amazon (used) ((alternate), eBay, or Criagslist).  Some prefer the Kindle-1's SD card and user-replaceable battery advantages and its much-discussed perceived darker text, not to mention its lower price in a fast-changing electronic world.
. KindleCommunity (alternate) - their forum for more general Kindle discussions
. A favorite thread of Kindle forum users: "A Million or so Kindle books available now {mostly free}:  where to get them and how"

Tip 1:  Here are Amazon's own 7,000 books costing $0.00 -- mainly public domain classics.

Tip 2:  And these are Amazon's fewer, currently free books that are NOT public-domain classics.

These Amazon forums don't have their own searchable features, but I've long posted a way to do this.  We can google specific sites-only using keywords for those sites, and this is often better, even, than a site's own searches.

    1.  Preface all google searches for Amazon Kindle forum topics with this string: kindle forum

    2.  Then add the key word (or keywords) that you want in the Google results:
        Full Examples:
                A. kindle forum battery
                B. kindle forum share books

OTHER FORUMS I ENJOY (with fun people and lots of good information):
. Kindleboards - the liveliest Kindle forums
. Kindle Social Network (BookSummit), which allows a quite varied personal profile page

I'll be adding a lot more info as I go, so do monitor the blog and add suggestions for topics of interest to you. Below are ways to Share this post if you'd like others to see it.
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