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Getting the Software Update 2.5.x User's Guide onto your Kindle

This was originally to be for Kindle Edition subscribers especially, who get this blog via Amazon delivery to their Kindles.  But an attempted direct delivery to the Kindle from the Amazon links did not work for the Kindle; it halted at some point and gave my Kindle gibberish.  So, don't try to download any of the files below if you're reading this on the Kindle.

While most of us have the latest Kindle software now (update v2.5.x), our Kindles don't tend to have the User's Guide that explains how to use the new features of that software.

About the software itself
  Instead of waiting for the updated features that come with v2.5.x software update, some choose to download the update from Amazon's software update page - see how to get the right update file.

Getting the right version of the User's Guide
  I also saw some confusion by some in Kindle forums about trying to read PDF versions of the User's Guide that had been downloaded and placed on their Kindles - the PDF fonts would be too small for easy reading on the Kindle, and the ".azw" files are actually the ones meant for reading on the Kindle reader.  The PDF versions are meant for browsing on a computer.

Below, for downloads to a computer, are links to Amazon's ".azw" User's Guide files for the latest Kindle software versions for the various Kindles.
  They will NOT work to download direct to the Kindle, unfortunately.
  Click them only from the computer.
 ( The web address for this blog is )

Identifying your Kindle model
You can find the serial number on the back of your Kindle.  If it starts with:
B001... it's a 6" Kindle 1 (Kindle Klassic), U.S., Sprint wireless
B002... it's a 6" Kindle 2, U.S. version, using Sprint's wireless network
B003... it's an International or Global version of the 6" Kindle 2 version
      and uses AT&T's wireless network - released October 19, 2009
B004... it's a 9.7" Kindle DX, U.S. version
B005... it's a 9.7" Kindle DX, Global version - released January 6, 2010.

Again, the User's guide files below are for those who'd rather get the ".azw" versions that work best on the Kindle, rather than the PDF ones.

  PDFs are not included below for that reason, although they are on the Kindle documentation page because it's good to have the PDF version that you can read on a computer (the ".azw" User Guide version is not readable on the computer) when your Kindle is not available for reading.

  Those reading the blog at the blog's WEBsite can get the PDF versions for their computers from the Amazon Kindle Documentation page.
 The .azw versions of the User's Guide for each Kindle model are also there for downloading, but they're mixed with the PDF files there and some Kindle owners haven't realized the .azw files are the ones for the Kindle.  (They're eventually moved from your computer to the Kindle via the USB cord after you've downloaded the .azw file to the computer.)


Image of KindleKindle (Global Wireless)

Kindle (U.S. Wireless)

Image of Kindle DX
Kindle DX (Global Wireless)

Kindle DX (U.S. Wireless)

Image of Kindle (1st Generation)

Kindle (1st Generation)

Updating the Kindle User's Guide on Your Kindle
You can update the Kindle User's Guide on your Kindle by downloading to your computer the most recent update from the links above and copying it to your Kindle using the USB connection.

To update your Kindle User's Guide via computer -- later moving that file from computer to your Kindle --
  1. Download to your computer the .azw file for your Kindle from the links above.
  2. When prompted, choose the "save file" option to save the file to your computer.
  3. Connect Kindle to your computer using the USB cable, which comes with your power cord.
  4. Check to make sure the USB port on your computer is active.
  5. Kindle will display the message "Your Kindle is in USB drive mode" when connected.
  6. Use the file browser on your computer to drag the .azw file from your computer to the "documents" folder on your Kindle.
  7. If prompted, save the new file over the one currently on your Kindle.
  8. Safely remove the Kindle from the computer after the file transfer is completed, at which time you'll see the file listed, probably with date and size information, in your Kindle "documents" folder.

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