Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Kindle Mania in DC

A lot of Kindle carriers in Congress.  This was posted to Twitter by KindleCovers.  Paul Bedard writes:
' Those Amazon Kindle  E-readers are popping up everywhere in Washington, a city that likes to be plugged in.  Some lawmakers have been seen toting them around and reading local newspapers, books, and even legislation.  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi uses one.  Wyoming Sen. Michael Enzi "loves" his, says aide Elly Pickett.  "He is a speed reader and goes through books very quickly, so being able to have 1,500 books at his fingertips at all times is great. He likes the Kindle so much he had his chief of staff get one too," says Pickett.

Iowa Sen. Charles Grassley also has one to read newspapers and staff memos.  And, of course, there's already been a Kindle-gate.  A recent article in the New York Times implied that political consultant Shayna Englin wasn't paying for books shared by a friend.  Authors attacked her, and Republicans made a fuss over it because her hubby, Democratic Virginia Del. David Englin, represents the Alexandria district, where the overseer of intellectual property theft—the United States Patent and Trademark Office—is headquartered.  Turns out Amazon allows the sharing of books among up to six Kindles.  One author, romance novelist Courtney Milan, even defended Englin in a blog and sent her a Kindle gift card. '
Well, a book can be shared between up to 6 Kindles under the same account, with one person responsible for the $-purchases of all.  But it's a great feature for families and for friends who have a lot of trust between them :-)   And then there's always PayPal for repayment of non-shared books. Below are ways to Share this post if you'd like others to see it.
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  1. This is great news! Before, when people saw my Kindle they would say "What is this thing?" Now, they have started to say 'Oh, is this a Kindle?" :-)

  2. Clarissa, there were about 10 others in our group of people on a ship crusing the ship. I didn't know them - but before I even brought out my Kindle or mentioned the word even, two said they had tried to buy one and have it sent to where they were on the trip and a family had been given Kindles by the very modern mom (these young'uns had college age children too), and they were all on the ship though they hadn't brought them on the trip yet as the Kindles were brand new.


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