Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Verge points to Amazon's new Kindles ad that was shown during the NFL broadcast

The Verge points to the full ad shown in an unlisted area at Youtube.  It appears to show a 7" Kindle Fire and a somewhat longer e-Ink model than the current one that has a very white-looking "Paperwhite" background.

  While they mention the latter, e-Ink model would be 'backlit' it would be front-lit (as it's been said that e-Ink can't be backlit) - using a technology Amazon bought when they acquired a company specializing in this about 1.5 years ago -- see the April 2012 article on that.  There was word about a delay in July.

The Verge's Bryan Bishop points us to the full ad showing multiple devices, posted in a non-public area at Youtube by Daniel Marchena.

Got back from a late dinner near Santa Monica, so this news has been out for a few hours.

  In the 2nd half of the ad, The Verge mentions what looks like a verrry large tablet at first (it would be larger than 10") but it has a hinge at the bottom and the people are using it with a keyboard and at times a mouse, so it's probably a laptop. (I'd love it if Amazon suddenly came out with a laptop).

  Or even a verry large tablet :-)

  At marker 0:33 or so, the hand-held tablet, at an aspect ratio of 4:3 or so, looks large as a result, relative to the current Kindle Fire, which is longer but narrower (good for HD-widescreen videos) --  it almost looked as if it could be a 8.9" one but otherwise seems just a wider 7" Kindle Fire this time, as has been expected from early sources.

Amazon smartphone?
The Verge's Nilay Patel, moreover, says that the Amazon phone is 'confirmed' and could be announced Thursday morning.  Patel says "multiple sources" confirmed Amazon "is working on a smartphone that runs a variant of the Kindle Fire's Android-based system," and they hear now that the device will be "shown to the press" in the morning, although it's "currently unfinished."  As with the Kindle Fire, Amazon would be using Nokia's mapping technology rather than Google's.

The Sept 6 Press Conference in Santa Monica
As an individual, I won't be live-blogging, as the big-boys have teams and some excellent technology for that.
  For monitoring live blogging, I normally watch a combo of CNet, Engadget, and Gizmodo and of course we'd add The Verge now.

I'll tweet, though, some of the points that really strike me while at the event and tweets will be readable at (no refreshing is needed, or it tells you to 'click' when there's something new).

  An alternative for seeing any of my tweeted info will be to read them through the more detailed

  I plan to jot a few notes here on the blog as it goes, which won't be seen until you refresh or reload the screen but will do a full write-up later in the day of what I saw and heard and give it a bit more context when combined with what we know about the details of current Kindles and what the changes are relative to expectations, hopes, dreams :-)

  I also hope to have a few interesting photos as well.

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