Thursday, October 22, 2009

Kindle books for your PC's ! and probably Macs

UPDATE 10/24/09
Amazon did post a blog entry in their Kindle blog about the new feature coming that will mean you do not need a Kindle to read your purchased Kindle books but can read them on your Windows PC.
' Kindle for PC Coming Soon
1:34 PM PDT, October 22, 2009
The Kindle team is excited to announce that soon, you'll be able to read Kindle books on your computer. Our free application for your Windows PC is coming--no Kindle required. Even when you don't have your Kindle with you, you can access your Kindle books, and Whispersync automatically synchronizes your last page read and annotations between devices....'
They link you to the information page for this and encourage you to sign up for notification that the feature is ready.

Ari Blackthorne points us (in the Comments for this blog entry) to MacRumors, for whom Eric Slivka writes on October 23:
' Amazon yesterday announced the launch of "Kindle for PC", a free Windows application that will allow users to read e-Books purchased from the company's Kindle Store on their computers. While the news release made no mention of a Mac version of the application, Fast Company reports (via 9 to 5 Mac) that a Mac version is in fact under development.

An Amazon spokesperson told me late Thursday: "Yes, we are working on a Kindle app for Mac" '
Original posting follows:
KindleZen points us to ZDnet's story that Kindlebooks will now be readable on not only iPods and iPhones but also PC's running Windows 7, Vista, and XP. This on top of the new Kindle International shows a very aggressive strategy suddenly.

This will be downloadable next month. Amazing.

The feature set, in Amazon’s own words:
* Purchase, download, and read hundreds of thousands of books available in the Kindle Store
* Access their entire library of previously purchased Kindle books stored on Amazon’s servers for free
* Choose from over 10 different font sizes and adjust words per line
* Add and automatically synchronize bookmarks and last page read
* View notes and highlights marked on Kindle and Kindle DX
* Zoom in and out of text with a pinch of the fingers (Windows 7 users only)
* Turn pages with a finger swipe (available in a future release for Windows 7 users)
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  1. Kindle books for your Mac, too. Apparently:

  2. Ari, that is really good news!
    Thanks for this.

    - Andrys

  3. ...and BlackBerry too, it seems.

  4. Batman,
    That's good solid info. Many thanks. I want to hear your interview when I get back too.

    - Andrys


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