Thursday, June 7, 2012

Kindle News: New Kindle Fire Android-exclusive - HBO GO for HBO subscribers. PRIME instant-video count changes.


An HBO-GO android app has been a big request by the Android community, and the Kindle Fire is the only Android tablet supported at this point although HBO has promised it'll upgrade its standard Android app eventually to include tablet support in general.  This is happening quite a bit.  The Verge's Nathan Ingraham says, "Kindle Fire users are the only ones with access for now."

HBO-GO is for HBO subscribers only, of course, and then it's only for subscribers to HBO's partner TV providers.  It seems Time Warner, and Armstrong also, may not be among them from what I see in the comments area where it's noted that they're not seen on the list of supported providers.

Some Comcast users are getting error alerts and some have solved the problem by using their password to log on with their computer at the website after which the app recognizes them for some reason, while another person recommends just searching for a movie you want and then logging in there on the Kindle Fire, which worked for him.

Outside of that it seems to work well, since the Kindle Fire does display Netflix and HuluPlus very well on a fast cable Internet setup, the quality of it surprising a couple of friends with iPad 3's.

There is a report that it can be sluggish when you want to advance or rewind.  That's sometimes true with my computer's otherwise fast access too.

What's offered:
Laptop Magazine's Anna Atkisson points out this has been available until now only on the iPad, and now Kindle Fire users won't need to miss episodes of Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, True Blood, or any of HBO's 1,400 shows when they're away from home.

In her brief writeup, she emphasizes "video extras like interviews with the cast and crew.  And users can create a Watchlist of shows they need to catch up on, or create a season pass to shows they can't get enough of."  Better yet, she includes the full press release.

  The Release mentions that the "Series Pass" capability automatically loads the Watchlist with "new episodes of favorite HBO programs when they arrive on the service," and HBO customers "get new titles simultaneously with the premiere on the network, recaps and behind-the-scenes extras; customizable views showing titles in slideshows, grid, or list format, and the ability to pause, rewind and view at their convenience."

  Android Authority's Arnold Zafra says in his opening that this runs on no other Android tablet so far, not "even if the app was updated to run on ICS" (Ice Cream Sandwich OS).

HBO has uploaded a 30 second commercial that is VERY UNenlightening but which likes to say you can now "Play with Fire" and purrs "Now on Fire" :-)   (Note that Kindle-Edition blogs cannot view videos linked.)

Side Note  - In an Amazon PRIME free Instant Video search today, I saw that they now list 3,707 of these rather than the 17,000 to 20,000+ that used to be the referenced number.  It turns now that they used to count each TV show of a series as an individual video (which can make just as much sense as counting a year of individual shows as 'one video' -- but that's the change that should be noted.

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  1. Just a reflection from me. Use of libraries and reading in general was declining rapidly with the pace of modern day life and the internet 'bite size' approach to everything. Then along comes Kindle with a new technology way of reversing the trend. I find it a joy to see to see young people especially using Kindle's and their obvious enjoyment from reading a book.

  2. Patrick,
    Sorry for the delay in the posting of your comment, and thanks for writing it.

    I agree with you on that observation. Almost everyone I know now who has a Kindle (or another e-reader) reads more than they ever did, and now instead of just the Internet news bites they're reading entire books. Even some who haven't read one for a long time (years).


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