Saturday, October 24, 2009

Whispernet upgrade reported by customer

While away and able to sign on once in a while I just read a customer report that while her Sprint coverage in her area had not been good and she had to download Kindle books via her computer, she found that after the recent flurry of activity around the Kindle and thinking she might have better luck now, she tried accessing Whispernet and this time was able to get a 3G connection.

After asking Amazon customer service about this, this was what she reported:
' It seems that I have received a recent update that allows my Kindle to access "other towers in the area... My Kindle version is still 2.0.3 (327610024). C.S had me punch in 611 from the settings page (with wireless turned on) and under MODEM, my PRL Version is now 50413. He said my previous number there had started with a 4. So now I have an explanation as to why I have whispernet coverage now..." '
This is just one report, but it's worth a try, for those in the U.S. who have not had good luck with Whispernet. Below are ways to Share this post if you'd like others to see it.
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  1. Just checked my DX, which has been offline for quite a few days now - it's got PRL 50413 too. I suspect it's had it for a while, though.

  2. Elmo, thanks for checking.

    I'm visiting Egypt and there is no Kindle here yet, though airport and hotel people definitely know what it is. So I can't check mine, though I'm curious.

    - A

  3. Still not happening in Vermont. Just checked.


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