Thursday, February 11, 2010

Kindles gather at Madison Square Garden

Kindles Hold Meeting in NYC, Discuss Plans to Get Gifts from Owners

"Madison Square Garden was Kindle-ized yesterday, as the electronic readers from Amazon had the first of a series of one-day solidarity meetings to discuss common concerns.  This time the concern was how to get gifts from their owners."

  Well, this little spoof was obviously written by a Kindle owner as it goes through all the items that many owners 'give' their Kindles and a few of the little attention-getters that Kindles can sometimes give inattentive owners :-)
' "Just because we're machines it doesn't mean we don't need a little love," one of the Kindles told a reporter...

The gift reminder technique they developed, the Kindle explained, is really quite simple. First, the Kindle misbehaves just a little -- blurred copy, involuntary shut-offs, a garbled text-to-speech feature. The brazen little Kindle added: "Just enough disruption to let our owners know we mean business. What will happen permanently if they don't take the hint and give us the appreciation we deserve."

The Kindle said the next step involves letting the owner know exactly what is wanted. That could range from wardrobe additions (new covers, decorative sleeves or skins, etc.) to ... '
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