Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Graphite DX probably available for more countries tonight

As many have reported in the forums -- while the Amazon ads say that the new DX is available internationally, customers have found that when they began orders for the new Graphite model that claims 50% higher contrast, the Amazon product pages for their countries (such as the ones for Australia and Spain) were telling them that the DX was available only in white for those countries.  That was perplexing.

  I did not see this restriction while simulating an order (to check on their reported problems), maybe because I'm in the U.S. -- and one customer was told by customer service that s/he would have to be residing in the U.S. to get it for Australia.  This did not make sense when it was first reported.
 There was no indication whether it was only temporarily so.

 Then, the next day, the Australia Graphite-model product page and the one for Spain (I didn't look further) were updated to display, even to me in the U.S., that the graphite model was available only in white.

 As of this afternoon, however, the Australia Graphite product-page information had changed again to say today that the DX is "currently available only in white" for that country, and I asked Kindle customer service, which said it would be just a few weeks.

  In half a day -- tonight, the product page information changed again.  Now it no longer says at all that it's available only in white and when you get to the final page for Australia, there's no hitch.  The same changes have appeared for Spain.

  Now, that could again be that I'm in the U.S., but it did change wording for me 3 times with regard to the white Kindle being the only one available, and the 'currently' modifier had just been added this week and was encouraging, as was -- even more so -- the later removal tonight of any wording about ordering restrictions and unavailability for those countries whose product pages I had been following.

  There's an off-chance that Amazon may have decided to remove restriction wording for U.S. residents wanting graphite Kindle DX's for shipping to relatives in Australia, to minimize confusion for those of us in the U.S.  But since I was told Tuesday that the graphite WOULD be available for Australia within a few weeks, it's likely that the restriction wording was removed from those product pages because Amazon has enough of them now.

With, tonight, no language about restricting orders to the white Kindle anymore, it seems that they may have solved a stocking situation or at least will give a shipping date that might be later than July 7.  As a U.S. customer, I can't get that information though.  I welcome any real-world reports from Australia.

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  1. Not a report from Australia, but from the Netherlands: I had no problems adding the Graphite DX 2 to my shopping basket after selecting the Netherlands as shipping country. It lists the DX 2 as "In Stock" and offers to add a European power adapter for $4.99

  2. I live in Spain, I've just checked and I can order a graphite kindle dx from here.

  3. Pierre and Santiiiii,

    Many thanks for the incredibly fast responses.

    Now to hear from Australia...

  4. checked earlier today from the Netherlands, still the header stating that only the white one can be shipped here.
    It still says that now in fact, BUT when clicking on the box for international shipping details on the main product page, I'm directed to a page where I can select the graphite for shipping to the Netherlands.
    This is new, yesterday that option redirected to the white DX (which I ordered a few days ago, and shipped yesterday).
    I wonder if Amazon would refund international shipping and import duties on an exchange for the graphite, most companies won't do that (they'll refund the product, but not taxes, and on receiving the replacement you're again charged taxes and duties on the new one).

  5. This post is just to try to push JWenting's comment through as Blogger/Blogspot has a glitch in not posting some messages until someone else writes one...

  6. jwenting,
    Glad I was able to get your comment to go through. Strange glitch.

    Yes, Amazon hasn't been very clear on what's going on with the white/graphite models.

    I think that if you explain it, and ask for a supervisor also, They might be able to give you some credit on it..

    Sorry this has happened this way -- I've been worried about it.

  7. Andrys,
    This is the official page i guess!

  8. I have purchased from the US and I can tell from tracking that it has arrived in the Midlands and shld be in London tomorrow or Friday :-)

  9. Earlier this week, while it was still on pre-order I wasn't able to order it from Australia. But today they added a new product page for Graphite Kindle *for international shipment*. I have ordered mine today, sent to an Australian shipping address, with no problems.

  10. Anonymous and David,

    That page has been there from the beginning but Amazon brings the customer to it only if the item is available to that country -- so, many did not see it until last night.

    I don't link to it directly for that reason.

    David, thanks for letting us know it went smoothly now in Australia.

    Am just back and started looking at reports at the forums and it sure sounds good!

  11. Anonymous in London,
    Let us know what you think, or point us to a forum where you're posting about it. Good luck :-)


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