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Kindle software versions v2.5.3, v2.5.4, v2.5.5, v2.5.6 What are they? UPDATE

UPDATE July 25, 2010 - I've modified the below to include v2.5.6 which started to appear on U.S. Kindle 2's (6") this week.  I saw it on mine yesterday, which had never received even v2.5.4 for Kindle 2 U.S. devices while others saw (this week) first, v2.5.4 coming through for these, and then only 15 minutes or so later, v2.5.6 on these older Sprint models,  No one has noted any obvious changes, and Amazon has not said anything (as usual) about the maintenance update (usually for bugs or better functioning).  The server files are still v2.5.2 for all models.  Amazon is updating small fixes apparently only through Whispernet at this point.
  Original posting was made July 10, at 8:44 pm.


No one outside Amazon knows, I imagine.   But as long as you have Kindle software update v2.5.x (the "x" meaning any number), you can use the new Kindle features such as Collections, Pan & Zoom, Sending of highlighted passages to Facebook and/or Twitter, etc.

The Amazon Kindle software-update files currently on their servers for download are all labeled v.2.5.2 within their long filenames and should be chosen for the Kindle model you have, which is explained there.

See Intro and Guide to Software version v2.5.x for information on:

1. how to tell which software version is on your Kindle
2. how to get the newer files to install the latest update yourself if you want

Normally, new software updates come over the air via Amazon Kindle Whispernet, the cellular or mobile wireless network used by Amazon.  Sprint is used for Kindles that have wireless access only in the U.S. (pre mid-October 2009 for the 6" Kindle and pre-mid-January 2010 for the 9.7" DX model).

  AT&T's network and partners worldwide are used for the International or Global Kindle models that came later.

Lately, the forums have reports of Kindles being up-numbered to v2.5.3 or receiving software versions with higher numbers, such as v2.5.4, v2.5.5 and (as of July 21) v2.5.6

The U.S. Kindle 2  (6" model)
These stayed at v2.5.2 after the general software update until the last week or so.

As of July 3, SOME U.S. Kindle2 owners were receiving, via Whispernet, sofware version update v2.5.4.
  There's no word from Amazon why that is.  The U.S. K2's were apparently not assigned to get v2.5.3 at all, however.  Many of these models were still showing v2.5.2, including my own, until approximately July 21, when many of us received v2.5.4 and then v2.5.6 on the U.S. Kindle 6'.

The Kindle 2  6" Int'l/Global model
These tended to receive software v2.5.3 by Whispernet just a few days or so after v2.5.2 was installed.

The 9.7' DX's (white models, 2nd generation, U.S. AND International)
Most of these seem to get software v2.5.3 eventually.

The new Graphite Kindle DX
These are being delivered with software version 2.5.5 on them.

There is NO word on what the various update numbers mean.  Many have asked why they don't have this or that number on their Kindle, so I'm providing the version numbers that have appeared on various models and these would tend to be "maintenance updates" to adjust something for a particular type of Kindle model or modem.

It would be good if Amazon had a status page letting us know what it all means
But they don't.  For now, I wouldn't worry about these numbers.

If you have not received any version of software update v2.5
  AND you have checked the current software version on your Kindle by pressing MENU button, selecting "Settings" and then checking the version number at the lower right (status line)
  AND if you don't want to install it yourself (it is actually less difficult than many think --
      the steps are shown at the Intro mentioned above)
then do call Kindle Customer Support, who can either force an update through or walk you through the procedure, so you can start using Collections, etc.

  U.S. customers, call 1-866-321-8851
  Outside U.S.A., go to the Kindle Support page, click on the gold button at the right that says "Contact us," choose the TAB that says "Phone" and type in the name of your country and your phone, and Amazon Kindle Support will call you within a short time, sometimes a few minutes.
     Those outside the U.S. can also call 1-206-266-0927 but that would likely mean long distance charges.

The above won't clear up very much but I'm hoping it clears up a little :-)

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  1. I have a Kindle Global Edition, and my software version is Kindle 2.5.3. I'm pretty sure that 2.5.3 enabled the web browser in countries outside the US. Tell me what you think.

  2. Andrys,
    Love your blog.
    I found this complaint about 2.5.5 and intl. browsing limitations in an Amazon customer review:
    "In fw 2.5.5 seems like Amazon intentionally crippled the browser on the KDX (that's what I've been by Amazon support) to english wikipedia and Kindle shop only."

    Here's the full customer review:

    Hope this doesn't portend a restricted U.S. browser.

  3. Joseph,
    Thanks. I saw that last night and meant to respond when I woke up next day. I have now.

    See and also the Kindle customer forum thread at

    Also, Mobile Read forumers outside the country receiving Graphite DX's with v2.5.5 have been able to do web-browsing in most cases, so all of this will need clarifying later except that 56 countries are rather sure-things at this point, while 9 others are not.

  4. I was subject to an unprompted restart a few days ago and after reading this, checked and see that sometime after my manual 2.5.x update, I got the 2.5.6 version during one of the times I was wirelessly downloading a book (I guess).

    I'm wondering if anyone has noticed an update in TTS. I listen to my books on my daily drive to work and the pronunciations seem to be updated. It may be my imagination, but I had gotten pretty used to how the voice 'said' certain words. Many seem to have changed--I will be listening for more specifics over the next few weeks.

  5. A warning to users who use the non-classic free list linked on the blog. keep your eyes open. I accidentally bought a 7.99 book that was sitting smack in the middle of all the free books.

    This is in no way the author's fault, the book probably just came off free status.

    I had to write for a refund. I just wasn't paying attention.

  6. Jazz,
    That would be an interesting change. I haven't noticed any. I wish he would recognize a line break though!

    If you have any particular words, we can ask our resident expert Bufo Calvin, who listens to the voice on his commute.

  7. Kelly,
    Good advice. The non-classic list is just from Amazon's current listing of contemporary books at that moment that are labeled as free and I guess every now and then they don't move one off soon enough.

    If in the U.S., call 866-321-8851 to have it removed and they'll do it right away.

    For any others who are not in the U.S. use the Kindle Support page ( and press the gold-colored button at the right that says "Contact us" and either write them (that often takes longer for a reply) or choose the TAB that says "Phone" and give them the name of the country and your phone number so they can call you.

    There is a 7-day period in which you can let them know of really bad formatting or readability problems also, with any Kindle book.

    In this case, the error is definitely Amazon's so they'd be quick to remove the charge.

    As for paying attention, once a change is effective, it should be reflected in the Amazon price field, so normally you shouldn't have to worry about it when using current search results on $0 books.

    Thanks for the alert.


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