Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cole Haan Leather Kindle case - 50% off. M-Edge FlexStand.

Quick Alert to a 50% off offering on a popular Amazon case

The Cole Haan leather cover
for the Kindle 6" has been a very popular but expensive item recommended by Kindle owners on the forums.  The 50% off applies to several of the Cole Haan covers, shown here.

After waiting a year to decide, because it was so expensive, I gave up and bought it for its regular, long-time price of $99.95 price on May 31 but was outside the '30-day return policy' offering on items we find unsatisfactory in order to get the special pricing on a new one.  Amazon doesn't do refunds on smaller items for price-changes.
If you've been watching this cover, Amazon announced a 50% off deal on it today at the Kindlestore.

 It wouldn't be quite as protective as the hard cover that Amazon sells for it (the linked blog article also includes a guide to using hinged covers) but should protect the screen in a drop, due to enough padding on the leather interior.  This cover also uses hinges and as mentioned earlier, this definitely protects the Kindle from dropping out of the cover while the Kindle doesn't look tied to the case by elasticized bands on all sides, but it's wise not to open it from the back as there is resistance there and forcing it open could cause the hinges to make cracks on the case there.   In 16 months, it wasn't a problem for me, though a poll indicated it happens to about 3% of owners answering the poll.  I alternated between the hard cover and a platform one, the latter used when I knew I'd want to read while in a cafe.

 I really like the Cole Haan because it feels more like a leather bound book instead of colder electronics, though I have liked the hard Amazon cover also because it looks like a plain black notebook and if I left it on a table somewhere, no one went after it.

These are photos of the M-Edge Flexstand that I got for my 9.7" Kindle DX, as I don't like to read with a cover on, since it is already heavier than the smaller Kindle 2.  There's of course a smaller Flexstand as well for the other Kindle.

  I did a couple of photos during a time when the sun was almost going down and it's pretty dark but I didn't want to use flash.

  What I especially like is that I can hold it, while reading, by the center gizmo that encloses the spidery legs, and it seems lighter that way. Since it stands up in either direction (horizontal mode is good when charging it too), I am not likely to step or sit on it.   I use the Octo sleeve (protective, light and slim) when away from home but now always have this in the FlexStand when at home.

  Those with youngsters and pets probably won't find this enough protection though, and to put it on and off to switch it with a case may not be what you want.  Since I always have the DX on the FlexStand, the legs become less tight but I just lift the middle of them a bit and that works fine.  I usually have this resting on my palm while holding the center gizmo and it just feels lighter that way.  It wasn't love at first sight, since I thought it sure was ugly, but it's here to stay ;-).

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  1. Looks like the best stand out there, but I'm reluctant to shell out 30 bucks for a stand. How sturdy is it when pressing buttons? Does it hold it well enough for complete one-handed operation?

  2. Elmo,
    Mainly, it's flexible and I can put it at almost any angle.

    It's no looker though.

    And when you first see it you'll wonder why you spent $25 for the unit. I had bought the M-Edge Platform for this one but found I didn't like holding the whole thing so I barely used it and should sell it.

    In vertical mode, in either direction, there's a leg that acts as a very stable stand. In horizontal mode, there are two that do.

    When I touch a button, the DX is so slim that my fingers have to go around it so they act as an added stabilizer when pressing buttons.

    But these have the usual 30-day return policy from what I understand when you buy it from Amazon.

    Do read the reviews. There was one that felt it was useless except as sculpture. Others disagree.

  3. I have this stand. It's great. I wouldn't be without it. It holds my Kindle so that I can read during meals if I'm alone. I can even fold my Trip Cover back and put it in this stand -- using the upper feet as supports.

  4. Anonymous,
    As mentioned, I didn't think I'd like it and almost returned it but have since found, like you, I just do not want to take it off because it's so flexible!

    Thanks for the feedback.

  5. Just a note to Jay and others.
    No Amazon referrer codes in comments or username. Thanks.


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