Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Kindle Experimental Web Browser Expands Globally. Glitch? Seems Real - UPDATE4

The Kindle Web-browser expanded to 61 more countries?

Updated 10/29/10 - Original posting, 6/15/10 - 6:39 AM
See "Global Kindle Free 3G Web Browsing: Where? Some Answers. UK table of countries" and the updated Countries Listing also.

Updated 6/16/10 and 6/18/10 - Original posting, 6/15/10 - 6:39 AM
It looks as if Jay Marine, director of product management for Kindle, was serious when he was reported to have said that Amazon does intend to enable its experimental browser in every country.

  I'd read posts from Kindle-owners in other countries saying that their Kindles were suddenly enabled to use the Experimental Web browser.  My speculation had been that it might be a glitch in setting up the new software update and that Amazon may have inadvertently enabled the web browser for many more countries or areas.

An inadvertent enabling occurred with Canada last year when Kindles were first released there.  But there the country-specific features-information at the time for Canada at the Kindle International product pages did show Canada not enabled for the web-browser and that was an error and they disabled them, unfortunately.
  This is different.  The product pages tend to match the noticed new full access by some.

I saw that at Slashgear the U.K. writer says:
'...we’ve also just tested the web browser on our Kindle in the UK – which previously was restricted to viewing Wikipedia – and it seems Amazon has unlocked the 3G connection so that you can now view any site. '
Today, there are about 52 more countries with Amazon product-page feature descriptions which no longer list them as having the web-browser disabled for Kindles bought for use in those countries -- only blogs are disabled in those countries now, as it's been for most International Kindles all along.

  The wording for countries with the web browser disabled tends to be:
"Blogs, social networking features, and the experimental web browser are currently not available for your country. You will have free access to Wikipedia if wireless is available. "
  (The 'social networking features' are new and that feature isn't often mentioned for the possibly affected countries.)

UPDATE: I received corrections from people who know more, for some of the now 65 countries/areas listed on the the preliminary countries-listing linked to below.

Along with the web-browser feature, some European customers are reporting that some books that are free to U.S. residents are now also free to them rather than ~$2.00 as they have been.

This is all coinciding with the new version 2.5.x software.

AGAIN, Amazon has not confirmed ANY of this and it may all be the result of a system glitch on their country product-pages for all I know. But it looks, two weeks later, to be true and in process.

UPDATE: The international 3G access with the experimental web browser turned out to be true and not a system glitch.

UPDATE - See country details on a separate page.

  Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, and Sweden product pages at Amazon didn't currently show them enabled, but some Kindle owners reported full web access in those areas for a brief time after software update 2.5.x -- the access became UNavailable for most in those 9 countries, with a later 2.5.x software update in August.

    UPDATE: The Amazon Kindle country product-page wording changed constantly during August through September.

Last updated September/October, 2010

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  1. Using the Kindles web browser has been enabled in Norway, at least for me, for the past two weeks or so.

  2. Magnus,
    Yes I keep hearing reports like this dribbling out and I wonder if others don't mention it because they suspect it'a a mistake and don't want it disabled.

    Amazon may not be announcing it until v2.5.x is completely distributed.

    Or, they'd rather not advertise it, as use of it globally could cost them a pretty penny. Maybe that's why they don't lower the price...

    Thanks for your input.

  3. I live in Israel and I bought kindle about a year ago. Web browsing was enabled since day 1.

  4. Anonymous in Israel,

    Interesting. Many of us missed that.


  5. What?! No Germany in that list?! I just checked to see whether it works. It doesn't, and honestly I can't believe it.

  6. No, your country features on the Kindle product page at the country features pull-down table show it's not enabled.

    A lot of news late last year about talks with telecomm companies & Amazon falling apart. They are known for high costs of mobile network access. Maybe they'll get together eventually.

  7. I was upgraded last week (in the Netherlands), and web browsing is indeed enabled, and it still works. Just checked my gmail, slow but successful!

  8. Since June 9 the wireless has been completely down in Bratislava, Slovakia. I wonder if this had something to do with the new arrangements? I've been trying for 4 days to get an answer from Amazon without success.

  9. I am in Australia and the web browser has worked for me since I got my Kindle in mid-May, including after the 2.52update.

  10. Hi, I'm in Australia and just purchased a K2I a week ago, I also have the web browsing, but not the software upgrade

  11. I am in germany and after applying the new firmware web browsing is working for me.

  12. First, thanks for the good feedback.

    As early as May? I guess they've been planning this quietly and putting it all into place before announcing it.

    This means that both you and Patience were using this before the new software update. Interesting.

    Markus, Germany's product page describes the features that show web-browser 'not available' -- so this is good news.

    (Same is true for France and Spain.)

    I guess they just haven't updated all the product pages yet.

    I'll revise the list. Thanks again, people.

  13. Full web browser working fine in Portugal after applying the 2.5.2 update. :D

  14. Got internet in India and South Korea.

  15. Amazon's webpage sounded like the browser would work only for the country where you live/registered your Kindle. So I'm wondering if this means I can't use mine, when I travel to another country, except to download e-books???


  16. Hey!

    I am in Portugal and it is confirmed that the web browser in working here as well!

  17. Hi Andrys,

    Please update your list, free web browsing in Portugal too! It's really a "killer update" for us outside the US! It's indeed ironic that the best feature of this update wasn't really in the list of new features. Big, big surprise, this will give Kindle a new "life".

    Kind Regards from Lisbon, Portigal
    José Bernardes

  18. hi, I manually updated my Kindle 2 to 2.5 and am pleased to find the web browser is working now in Scotland. I'll presume it'll work all over the UK but will confirm that later. The Twitter function is also working which is cool. I'm not sure how much real use I'll make of either, but they're good to have enabled.

  19. All, many thanks for helping update the blog with better information. Really appreciated.

    I've updated the listing accordingly.

    It might be helpful for your web browsing to take a look at my Using the Web-browser blog article at - it has a downloadable links file for mobile-device-optimized versions of websites.

    Many confirmations from Portugal, which is not listed for the full web, but obviously is getting it. Thanks.

    India and South Korea?

    What country is your Kindle for? -- the web availability is based on your home country on record with Amazon. U.S. residents, when travelling are able to get the full web while abroad. Let me know when you can.

    If you're U.S. and travelling, you can use the web for lookups but you're charged for downloads of books (about $2) to your Kindle.

    You can download to a laptop etc and then move it to Kindle while abroad also and that doesn't cost the extra $2.

    Those abroad pay more for the books because of country wireless costs and operating costs probably. So when they travel out of their countries, there's no added cost for the downloads.

    Your periodicals would cost something like $5/week while abroad. But you can do those by computer/laptop w/o the charge also.

    You CAN use the web, but it's very slow. I use it for lookups. Movie theaters, movie times, restaurants, etc.

    Anonymous in Portugal,
    Thanks again.

    I did as you recommended and have included Portugal in brackets on the listing because its product page would have to be updated by Amazon. Again, many are reporting from there.
    It IS a killer update! That feature was unmentioned but possibly needed to use the Facebook/Twitter access and I imagine it's a problem restricting you to that part of the web.
    Glad you're enjoying it. I certainly do (though not the slowness of course! But at no added cost, I don't care). Thanks again!

    Anonymous from Sweden, thanks for the report.

    Andrew_S of Scotland
    I guess it IS working all around te UK. Ireland is slated for it, but Scotland shows no availability on the product page but there have been 3 reports I've seen re full access there.

    I don't use Twitter with it but sending to Facebook is like lightning.

  20. Working in Spain!
    Regards Kindle addicts!!

  21. My Kindle DX Global, registered in Austria also recieved the update on 6/16, and free surfing is working.

    I don't know yet if there are costs involved...

  22. Anonymous in Austria,
    That's yet another country whose product page doesn't include this feature yet.

    When you have it, there's no cost involved. At least not currently. In the U.S. they've had a contract with sprint and now AT&T that lets them include it.

    I don't think considerable time on it is expected since it is relatively quite slow and is good only if you have no other way to access the Net. But very nice for looking up info when needed.

  23. International browsing works in Greece.

  24. Tried it today from the Netherlands and it works.
    This after updating the software to 2.5.2.
    Yesterday, before upgrading (it shipped with 2.3.3) it didn't work.

    So it is indeed a result it seems of the software update.

    The Kindle store still shows "free" eBooks as costing $2.30 though.

  25. I live in Israel and I'm thinking of buying a Kindle in the States, registering it there, and bringing it back. Will it be able to download books via 3G? Connect to the internet? Any issues involved here? Reply would be great before I buy it :)

  26. Anonymous in Israel,
    I guess you brought your Kindle elsewhere then because Amazon doesn't ship to Israel or nearby countries.

    Since you mentioned you can use the web browser, what area of Israel are you in, since there would be no cellphone-wireless contracts with Israel and Amazon, I guess you can use your (U.S. purchased Kindle?) to access wireless and the browser?

    U.S. residents can access wireless in many countries but I didn't realize it could include a country with no wireless contracts with Amazon. I had thought it would need to be through something like a mifi gadget that would be used to hook up other cellular network devices.

    If you can let us know how it's done, it'd be helpful. Thanks.

  27. Akasai,
    See my questions to 'Anonymous in Israel' who is doing it. We need to know more.

    I do know that if you buy it in the U.S., register it there with a U.S. address and use a U.S. credit card, you can use the wireless where there is wireless access -- to a degree -- as U.S. Kindles are able to use it wherever they find it.

    But beyond that, I don't know. Sorry I can't help you more. Maybe Anonymous from Israel will tell us more.

  28. jwenting,
    Thanks for that confirmation that in some cases v2.5.x is what enables the browser (as a side-effect of the Faceobok/Twitter feature forwarding, no doubt).

    I think you're seeing the 2.30 added cost because The Netherlands is not officially enabled for the web browser per the product page for your country. Probably no contracts made between Amazon and the telecomm companies there yet (usually pricing is the stopper, I imagine).

    Glad you can use the feature though! Thanks for reporting in.

  29. Hi, I'm Tiago from Portugal, I've a Kindle 6" free 3g with update 2.5.2 without web browsing... any clue?

    advanced thanks,

  30. Tiago,
    Have you tried the feature of sending a highlighted passage to Facebook or Twitter?

    If you try it (see and it doesn't work then you could contact customer service at the Kindle Support page where you press the gold-colored button at the right and choose the TAB that says "Phone" and give your country info and your phone number and they'll call you back.

    Portugal is one of those countries not officially listed as having the web browser available. But it should work for sending a highlight to facebook or twitter, since you have v2.5.2 onit.

    If it doesn't, then you can tell Customer Service and they can enable that. When they do it's possible you'll have the web browsing also.
    Not necessarily, just a possibility.

    Good luck on it.

  31. Fixed when changed the country...

  32. Tiago,
    Glad you found a way though others in your country have been able to do this without that, which is why I asked you to try the Facebook/Twitter forwarding of a passage and to let Amazon know if you couldn't do it.

    This way, when you buy a book, they sometimes do an IP geographic check, and if it's not a match they let you know.

    Good luck on it all :-)

  33. Thanks for this Andrys. I found your page (on my Kindle) after I tested out the Share Highlight feature, which I guess came out in 2.5. I noticed that it was possible to share on Facebook and Twitter and that the Oauth worked find in the basic web browser. I guessed that if that worked, maybe the rest of Twitter would work, which it did. I was pretty gobsmacked when I found that other sites worked too. In fact -- any site. I am on holiday in Portugal. I am looking forward to testing this again in the Netherlands. My Gmail works fine for emergency use, but Google Reader seems too slow (or rather the Kindle processor is too slow). Do you have any good tips for an RSS reader page works well?

  34. The experimental browser was working fine for me in the Netherlands when I had firmware v2.5.2... then v2.5.3 was automatically pushed to my Kindle via wireless and now it no longer does. :( Anyone else experience this too?

  35. damo32nl,
    Sorry to read that! Have you tried the Facebook and Twitter passage-sharing functions?

    If those don't work, then you would contact Customer Support at their page and click on the gold-colored button to the right that says "Contact us" and choose the TAB that says 'Phone' and give them your country and phone number so they can call you back IF your facebook & twitter don't work.

    The Netherlands is listed on their product pages as one where web browsing isn't available but the facebook/twitter feature should be available to all. Maybe they've isolated the access to only those two and wikipedia but if you cannot use that facebook/twitter function then you should contact them.

    Let us know what happens. Thanks.

  36. Robin,
    Where are you and your Kindle based? Netherlands? The U.S.?

    A few suggestions for RSS setups for daily reading, whether manual or automated:
    1. Kindlefeeder info
    2. Calibre info
    3. Feedbooks rss-help

    And for somewhat battery-draining use on the go for spotchecks, Google's mobile-oriented RSS reader:

    4. - slow but doable.

    Maybe let us know later which works best for you.

  37. I've seen a report that in Germany, a person whose Kindle had been -unofficially- enabled for web browsing no longer is.

    Some tracking of this has been done in the Amazon Customer Service forum thread about this as well as here.

    I would recommend that people try out the Facebook/Twitter function with Software version 2.5.x which should be on most Kindles at this point, to see if they can do this feature, which has not been said to be limited.

    If that feature doesn't work, I'd recommend that people outside the U.S. contact Amazon Kindle Support at the Amazon Kindle Support page, where they can click on the gold-colored button at the right that says "Contact us" and then choose the TAB that says "Phone" and give Amazon the name of your country and the phone number they can call you at.

    I'd like to know what Amazon's response about that feature is for countries in which the web-browser is not enabled.

  38. Thanks Andrys,
    Facebook/Twitter definitely a no-go. I've emailed Amazon because the phone option is unavailable for the Netherlands. I'll post their response here when I get it. :)

  39. I'm from Austria and received full web access on my Kindle 2 when upgrading to 2.5.2. Unfortunately, firmware 2.5.3 was pushed onto my device recently and now the internet access is no longer available (except for wikipedia).
    Does anyone else have the same experience in Europe?

  40. Well that was useless. This was their reply to my question below:


    The ability to browse the web via Whispernet is not available in most countries outside the United States. However, most customers can access Wikipedia on Kindle.

    You'll find helpful information on our Using Kindle If You Live Outside the United States Help page (

    I hope this information helps. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

    Did I solve your problem?

    07/27/10 09:24:03
    Your Name:damo32nl
    Comments:I'm in the Netherlands, and am unable to setup Facebook or Twitter. It just says, "due to local restrictions, web browsing is not available for all countries". states that while I shouldn't have access to all websites with the experimental browser, I should have access to Facebook/Twitter.

    I have to admit to being somewhat confused. My Kindle has automatically reverted to firmware v2.5.2 (still with no Internet/Facebook/Twitter access) and firmware v2.5.3 seems to longer be available for manual update at:

    Weird. Interesting to see that anonysmous from Austria now has the same problem. :(

  41. Anonymous from Austria and damo32nl,
    Now we know what was included in software update v2.5.3 and why Amazon is reluctant to spell out what's included in that update.

    I really do wish they were more forthcoming. This way of doing things is not good.

    Nevertheless Austria and the Netherlands (and Germany and France) are not listed as places where the web browser is made available (on their product pages).

    However, there is one thing they need to be clear about and I will ask them about this.

    Facebook and Twitter forwarding is NOT presented by Amazon as unavailable anymore than Wikipedia and the store are and it is heavily marketed. If they mean to make it unavailable in some countries that do have wireless downloads, they need to say so.

    I'll ask them to make a straightforward statement about whether or not these are available as a feature where general web browsing is not allowed.

    In the meantime, write back to let them know your question was not answered. You asked specifically about Facebook and Twitter. Odd that your Kindle is reverted to v2.5.2 (!) - that's something I've not heard of. Firmware v2.5.3 was *never* made available for manual update.

    It usually comes to Kindle Internationals within a day of manually updating with v2.5.2.

  42. Hello,

    I have reviewed your account, as well as the notes regarding your last correspondence

    I know this may be frustrating; however, please understand that the ability to browse the web via Whispernet is not a feature available in most countries outside the United States.

    I'm so sorry, but we can't offer any additional insight or action on this matter.

    We appreciate your business and hope to see you again soon.

    Did I solve your problem?

    ---- Original message: ----
    CUSTOMER: damo32nl
    COMM ID:bacwttwx3332127839
    COMMENTS: I have received an email regarding the lack of internet access on my Kindle in the Netherlands, and find the response "The ability to browse the web via Whispernet is not available in most countries outside the United States. However, most customers can access Wikipedia on Kindle" to be unacceptable. Amazon advertise that Facebook and Twitter are available but this has not been addressed in the reply. Could you please specifically address this issue and advise me on how I can have access to these sites.

    Have these guys have been coached on non-committal answers? Disappointing.

  43. Hello,

    My name is Sara, and I just bought a new Kindle. I am from Portugal and I had the same problem as Tiago: only wikipedia is available. I looked up at amazon and my country info was already set to Portugal. I also tried checking whether the social network integration worked and it gives me the same message on my kindle: web browsing not supported. Am I doing something wrong? And why did it with with Tiago and not with me? Could it be that I am using the latest firmware (2.5.4)?

  44. sad. my situation is the same as above - used internet spec. gmail in italy, vienna and berlin with in the last month - now when i turn it on [still in berlin] i have 2.5.3 and all i can get is wiki. does anyone believe we can revert back at any point in the future?

  45. Firmware v2.5.4 now... no change to functionality. :(

  46. damo32nl
    That note definitely did not address your specific question. I have not received a reply yet but will soon do a story on it to let people know that it's happening and I hope that Amazon has by then made a response about the Facebook/Twitter feature in these countries where the web browser (which is different) is not available per their product pages while there is no advisory made in those same pages about the FacebookTwitter-forwarding feature, including not in the marketing of new features on the main product page.

    The countries for which the web browser is "not available" per their product pages (but which were enabled for awhile) are:

    Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, and Sweden

    Their policy seems to be to make this feature available when they can make a deal with regional telecommunication carriers that make it cost-effective, from what I understand, and this means no such deals have been made or ocmpleted in those countries yet.

    Will be monitoring this. Thanks also to Sara and new Anonymous today for the information.

  47. Interesting discovery for Germany:

    The "Country Specific Information" page at Amazon shows a restriction for browsing while looking at the old Kindle. The latest generation (shipped end of august) seems to not have this restriction!

    Now the question: Wrong page or will they enable the feature when they start shipping the new one?

  48. phlybye,
    VERY interesting discovery.

    No one had complained from Germany yet, only from Austria, in that area, so I wondered about that. Maybe it's the type of modem access that's mentioned in the comments area of the main-info post for the K3.

    Or it could be they have not updated the K2 and KDX info yet.

    Will monitor it. Thanks for that information.

  49. I just got my Graphite DX today. All the web-browsing and Wikipedia features work in Malaysia. I guess that will also work in Singapore then. The quality is marvellous.

    This is a great reader! Reading Andrys' blog and contributions by others in this blog fuelled my interest in this device and eventually buying one. Never regretted.

  50. Anonymous, yes, it's a great unit, but the web-browsing capabilities as noted in latest product pags for Kindle 3 are different from those for Kindle 2 and DX so it'll be interesting to see how it goes. Congratulations!

  51. Just got my Kindle DX and All I see is "Due to local restrictions ..." I live in Greece

  52. Anonymous,
    Unfortunately, Greece has been listed as a country that doesnt have the web browser (the product page for Greece).

    With software version 2.5.3, Amazon seems to have re-set the web browser availability in some of the countries that weren't listed for the web browser.

    Let's hope that wireless providers there make a deal with Amazon to provide lower-cost wireless access.

  53. I'm from Spain and it's not working for me (my Kindle arrived last week and have updated it to 2.5.6). Amazon has not been able to explain why it works for some users and not for others :(

  54. oconel,
    Spain is another country for which the web browsing was not officially enabled.

    I think that maybe some Kindles were enabled by default but a later update of software version 2.5.x disabled that access in the countries with no wireless contracts for the browsing feature yet.

  55. From Germany.
    I have just received the Kindle DX from Amazon. I wish have have read this blog before. I am just about to send it back to Amazon. Very furstrated.

  56. I did have access with my kindle 2 in the Netherlands a month ago, and about one week ago during vacation in the Czech Republic, Slowakia and Hungary (no access in Germany and Austria). Back home I sold the Kindle (ordered a DX), but learned that internet access wasn't available at this time with the device in the Netherlands. That is a bummer..!

  57. Anonymous from Germany,
    Can you get Wikipedia? I just want to know if your modem is enabled at all.

    Also, while the DX is still shown as having web browsing not available, per Amazon's product page for Germany and the DX Graphite, the Kindle 3 due on August 27 for release shows Germany's product page for the Kindle 3 as "New WebKit-Based Browser – Free 3G web browsing (experimental) "

    So, check to see if Wikipedia, at least, is available and go to the Kindle Support page and click on "Contact us" and click on the TAB for 'Phone' to see
    if they can contact you via phone, identifying Germany of course as your country.

    Let them know about the Kindle 3 product page language and ask if there's a different policy for web browsing between the two products.

    You do have 30 days to return the product for a refund if it doesn't do what you hoped. Good luck.

  58. Ferdie,
    Netherlands product page for the Kindle 3 being released soon does not show browsing disabled. That could be a mistake on Amazon's part but I don't know.

    Could you take the action I mention for Anonymous from Germany? Similar situation, slightly different wording on the product page for Germany.

  59. Anonymous from Germany
    I'm assuming you bought one of the International DX's of course.

    I hope all this will be clarified soon.

  60. Anonymous from Germany.

    Yes, I bought the International DX.
    I can access only Wikipedia and Kindle Store.

    I have sent the following E-mail:

    I have just received my
    Kindle Wireless Reading Device, Free 3G, 9.7” Display, Graphite
    – Latest Generation [Includes USB Cable for Charging. For International Shipment]

    While trying to connect to internet sites ( which are listed in the "Bookmarks" ),
    I get the message:

    Due to local restrictions, web browsing is not available for all countries

    Only to Wikipedia it works (via: , or

    And the reply was:

    Internet access using the Web Browser through Whispernet is not available
    in most countries outside the United States when using your Kindle's 3G
    connection, however most customers can access Wikipedia. These restrictions
    do not apply when accessing the Web Browser over a Wi-Fi connection.

    You'll find helpful information on our Using Kindle If You Live Outside the
    United States Help page (

    I hope this information helps. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

    Did I solve your problem?

  61. Anonymous,
    Thanks for that added info.

    The Kindle 3 product page info you're brought to for Germany shows that 3G web browsing (experimental) is available and the Germany specific sub-page says only that 'social network' features are not enabled. There's no language about WiFi on that.

    Ask them if that is true for the Kindle 3 only or the product page is maybe wrong?

    If they say it is right, then ask why the difference between the Kindle 3 and the DX that you bought for more cost. Since you are directly affected, their official answer will be of interest.

    I will probably call to ask, myself, at some point soon.

  62. Hi Andrys,

    Unfortunately I don't have access to my Kindle 2 since I sold it. I do remember that I had Wikipedia access in Germany while traveling.

    Kind regards,

  63. Hallo Andrys,

    I have the same problem as Ferdie and I'm also from Netherlands. After update 2.5.3 in june this year I had access to all sites. Yesterday I was for couple of hours in Germany (It's 10 km from my city) and the only what can open now on my Kindle DXI: Kindle Store and Wikipedia. No twitter no facebook. Only the "greetings" :Due to local restrictions, web browsing is not available for all countries.

    Regards Viktor

  64. Ferdie, thanks for the response.

    Anonymous, you're saying that just being in Germany caused your DXI to be changed to Wiki and the Kindle store only?

    The new info on the product pages for countries outside the U.S. is just not particularly enlightening. Since people are needing to get info on whether to get the 3G version or not, this is becoming more important than before when there was no WiFi-Only option and a $50 difference in purchase.

    Germany's product page says only (on this) that 'social networking' features are not available. Doesn't mention anything else.

    The Netherlands page gets the same wording as most other countries, as Amazon is using that wording whether or not the country is listed as one in which the web browser is enabled.

    I'm trying to get information but having trouble getting responses to this question.

    I do know that The Netherlands was not listed in June as getting web browsing back then though some were getting access and some now are not getting it any longer.

    I'll keep trying.

  65. Hi Andrys,

    Just to report that I have a similar problem to Viktor above: I have a Kindle 2 International registered in Sweden - full browsing was enabled after the last update.

    However, after trying to use the browser in Denmark and then Brazil, I can no longer access websites now I have returned to Sweden!

    I have reset the device, cleared cache, history, cookies etc. with no luck... very strange and frustrating when my regular broadband went down for 2 days!


  66. Antony,
    Sweden, as well as Denmark, were also listed originally as not officially enabled.

    I don't know what their situation is currently but if you go to Kindle Support page you can use the gold-colored button at the right to contact them and ask them specifically about Sweden right now.

    Good luck!

  67. Hallo Andrys

    As a result of usage gold-colored button you will get regular answer:


    Internet access using the Web Browser through Whispernet is not available in most countries outside the United States when using your Kindle's 3G connection, however most customers can access Wikipedia. These restrictions do not apply when accessing the Web Browser over a Wi-Fi connection.

    You'll find helpful information on our Using Kindle If You Live Outside the United States Help page (
    I hope this information helps. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

    So I think personnaly it would be impossible to reanimate web surfing in the Netherlands. Actually I'm not very disappointed because I have much more time to read my favorite books instead of browsing. The only regret is that Amazon makes misleading advertizing where big letters claim that DX has 3G wireless access and somewhere with microscopic letters explanation that this concerns only Kindle shop. In my opinion 3G function is absolutelu useless outside USA.

    Best regards and thanks for replying questions,


  68. Viktor,
    I'm sorry you got another automated reply from Kindle Support that did not address your question about the Netherlands.

    Late next week, I -might- have better news for you on clarity on this issue from Customer Support.

    Unfortunately, the word is "might" -- so check back next Thursday or Friday.

  69. Just got my Kindle 3 (3G+wifi) and can confirm unrestricted browsing on 3G and EDGE networks in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada is working. I took a chance because when I ordered the official word was only wikipedia was enabled on 3G but since I'm on wikipedia all the time I figured it was still worth it. Very nice to find out today when I turned it on I could surf on 3G for free.

  70. Anonymous (in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan,Canada)
    Great news. The Canadians on the forums have been quiet since the first alarm they felt from the product-page wording, which seemed to me to be more strong-recommendation rather than restriction.

    If it had been truly disabled, we would have heard from them :-) as we did when they first worried. I also read a can-do from someone in Toronto last week.

    Congratulations! It's a killer feature in an amazing device, all-in all. Thanks for the feedback.

  71. I am in Germany. I got the kindle 3G today. Only Wikipedia is accessible. Nowhere in their product page could I find clear indications on this. Sad.

  72. Amanda,
    I am still trying to get clarification on this re indications stated on the product page. I will be posting on this lackof clarity in a couple of days is there still is no indication by then.

  73. To add to the reports, I had been able to surf the web with no restrictions in France as of late July. However, now I get an error message that surfing is restricted for all sites except Wikipedia. Quite a bummer to have something given to you only for it to be taken back later!

  74. Kyle,
    Am adding your input to the database of reports. I wish Amazon were more forthcoming on this, but I haven't given up on it.

  75. Hi, Andrys,

    I, too, was overjoyed in July when my Kindle's browser could suddenly access the non-Wikipedia WWW, only to have my pleasure screech to a halt in August at some point :-( I hope you can get a straight answer from amazon for all of us - it would be greatly appreciated.

    -Marina (in Germany)

  76. Marina,
    It would certainly be appreciated by me too.

    Pressed, I wrote what I know for now and why I was waiting, hoping for word as to how they could find out and what to do IF they (Germany and Netherlands) ARE to have access to experimental 3G web browsing. Included is some wording from Executive Customer Service, but I requested something clearer as mentioned, as we are unable to ascertain from that what they/you need to know.

    That's at

  77. Same problem here with version 3.0.2 of the Kindle in the Netherlands: Only Wikipedia works

  78. Thanks for that report, Anonymous (Oct 15, 10:38 am PDT)

    Yesterday, it was reported on the forums that a person from a country for which the 3G web browser was not available found that while traveling to the U.S. and other countries, she could use the web browser in the places for which wireless Agreements are apparently in place.

  79. Hi there,

    I'm from Malaysia, ordered my Kindle through an US address. And my 3G web browser opens any sites I want.

    Except that I can't type anything on Facebook, Gmail...etc.


  80. Anonymous,
    With gmail, use
    until they ever improve that situation.

    Write to let them know re the input problems as they need to know this is happening for many.

    Facebook I've not experimented with yet. Have you used the mobile interface? The K3 does not do well with some mobile-oriented pages,

  81. Hi, I am in the UK.

    I was also getting the problem of not being able to key in on Facebook at The full site works but freezes the kindle (K3). However the site at gives access to the mobile interface works great.

    Somewhat disapointed to read no mobile internet in Spain, anyone know if this is likely to be resolved ?

  82. Anonymous,
    I read on the forums that software update v3.0.3 helped in with the log-in input failures. I haven't installed it yet though.

    Thanks for the recommendation re ... will give that a whirl.

    I think the 'when' on any of those 9 countries depends on when a cellular network carrier is willing to make an agreement with Amazon on pricing that works for them both.

    In your case, since you're in the UK, it is likely that you can do web-browsing as a UK resident when you're in Spain. See the forum thread I link to which gives the countries where UK residents have found they could use the web browsing -- it includes most of the 9 countries but it lists only those that people report they've tried when travelling.

  83. I've got the same problem, the 'due to local restrictions...' message (from Spain). Even when I try to connect to social networks. I received the K. Graphite yesterday, perfectly configured (or so I guess). I cannot also access my own home wifi (I don't find wthin the Kindle any place from which to do it, and it does not do it automatically)

  84. Hi there

    I've been reading about the web browsing capabilities of the Kindle for a while now but haven't found anything pertaining to Belgium. I've had a Kindle 2 for more than a year now. I can say that in September web browsing was available for me in the north of Belgium and I could even post passages from my books to my Facebook profile and search Google. A few days ago, I discovered that web access was barred with the message described by various posters above appearing whenever I tried to open the borwser. I even couldn't manage my Facebook profile from the settings page. Strangely enough, I still can post passages from books and newspapers to my Facebook profile using the alt + enter shortcut. Does anyone have any information on web browsing in Belgium? I have version 2.5.3 of the software.

  85. BGH,
    Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxemborg -- the 3G web browsing does not seem officially enabled in those countries for now.

    Never was, it seems, officially, though the browser was enabled briefly for some there.

    I have a general update at and an updated Countries-listing at

    Belgium just was never on the official list...
    Some hope that will change later if Agreements can be made with carriers, as Amazon's goal is to have this wherever possible, worldwide.

    But the WiFi can get you by fairly well these days.

  86. BGH,
    One thing I forgot. People living in areas like the Netherlands CAN use the 3G web browser in countries they're visiting where that is enabled for residents of the visited country. That was reported on the Amazon forums and I have it on tha update.

  87. Hi,
    I live in China right now and have just got the latest generation kindle. I had been looking forward to using the web browsing option but I cant use it due to "local restrictions". Do you know anything about the web browsing availability in China?

  88. Janice,
    Amazon has no Kindle arrangements with China at all. However, there have been many articles about people buying the Kindle elsewhere, to then use in China. If people get it from a place that has web browsing authorized, the web browser apparently communicates with the Amazon servers and allows sites not usually browsable in China.

    You appear to have received a Kindle with the browser disabled though I guess it was bought outside the U.S. somewhere?

    OR, China has blocked the Kindle, but many felt that they wouldn't. Sorry I can't be more helpful.

  89. Hi Andrys,
    Thank you so much for replying. Its good to know that I am not the only one who is using a kindle in China. I have bought it from Amazon US. If it is true that my kindle browser is disabled, do you know how I could enable it?

  90. Janice,
    You can search yahoo news or google news for "kindle china" to see all the news about it over the last few months.

    However, it's not officially supported by Amazon for buying in China so there's no way you can enable the web browser.

    If you had a U.S. residence address and a U.S. credit card, to buy things with and were in China only for awhile, then Amazon could do it for you.

    You should be able to get Wikipedia though? I don't know because Amazon doesn't list China as a country in which they sell the Kindle.

    Good luck on this.

  91. Hi Andrys,
    I found out that I am able to use the web browser only when im connected to wifi. I am only unable to use the 3G connection to get online. Amazon said they will refund the difference between the kindle with and without the 3G system. So this is good.
    Thanks for all your help.

  92. Janice,
    Wow, excellent resolution you got from Amazon for your unusual situation. Congratulations and I admire your follow-up attention to it with Amazon.

    If you ever move and are living in a 3G web-enabled Kindle area, you'll have the capability, once you notify Amazon of the residential change, which is nice as a future possibility even if remote. Unlike the situation with other countries, there is no Amazon tie-in with China at all and no 3G Wikipedia or download of Amazon books, so that's why they'd be willing to do what they did.

    Thanks for the follow-up report and I hope you'll enjoy it even more now that you received this adjustment!


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