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Kindle Software Update v2.3.3 (maintenance update)

My Kindle quietly updated from v2.3 to 2.3.2.

  I went to look at what the latest was all about, and I saw only that they are saying
" We're sending automatic wireless 2.3 series updates to all eligible devices. Our most recent version update is 2.3.3.

If you want to start enjoying it now, you can download and install the update manually from the Applying Kindle Software Updates Manually section below.

Automatic Wireless Updates
We send out wireless software updates in batches, so rest assured that you'll receive updates automatically. "
They go on to explain how that works and again give the option to do it yourself, manually.  It's not difficult - but if you need help, you can ask at the Amazon Community forum where a lot of help is available 24/7 from many other Kindle owners.  Another place you can ask for help and get very good support from Kindle owners is at the Kindleboards forum

The basic version 2.3 firmware update was first explained on their software update page.

 The "v2.3.2" and "v2.3.3" updates would be "maintenance" updates or refinements to make the recent v2.3 update work a bit better, after feedback from customers and what they find themselves.  They don't give details on that, though I wish they would.  But I'm also glad they're continuing to send updates to people.

All right, having downloaded the file, I see that the awake-process takes less time with less of that spinning thing at the top left.  It seems more responsive again when starting out and in general.

If you want to get it wirelessly, just remember it's done in batches and it can take WEEKS for them to get this on everyone's Kindle.  These updates are for the Kindle and Kindle DX (US & Global) models) but not for the Kindle 1, as the v2.3 update did not apply to that model due to the hardware on the Kindle 1 having a slower processer limiting users to indirect access to words on the screen and because it has less internal storage memory.

  If, instead, you want to do this update yourself, manually, by moving a file from Amazon to your Kindle with the USB cable that is part of the basic power cable (except for Australia), follow their quite good instructions on the software-update page.

  It's essentially the the way you'd move a file to your Kindle for reading EXCEPT that you'd put the software-update file ABOVE the "documents" file, at the "root".   If your Kindle is assigned "f:\" on your computer, then you'd put the file right on "f:\" but it can be assigned any drive letter from "e:\" to "i:\" usually.

Amazon also says at the page:
" If you cannot successfully update your Kindle software using the instructions above or encounter any difficulty with your software update, please contact Kindle Support.
The very best, and quickest, way is to PHONE Kindle Customer Support.

  * Inside the United States:   1-866-321-8851
  * Outside the United States: 1-206-266-0927

  Otherwise, click the "Contact Us" button in the right-hand column of the Amazon Kindle software-update page to ask for a callback from Amazon (usually done pretty quickly). Below are ways to Share this post if you'd like others to see it.
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  1. Thanks for the notice Andrys.

    I use a font hack available on the following page:

    I uninstalled the font hack, manually installed the 2.3.3 firmware, and reinstalled the font hack. It's working fine on my U.S. Wireless Kindle. I thought that others who use the font hack may like to know.


  2. Thanks for this notification. Have manually updated Kindle 2 Global software from v.2.3 to v.2.3.3 [and reinstall Unicode Font Hack]. Everything works fine, and Kindle goes back from sleep mode much faster.

  3. Kelly, though I saw this in a later Mobileread forum post about the update, it's great to get a confirmation on it. Thanks for posting this.

  4. Ezh,
    Thanks also to your confirmation re the successful reinstall of the Unicode Font Hack after this latest update.

    I was very happy to see the much faster 'awake' process and also the closing of a book w/o waiting so lont when pressing Home.

  5. Thanks, Andrys. One more detail to add: I used Georgia2 Unicode font hack by edge777 from MobileRead forum.

  6. Ezh, thanks for that setail too. Some are using edge777's fonts and some are using Ted Inoue's.

    It appears nothing was put in this maintenance update to require a different procedure for re-installing as happened when the basic 2.3 firmware update was done.

    Thanks again.

  7. Thank you for the explanation. Ted Inoue's fonts are not Unicode fonts, is it correct?

    And another question: does one really need to unitstall font hack before performing firmware update?

  8. Ezh, I don't know the partiulars re Ted Inoue's font-sets. You can search for previous blog entries about his work by going to top-left and puting in 'inoue' ...

    Kelly gives the direct link to his page with a lot of information. All I know is his font-sets have been trouble-free and he has referenced Blog Kindle's Andrei (sp?).

  9. That should have been 'putting' of course :-)

  10. I just installed the 2.3.3 update and I can report one thing has changed. Before the 2.3 update I could not get any wireless signal at all from home. When I installed 2.3 I could get 2 bars of 1X signal if I carefully placed the kindle in certain locations in the house. With 2.3.3 I get full 1X signal anywhere in the house. I think one of the changes is that they allow connection through either ATT or Verizon. I get full 3G signal on my ATT blackberry at home. Everyone else in my house has Verizon and we get almost no signal at all. We bought a Verizon cell phone extender a few months ago and it gives full 1X signal through out the house. I suspect the Kindle is now connecting through this cell phone extender. I am a happy camper!

  11. Bernie,
    That is great news.

    Since you must then have the Kindle Global, which uses AT&T, you might also want to try the '311' tip mentioned here earlier. - a way to choose from towers nearby.

    Let me know if that gets you better reception since your ATT blackberry gets full 3G signal.

    (Kindle U.S. w/o global uses only Sprint.)

    Let us know.

  12. It's June 12 , and I still have Kindle 2.3.2. I'm worried that I won't be able to get Kindle 2.5. Do you know anywhere that I can get Kindle 2.3.3?

  13. Anonymous,
    You'd still be able to get Kindle 2.5 and it will go to all Kindle owners sooner than later.

    However, in my most recent blog entry on the software update (last night), I point at the end to places that have update files from other users. You'd need to read the instructions but can get help there if bogged down on someting.

    The info is in the small-font section of that entry, which is at

    The linked forum thread is in that entry and the direct link is

  14. I got my kindle about a month ago and I've only put a few books on it. I used it yesterday and it worked just fine, but this morning when I tried to turn it on, it wouldn't work. I plugged it in thinking that the battery died and it's been plugged in for a few hours now and still won't turn on. Has anyone else had this problem? If so- and even if you haven't- what should I do?

  15. Delia,
    Try this (I had to remove my first answer due to an error I made).

    . Remove the charger
    . Slide the power button to the right and hold it for about 21 seconds.
    . Then let it go.
    . Go away.
    . Come back in about 5 minutes and it should be starting up again but let it take its time correcting everything.

    . If that doesn't work
    . then plug it in again.
    . Wait 10 minutes (go away)

    Then try again what was mentioned:
    . Slide the power button to the right and hold it for about 21 seconds.
    . Then let it go.
    . Go away (again)
    . Come back in about 5 minutes and it should be starting up again but let it take its time correcting everything.

    That works most of the time and is called a "Restart" or "Reset" and is similar to doing a soft reboot of your computer when it's not responding due to memory conflicts, etc.

    Hope this works for you!


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