Friday, April 17, 2009

300,000 Kindle 2's sold since February 24

The Washington Post reports that "a source close to Amazon" says that Amazon has sold about 300,000 Kindle 2's "suggesting Amazon has made over $100 million in revenue from the sales of the $359 device alone this year.

The Kindle 1 probably sold between 400,000-500,000, by an estimate of Citi analyst Mark Mahaney

I'm adding a link to the full text of Jeff Bezos' 2008 annual letter to shareholders today.  It describes goals and plans for the future and includes this statement:
'Our pricing objective is to earn customer trust, not to optimize short-term profit dollars. We take it as an article of faith that pricing in this manner is the best way to grow our aggregate profit dollars over the long term. We may make less per item, but by consistently earning trust we will sell many more items. Therefore, we offer low prices across our entire product range'
May this include actually acknowledging, with respect and some interest in fixing a now known problem for -- not all, but -- too many customers:  the Kindle 2 screen-contrast issues that have been much discussed on Amazon forums and in the dominant online journals that cover electronics.  Also, Kindle users are resisting any Kindle book pricing for non-technical books above $9.99. Below are ways to Share this post if you'd like others to see it.
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