Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Kindle Tip, via three Amazon Kindle Forum Pros, on How to do a Screen Capture on Kindle Fire HD

Author-Blogger Bufo Calvin alerted a few of us today to a Kindle forum post he saw describing how to do a screen capture with the Kindle Fire HD.  From what I see, it's the same key combo that the NookColor uses, though this one works very reliably.

The Kindle Forum Posting by Pineapple passed along a discovery by co-Kindle Forum Pro Tink-erbell:
' Here's a great new Fire feature courtesy of our own Tink-erbell.

"It is possible to perform a screen shot/screen capture with the Fire HD by depressing both the volume down and power buttons simultaneously.

They are stored in your photos."

I've tried it an it works really well.  Pretty cool.  When you do this it creates a folder of sorts in photos called Screenshots with a picture of your first screenshot on it.  To access subsequent shots, tap on that and they all appear. '

Bufo, who is also a professional group trainer in 'real life' and a Kindle Forum Pro, sent the following, citing Tink-erbell also:
' Hold down the lower volume button (the side nearest the power button) and the power button simultaneously for about a second and you'll get a screen shot on the KFHD.

  You'll hear a shutter click sound, and then you'll find it in Photos.  You can also share it from there. '

Extremely useful.  Hearing the shutter click sound makes it even better.  With the e-Ink Kindles, you can't be sure if a screen capture worked until you examine the file folders by hooking it up with a computer.

It doesn't work, alas, for the original Kindle Fire, as it has no volume buttons, and I've not found a way to do it that didn't involve going through complex scripts to make it possible.)

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1 comment:

  1. power+volDown is a feature of Android 4.x.

    It's much more complicated to get screen captures for Android 2.3 device like the original Fire, usually requires installing Android SDK and tethering the device if I remember. Or rooting.

    The $159 Kindle Fire appears to be running Android 4.0 (same as Fire HD), but as you note there are no volume buttons so the usual thing will not work. It's probably too much to expect that Amazon came up with a customized way of doing screen capture. Maybe the SDK method still works.

    Hope the original Fire will rate an upgrade to 4.0 with the new interface, although apparently home launchers like Go Launcher don't work at the moment, which goes in the 'minus' column for my 'should I buy a new Kindle Fire' analysis.


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