Thursday, July 1, 2010

More new Amazon features. And they bought "Woot!" - New DX

First, note the bigger news, earlier last night, that Amazon has a NEW Kindle DX, slimmer, with a 50% higher contrast display, is called the "Graphite" model and it's $379, or $110 below the price of the older screen display.
  The built-in "Free 3G" mobile wireless is still a feature, and the slow Basic Web browser is useful for lookups on the go when you need to access mobile-device-optimized websites, at no added cost.

  Amazon announced they are buying  WOOT!, which specializes in low-cost items and clearances, and Woot's promo on the day they were announced to be an independent subsidiary of Amazon is, no surprise, a Kindle 2 - at about a $35 discount after shipping charge.

  But forumner P. Narciso pointed out Woot's FAQ language about customer service and return policies.

  This becomes important if buying a Kindle because Amazon stands behind it to the extent that they give 30 days to try out the Kindle and they'll give a full refund if you just don't like it (as long as you have the original box and it's in good shape) and it does not have to be "defective" to qualify for a return and refund (as it does with Woot).

  Woot, on the other hand, says the following in their FAQ:
'Will I receive customer support like I'm used to?

No. Well, not really.  If you buy something you don't end up liking or you have what marketing people call "buyer's remorse," sell it on eBay.  It's likely you'll make money doing this and save everyone a hassle.  If the item doesn't work, find out what you're doing wrong.  Yes, we know you think the item is bad, but it's probably your fault. Google your problem, or come back to that product discussion in our community and ask other people if they know.  Try to call the manufacturer and ask if they know. If you give up and must return it to us, then follow on to the next FAQ entry.

How do I return a defective product?

Unless we specifically tell you not to, call the manufacturer of the product you bought. You will likely get a replacement of a new model or better item from them.  If we still haven't dissuaded you, email with your woot order number, the name of the product you are returning, and the detailed problem with the item. We will respond with return authorization by the next business day.  Because we aren't likely to have a replacement in stock, you should be prepared for a refund-only option if that's all we can do.  Know that return freight will be at your expense. Again, you will probably get a better deal from the manufacturer, or whoever else handling member service for that product. '

Also, in another section of their website, which deals with emailing them, they have this to say:
' To request a final return of a defective product – not a product you don't like, not a product you regret buying, not to ask us a question about some other topic, NOTHING ELSE: '

 So, don't expect the friendly Kindle Customer Service that most rave about at Amazon if something isn't quite right or you just find out you do have buyer's remorse.  They have a good rep, or probably Amazon wouldn't have bought them.

Amazon has announced in the Amazon Kindle forums that a WEB-based previewer of Kindle books will be available now in addition to the Kindle samples we can get for any Kindle book.  Here is their announcement:
' You can already buy your Kindle books once and read them anywhere:  Kindle, Kindle DX, Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, PC, and Mac.  Soon, with the new "Kindle Previewer for HTML 5" that we are announcing today, you'll be able to sample Kindle books from anywhere. 
Kindle book previews will be available through your web browser - simply click a Preview button on an Amazon book detail page and a new browser window will open containing the preview.  If at any point while you're reading the preview you decide you want to buy the full book, simply click the buy button and it will be instantly downloaded to your Kindle or any one of our free Kindle apps. 

Because the new previewer is designed specifically for HTML 5 and CSS3, the latest generation of industry web standards, Kindle Previewer for HTML 5 will offer a great experience, with complex layouts and graphic design, embedded audio and video where useful, and enhanced user interactivity. We are excited about this new feature and look forward to making it available in the coming weeks.

Please stay tuned for more details. '

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