Thursday, June 14, 2012

Kindle News: Office Suite Pro 6 app: $0.99 thru' June 17. Prime Instant Video gets hundreds more from MGM.

Office Suite Professional 6 app for the KindleFire, normally $14.99, is $0.99 until end of day June 17.

The Office Suite Professional 6 customer reviews are mostly enthusiastic. Some low '1'-votes were given because of updates that appear to cost extra.  However, as a commenter points out based on the company's Facebook page, updates to this app are free for registered users, so do register right away after downloading the app.  I grabbed this one when it was free for one day many moons ago, and the updates never cost me anything.

The "Most helpful" review so far (by K. Tevald) includes these statements:
' The word processor is,for me,the most outstanding portion of the software. The text editing and alignment. options are easy to use and translate perfectly when opened in MS Office Blue. The indentation and margin options available in OfficeSuite pro are second to none and adding pictures and media into the .docs is as easy as can be.
Until this I was using QuickOffice Pro. QuickOffice Pro does not offer anywhere near as useful a word processor, and it often loses formatting when importing and exporting to and from MS Word. QuickOffice Pro does not compare to this in any way. '

Amazon announces a licensing agreement with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studies.
Business Wire posting: As a result of the licensing agreement with MGM, Amazon is "adding hundreds of classic movies and hit TV episodes throughout 2012 to the Prime Instant Video catalog. Prime Instant Video now features more than 18,000 movies and TV episodes to instantly stream and enjoy at no additional cost."

These include "favorites like The Silence of the Lambs, Dances with Wolves, Rain Man and The Terminator, as well as fan-favorite TV series like Stargate."

  To start watching Prime Instant Video, visit

  To find out what devices are compatible with Prime Instant Video, see

  Customers who are not already Prime members can enjoy a free one month trial of Prime. (Link: )

I'll add here a reminder that there's always the Kindle Daily Deal that changes each night at about midnight. (Link: )

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  1. You do not get the required registration key from Amazon when purchasing this product. Therefore, it is impossible to register ...

    1. Shannara,
      In reading the the feedback, this is not a common problem. There are a few while others say the paid update doesn't apply to people who get this 99 cent version. I got the $0.00 version of Pro and have never had a prob with registration or having to pay for updates. I just got another update today.

      At the worst, people get this version for 99 cents. And most reviews are quite positive.

    2. I am having trouble getting even the trial version to work on my Kindle and am hesitant about paying the current price of 14.99 for this. Has anyone who has downloaded the trial version been able to create new documents? Am I being unrealistic to expect to try that out, or must I purchase the whole package first to be able to see if it will work on my Kindle?

    3. Joan-Carrol, there is a test-drive feature on both the Kindle Fire app-page header and the one at the webpage.

      I'd try the desktop one first for ease of seeing what you're doing and then, w/o purchasing it, also try the test-drive on your Kindle Fire.

      Testing it online just now, I found that you save a document by pressing the Menu rectangle and choosing "FILE" and then "Save" or "Save as" (and, generally, choosing or accepting the Documents folder). And once you've chosen to save it and have put in the name or approved the name, you select the icon that looks like a floppy disk, which completes a 'disk' save.

      Let me know if that works for your trial version or your test-drive...

      To get others' experience with this, go to the Amazon Kindle Forums, start a message thread on Kindle Fire and "Office Suite Pro" and ask there what others feel about the app. That's a good place to get opinions from other Kindle Fire owners. Let me know what you find, if you can.


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