Sunday, December 11, 2011

Kindle Tip for all Kindles (Images) + San Francisco Bay Area dark again

I realize this is all getting pretty old, and I agree. Sitting here in complete darkness for hours again is no fun.

Power came back about 5 times but not Comcast ... then Comcast said it would be back in a few hours and then all the electricity went out yet again.

Normally I'm here briefly with the Kindle 3 or what's known as the Kindle Keyboard (UK: KK), but my new Samsung Galaxy 3G now provides tethering and acts as a WiFi router for my Kindle Fire, so I'm coming in that way and it's faster.

However, all my notes for the blog are on the main computer so I'll need to start backing that kind of thing up from now on to a dropbox so I can pull them down as needed, as this happens too much in this area lately.

It IS amazing to me that a little phone can provide WiFi to the Kindle Fire though.

Images -- on the various Kindles, when reading Kindle Books

One thing that the Kindles can do that most other e-readers can't, when you're reading an e-book, is to allow you to use a small picture in the book so that it fills the screen--very good if a photo was published in higher resolution as many are today.

Kindle 1 - Put your silver column-cursor next to the area that would be the center of the image and click on the scroll wheel.  It'll show you a pointing hand image in the center if it acts as a link to an Internet web site, and it will also display the magnifier/zoom-in icon that you can click on to enlarge the image to fill the screen.

  If it has text it'll be much easier to read and if the photo is in high enough resolution, you'll see more detail in general.  The feature was added some time after the Kindle 2's had it.  When you've finished viewing the image, pressing any key will exit the full-screen image.

Kindle 2 and 3 - With the direct screen access that came to Kindles with the release of Kindle 2, you can just move the screen cursor into the center of the image, which will then display what the Kindle 1 does. Click down on the 5-way navigation button when the cursor is on the magnifier icon.  Even the smallest picture will then fill the screen.  Then click any key to end the full-screen viewing.

Kindle 4 Basic - I don't have the Kindle 4 Basic but it probably works the way the Kindle 2 and 3 do. Let me know.

Kindle Touch
TOUCH procedures are quite different.  With the Kindle Touch, touching any area of the screen except the top edge -- which brings up options at top and bottom -- will merely take you to the next or previous page.

  As mentioned last week, touching the left side of the screen brings up the previous page, and touching from the the center area to the right edge takes you to the next page.  This segmenting of the screen surface favors those who use mainly the left hand for single-handed reading.

To enlarge a picture or illustration, you do a very light long-press (instead of the page-turning short press) until you see a reverse image (white info on dark, like a photo negative) and a magnifying glass appears.  Lightly tap the magnifying glass icon, and the picture will fill the screen.  To end it, tap anywhere on the screen.

Kindle Fire
With the Kindle Fire, while reading a book,  you can just double-tap an image and the KFire will put it into landscape mode if needed and center the image if it's too small to fill the screen.
  At that point, you can then pinch zoom the image [using two fingers on one point  on the surface and  spreading them apart to cause an expansion of the screen contents] to zoom in to see more detail.  When done, tap the 'X' at the top right corner.

Life in the Dark
WELL, as I was typing the Kindle Touch portion, my lights finally came on again.  Comcast was still down, and my computer screen said that the Cooling Fan was not responding, and it was hung up.  What a great night.

   Needing some kind of reward, I grabbed an ice cream, took a break and reset the computer, which apparently restarted the fan, and now Comcast is up.  So I'm finishing this on a nice computer keyboard, which I don't appreciate enough until I have to use a virtual keyboard on a tablet or a laggy physical keyboard attached to a tablet.

Sorry for all the delays.   Will definitely catch up on the free-books log of forum alerts and will get that back on a more regular basis.  But I also have more interesting tips coming up on slightly more esoteric matters.

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  1. It really works that way on Kindle 4 (Non Touch).

  2. Thanks very much, Wojciech

    I guess the navigation button doing that does make sense. I read that they use the same operating system on this as for the previous Kindle Keyboards (tho' without a physical keyboard) but that the Touch Kindle has a totally different operating system (OS 5).

  3. Worked great on my Kindle Paperwhite! THANKS!

    1. Unknown (aka malecat76) -- This reminds me that I should update this for the Paperwhite, although I can't vouch for Voyage models since I don't have that one, but there's no reason it shouldn't work the same way, as it's identical except for a slightly different screen display and faster processor.


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