Saturday, October 31, 2009

Charger for Australian and other Kindles

Chargers for Australian and other International Kindles

I'm still running around in Egypt for another week but was able to get online tonight and read that Australian customers are having trouble getting a charger that works for their Kindles.

A customer from Australia in the Amazon forums recommends the one shown here as it works well for her.  This is costly but includes a charger for the car.  See the message thread I referred people to last week for more discussion of the possibilities under the 'charging' blog entry.  But this is one that will work if you can stand to spend that amount.  It works for other countries too, but Australians did not get a basic charger for their Kindles.

  I am just using a plug adapter for Egypt (REI or Radio Shack) that attaches to my Amazon Kindle power cord and plug as the plug works everywhere but needs a physical plug that fits the socket in whatever country.  These little plug adapters are usually $3 at REI sports or a luggage shop or Radio Shack.

The one plug that works well for the customer from the Australian customer on the forum thread has the following features:
' Technical Details
. Kit includes DC Car Charger Adapter cable and a AC Wall Charger Adapter cable
. Wall charger kit includes 4 world plug adapters; use the same charger anywhere in the world
. High current output current ( 1000mA ) for faster charging; full lifetime warranty
. TipExchange Technology protects investment providing means to upgrade charger tips at lower cost (Tips Included)
. Charging adapter works with both foreign and domestic outlets (100-240 Volts AC)
Sorry to be quiet here for so long. Thanks to those who kept their Kindle blog subscriptions going even though I could not update each day. It's appreciated.

UPDATE - AUSTRALIA - another charger that works
Since then others have found an adapter for Australia that is dependable.
It's the Digitor model M9912 findable at the Dick Smith website: Below are ways to Share this post if you'd like others to see it.
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  1. You can also use the USB wall socket charger for your iPhone to charge the Kindle.

  2. Anonymous,
    I read there were problems with using the iPhone USB wall socket charger for the Kindle.

    Are you actually using one in Australia ?


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