Monday, October 10, 2011

Free Kindle Books (Oct 10) - 12 + forum-alerts on just-discounted books+Kindle discussions +Amazon deals - Updated


Oct. 10: - 10 newly-released Kindle books on Monday morning and 2 in the evening.

Competing in Tough Times: Business Lessons from L.L.Bean, Trader Joe's, Costco, and Other World-Class Retailers , by Barry Berman, $0.00 ("Digital List Price: $31.99")

"Barry Berman is co-author of Retail Management: A Strategic Approach (Prentice Hall).  This is the best-selling retail management college textbook in the world." -- About the Author
" managers at a wide variety of retailers, owners of independent retail establishments (including chains), supply chain partners who need to have a better understanding of retail practices, industry consultants, and undergraduate and graduate students with a special interest in retailing.

Kindle Daily Deal (Often U.S. only, unfortunately)
(The Daily Deal link above changes at MIDNIGHT each day.
      Click it to see what the daily deal book is, at any time.)

Slim to None, by Jenny Gardiner, 28 customer reviews, 4.4 stars
    Daily Deal until the end of Monday 10/9:
      Sunday's Price: $4.61
      Monday's Discount: $3.62
      Monday's Daily Deal Price: $0.99 (79% off)

From About the Author "...Tim Sanders is ... the author of the New York Times bestseller Love is the Killer App.

Ongoing popular discussions
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  . Warning: Personal docs now sent to a Kindle will now go to all new Kindles
  . Discussion of geographic restrictions on digital purchases
  . Discount-alert books discussed on separate message thread (Newer)
  . What have been your favorite public domain books that are not so well known?
  . Best "Free" books you've read (many are no longer free, however).
  . Highly recommended Indie authors
  . Unique Uses of Kindles

Other current forum threads that might interest some
Public Library Lending questions at the forums, and Lendle's Kindle borrowing
  . How many e-books does your public library have?
  . Public librarians: what has been your Kindle/Overdrive experience?
  . Changes to lendle (This is Kindle owner-to-Kindle owner lending.)
      The changes include incentives for offering loaners.

Amazon's own ongoing listing of LIMITED-TIME OFFERS - Promos
  Amazon sorts these by Bestsellers first.
  I've added a by Low-to-High pricing.

Editors' Picks: $1.99-$3.99   thru' October
Free contemporary books: subsets
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LATEST DISCOUNTED Kindle books (some temporarily) - an ongoing forum thread:
  Forum-thread starter RandomizeME includes a caution that it's not a book promotion thread for authors or for posts about indies or free books either.  "This thread is for discounts and price drops that readers [esp. Emily Bronte] find from publishers."

TEMPORARILY-Free Books:  Alerts from the Amazon Kindle forums - via the tireless "Happy Reader" Joyce, who is ever on the lookout on behalf of forum members.

  NOTE: The alerts are quoted as they appear in Joyce's collecting of mostly temporarily-free books.  They're *not* recommendations by anyone but are a very popular, unfiltered daily set of release-alerts by Joyce.  The eBooks can become no longer free within days, sometimes, within hours.  Thanks to Joyce for gathering and organizing them for us.

If, on this Home page listing (in orange), you see "MORE" books available,
* CLICK at the bottom to get the REST of any long listing of free books *

' Happy Reader "Joyce" says:

From the Garden to the City
Author: John Dyer
Genre: Religious - Spiritual

DESCRIPTION: Where does technology belong in the biblical story of redemption? Believers and unbelievers alike are saturated with technology, yet most give it little if any thought. Consumers buy and upgrade as fast as they can, largely unaware of technology's subtle yet powerful influence. In a world where technology changes almost daily, many are left to wonder: Should Christians embrace all that is happening? Are there some technologies that we need to avoid? Does the Bible give us any guidance on how to use digital tools and social media? An experienced Web developer and writer on technology and culture, John Dyer answers these questions and more by walking through the story of the Bible and introducing key ideas about how technology and culture interact. Dyer first analyzes the biblical, theological, and philosophical foundations of technology and then studies several examples that show how technology can influence the spiritual life. For youth pastors, college-aged readers, and anyone interested in understanding how technology fits with faith, From the Garden to the City fills a gap for biblically-informed literature in a technological world.


Competing in Tough Times: Business Lessons from L.L.Bean, Trader Joe's, Costco, and Other World-Class Retailers
Author: Barry Berman
Genre: Business - Retail

DESCRIPTION: This book brings together powerful new strategies that world-class retailers are using today to thrive in a brutal business environment. Top retail expert Dr. Barry Berman shows how to plan, execute, and win based on cost and differentiation. Detailed case studies include Wegman's, Family Dollar, Target, Tesco, Walgreen, and Costco.

  MORE... (10 more books: Click on "MORE" just below.)

Thanksgiving Cookbook (Classic Cookbooklets)
Author: Gooseberry Patch
Genre: Thanksgiving - Cooking - Food

DESCRIPTION: Get a taste of Gooseberry Patch in this collection of over 20 favorite Thanksgiving recipes! Thanksgiving celebrates the feast of all feasts with roast turkey & gravy, vanilla-glazed sweet potatoes, harvest apple cheese cake and more.


The Root of Thought: Unlocking Glia--the Brain Cell That Will Help Us Sharpen Our Wits, Heal Injury, and Treat Brain Disease
Author: Andrew Koob
Genre: Neuroscience

DESCRIPTION: If you know anything about brains, you've heard of neurons. Those are the cells that have long been seen as central to virtually everything your brain thinks, feels, and does. But neurons represent only 10% of your brain cells. What does the other 90% do? Until recently, scientists didn't have a clue. Now, they're discovering the real function of those long-neglected glial cells-and the story is nothing short of amazing. In The Root of Thought, brain scientist Andrew Koob reveals that story. You'll learn what glial cells are, how they function, and how they might help explain everything from intelligence and creativity to imagination and dreams. Then, Koob reveals the tantalizing clues about glial cells that could eventually lead to cures for brain injury, psychiatric disorders, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Lou Gehrig's disease, and even brain cancer.


Powering the Future: A Scientist's Guide to Energy Independence (FT Press Science)
Author: Daniel B. Botkin
Genre: Science

DESCRIPTION: The future of civilization depends upon the continuous availability of sufficient energy. But we're approaching the practical limits of some of the energy sources we depend upon most. What should be done? Few issues are as controversial. In Powering the Future, a leading scientist cuts through the controversy, presenting the facts about our energy needs, desires, and supplies and the environmental and human effects of obtaining and using energy.


The Truth About Starting a Business
Author: Bruce Barringer
Genre: Business - Entrepreneurship

DESCRIPTION: You'll learn how to generate and test business ideas, and pick the one that's best for the right entry and locate your business...raise your team and get expert advice...protect your business secrets and intellectual property...effectively brand your business and market its offerings...handle pricing, distribution, and sales...manage your finances to specific objectives...prepare for growth...and even maintain your work/life balance as an entrepreneur. This isn't "someone's opinion": it's a definitive, evidence-based guide to building your own successful enterprise--a set of bedrock principles you can rely on whoever you are, wherever you are, and whatever business you choose to launch.


I Surrender All: Rebuilding a Marriage Broken by Pornography
Author: Clay Crosse
Genre: Religious - Spiritual

DESCRIPTION: Contemporary Christian singer Clay Crosse shares his journey as a performer whose 1994 number-one hit, "I Surrender All," captured the attention of the Christian music scene as he secretly battled a consuming addiction to pornography. Crosse tells how a mysterious throat ailment stopped him cold, causing his financial world to tip precariously, and bringing the realization that the road he was traveling was surely going to end in the demise of his marriage, crushing both his faith and his career. Telling his sobering story, Crosse takes turns with wife, Renee, as they candidly reveal the desperate condition to which their spiritual and marital lives had deteriorated before Crosse acknowledged his addiction. After he confessed that he would have had sex with any woman who offered, Crosse and his wife started a harrowing journey toward building a relationship characterized by trust and accountability. Renee had to struggle to overcome a wide range of feelings, including a sense of inadequacy as a wife, as well as hurt and anger at her husband's betrayal. Many Christian readers will appreciate the candor of the Crosses' story, which offers a fragile but persistent message of redemption.


Ludoliteracy: Defining, Understanding, and Supporting Games Education
Author: Jose P. Zagal
Genre: Education - Theory - Non-Formal Education

DESCRIPTION: On the surface, it seems like teaching about games should be easy. After all, students are highly motivated, enjoy engaging with course content, and have extensive personal experience with videogames. However, games education can be surprisingly complex. This book explores the question of what it means to understand games by looking at the challenges and problems faced by students who are taking games-related classes. It demonstrates how learning about games can be challenging for multiple reasons. Some of the more relevant findings discussed include realizing that extensive prior videogame experience often interferes with students' abilities to reason critically and analytically about games, and that students have difficulties articulating their experiences and observations about games. In response to these challenges, this book examines how we can use online learning environments to support learning about games by (1) helping students get more from their experiences with games, and (2) helping students use what they know to establish deeper understanding.


The Reading Group Insider
Author: The e-Book Insider
Genre: Reading Groups

DESCRIPTION: The Reading Group Insider is a valuable resource for everything you need to know about reading groups. If you are looking for ideas to enhance your current group's experiences, interested in joining a reading group, or starting one of your own, the suggestions within The Reading Group Insider will get you started on the right path. This is the place to find excerpts to browse for help with choosing good discussion titles; Q&As with the authors of some tried and true reading group picks; recipes to complement what you're reading; tips on how to start or join a reading group of your own; travel and field trip ideas to spice up your meetings; and much more. Suggested discussion questions are provided for different genres and types of books, including book-to-film adaptations and memoirs. Over 50 suggestions of reading group titles from both favorite and emerging authors are presented within as well, all with extra content or reading group guides included so that the resources you need are right at your fingertips. Once you've consulted The Reading Group Insider, you'll be eager to start reading, meeting and discussing!


Nefertiti (Rai Rahotep)
Author: Nick Drake
Genre: Contemporary Fiction

DESCRIPTION: Rai Rehotap, the complex sleuth of this excellent mystery debut from British poet and playwright Drake (The Man in the White Suit), is very much a creature of his time-ancient Egypt-but is possessed of investigative instincts that will be familiar to readers of classic whodunits. The author artfully places his plot during a time of great significance to ancient Egyptian society-the reign of King Akhenaten, whose reforms included an effort to do away with the established religious order, and who consequently evoked the wrath of powerful figures vested in the status quo. The king summons Rehotap to track down the ruler's powerful and charismatic partner, Queen Nefertiti, whose disappearance weeks before a great festival threatens the stability of the new regime. Drake displays great mastery of period detail, and if some readers are able to anticipate the identity of the person behind the novel's chaos, they'll still find themselves swept away to a far-off time with contemporary echoes.


Heating Up the Kitchen: Recipes with Love from Lucky Harbor
Author: Jill Shalvis
Genre: Romance - Cookbook

Thanks for coming to Lucky Harbor. I'm sure your presence has already
been noted by Lucille and the rest of her blue-hair posse and will
shortly be posted on their Facebook page. Hope you don't have toilet
paper stuck to your shoe. Or any secrets. In these pages are recipes on
how to catch a man, how to cope with sisters, and bunches of wisdom.
Whoops, sorry. Wrong book. (See either Simply Irresistible, The Sweetest
Thing, or Head Over Heels). There are, however, some fantastic recipes
from my very own kitchen, and in the cooking of these recipes, I can
guarantee you a culinary experience that will make you forget your
troubles. Happy cooking, happy eating, and happy reading!



Storytellers (Storytellers Saga)
Author: Martin Sharlow
Genre: Epic Fantasy

Product description: Fantasy author Martin Sharlow starts a new series
here with book one. He shows us a land of magic, where casters summon
stories from works of fiction then use these story constructs for work,
or for battle.Thousands of years ago, the great Sage Montok Waynew
signed the Book Accords, in which it was declared that all books must
edify and instruct for the good of all mankind. Created in the hope to
end the tyranny that had come into existence in their time, it was
widely received and ratified by all living Sages as a good thing in the
wake of the last great Story wars. So it went, that those books that
were not found desirable were burned or destroyed, to protect all future
generations. Gailen, Alena and Targ find this peace is about to end. In
a world where Sages can summon stories to life to do their bidding,
these three apprentices must find where they belong, when the laws of
the past seem to no longer exist. '

[These are from Joyce's free-books alerts Monday in the forums, 10/10 - morning, 10 books; 10/10 - evening, 2 more.]

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