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Kindle DX' - Refurbished, $350, now available - Oct 2009


The rest, below, are just archives and history at this point. 

Amazon is now offering (June 2010 update) refurbished Kindle Dx's for $399.99 $349.99, with a year's warranty when they become available.  This is a large savings over a new Kindle DX.

  There is currently one offer under the Refurbished category, when I looked at the Used area (there are no used ones currently). These are factory refurbished and factory sealed packages which carry the usual Amazon customer service and the Kindle 30-day return policy if you don't want to keep the DX (return shipping is paid by Amazon).

  I called the Amazon Kindle customer service dept about the warranty, and 'Gustavo' checked on it, to see that the warranty on refurbished DX's is the same as for refurbished Kindle 2's.  It's the basic one-year Amazon warranty and covers any defects (the Kindle is replaced in that case) but doesn't cover accidents in which the Kindle is damaged.

Here's a summary of warranty information:
    WARRANTY: 1 full year for defects. Doesn't include accidents.
      No extended-warranty from Amazon is available on these.
      Drops w/damage resulting can qualify for discounted new refurbs.
      Year 1, any unit defects are covered.
      Amazon offers the usual 30-day return policy on these.
      Above information from Customer Svc Reps Nitesh and Gustvao.

    SquareTrade offers an extended warranty for refurbished units
    but they don't cover drops/accidents on refurbished units.
      (Drop coverage is the reason many of us get an extra warranty.)
      If wanting a SquareTrade extra-years warranty,
        google for a SquareTrade coupon to use with it.

I am partial to the DX myself (more info on the basic unit at Amazon's product page).

  Here are photos I took of my own DX showing how it looks with web-pages, PDFs, and with normal book text.
  I added a photo of plain text on the screen, taken at an ice cream shop last week (here's a smaller shot that includes the keyboard also).

  Remember that the Kindles have 24/7 free, though slow, web access via cellular wireless network, with no monthly or annual subscription charges currently or for the last two years.

  No other e-reader comes with that feature, which has been useful for me when away from my computers and needing to look up info.  Google and Wikipedia are built-in options for searches on words or phrases. Below are ways to Share this post if you'd like others to see it.
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