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How to install Google play apps (non-Amazon apps) on a Kindle Fire HD / HDX. The reviewer Myth that the Kindle Fire tablets use only Amazon apps. UPDATED May 11, 2014, Jan 3, 2015, Dec 22, 2015

How to Install Google Play apps (Non-Amazon Apps) on Kindle Fire HD and HDX tablets Updated
The stubborn MYTH that Kindle Fire HD tablets can use only Amazon Store apps
Here are screenshots from Google Maps and Street View apps on my older Kindle Fire HD 7"

Google Map of San Francisco Bay Area

San Francisco & Marin County areas

Via Street View app, here's the Presidio area.

A quick look at Yosemite Valley

(Click on an image to see the larger version.)

Most large tech site reviewers don't know that Amazon allows installation of apps from non-Amazon sources, though Amazon advises caution.
  (Originally posted Nov. 23, 2012 - rev'd 3/8/13, 1/3/15, and 12/22/15)
More tech-site reviewers have been discovering that Kindle Fire HD tablets (when chosen with enough storage space) are IN NO WAY limited to running only Amazon store apps.  Many will feel more comfortable staying with just the Amazon appstore, nevertheless.

  Amazon Kindle Forum regulars often discuss how easy it is get the normal Google Play market apps at other appstores when those apps are not available at Amazon and they also exchange experiences on some other app-stores

  I always recommend, though, that people wait to get these from any sites (true for even Google Play market users as well) until they've been up a few days and no one is having problems with malware or just new-update-instability.  Google vets their apps now but can take less time than Amazon to do that -- they have a lot more apps to deal with.

  Kindle Fire HD comparison reviewers almost automatically say that the Amazon tablets can use only Amazon apps and therefore should not be considered except by Amazon customers -- but this kind of statement can come only from NOT taking the time to check the normal Android settings.

(Updated 5/11/14 to show one different settings-location for older and newer Kindle Fires.)
(Updated 12/22/15 to show the new settings-location for Yr 2015 Fire tablets.)

  One click on one settings box is all it takes.
  It's much easier than most would guess.  At the Top Row Toolbar of the Kindle Fire:

  [For EARLIER, Yr 2012 Kindle Fires (Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD, 1st Generation)]
    Swipe down to get Settings / More / Device / and then merely CHECK the box that says:
  Allow Installation of Applications from unknown sources

  [For LATER Yr 2013-14 Kindle Fires (Kindle Fire HD, 2nd Generation+, and HDX line)]
    Swipe down to get Settings / More / Applications / and then merely CHECK the box that says:
  Allow Installation of Applications from unknown sources
    (The wording for Yr 2014 MAY Be Allow Installation of applications not from Appstore.)

  [Updated December 22, 2015 after solution found for the Comment section in October 2015]
  [For LATEST Yr 2015 Fire tablets line) ]
    Swipe down to get Settings / Security / and then merely CHECK the box that says:
  Allow Installation of applications not from Appstore.
    although the wording might be somewhat different.
    I didn't order a Year 2015 device and can't check the exact wording.

    That's it! Then you can go to other app stores that are recommended for apps that Amazon does not have, such as 1mobile.com (now with 1.2 million Android apps), slideme.org, handango.com, m.getjar.com, and others, to find and download the app.

  To install a downloaded app, use either ES File Explorer or Easy Installer from Amazon's Android App store (or, if you're not in the U.S. and aren't allowed to use Amazon's appstore, then from a place like the 1Mobile.com site, using their store app on your Kindle -- it's downloadable at the right side of most 1mobile pages).  Above is a list of other app sites as well when any app is not available using the Amazon app store.

 Easy Installer's only job is to hunt down your downloaded app-install files (*.apk), so it's very useful if you can't find, on your device, an app that you know you downloaded.
  Be sure to access Settings the first time you use it, to check the 'Scan Hidden Directories' box so that it can find apk files no matter where they were put.

Important UPDATE - See later version of the instructions for Google Earth + an alert to NOT get the Google Earth update that came out mid-December and a link to get the much faster version just before that update.  (I've not tried later versions to see if Google solved that loading problem but they likely did.)

Amazon's appstore should be supported though
  Of course, if Amazon carries the app, it's best to get it from Amazon because they do a strong vetting of the apps they offer and because it's the way they make revenue from tablets sold at cost.  I think it's important to support the Amazon Android app store, but I also think it's important that Amazon make more good apps available to us at a faster pace, and maybe they should have a suggestion box for the more popular requests.

An example of another app that regulars at the Amazon Kindle Forums have been getting and encouraging others to use as an alternative (sometimes with the recommendation of "Forum Pros" there)...

  How to Install a Flash Player on the Yr 2012 (and 2013-15) Kindle Fire tablets:
  On Oct. 22, 2012, I first gave some installation steps that included the need to to tick a checkbox to enable apps from other sources (as mentioned above) and listed step-by-step instructions for the Earlier Yr2012 tablets on installing the Flash player function.  This was in connection with an alternative browser (Dolphin) along with the one Adobe Flash Player file that has been sure to work with Android 4.x (before v4.4) mobile systems that Adobe no longer supports for the later mobile devices -- the Kindle Fire HDs and the Google Nexus -- or is that Nexi?)  :-)

  There is now a LATER article with step-by-step instructions for the Yr 2013-2015 tablets.
  It's been working reliably for me.

  Most won't need this alternate browser (unless wanting to run flash routines for photography and music on some multimedia websites or watch network TV shows that are made available for those who missed a recent showing on TV) as I often do or who find some of the TV apps unreliable.

 UNLIKE Youtube, which supplies HTML5 coding for videos if you don't have a working Flash player, TV networks still tend to use Flash-only for their larger videos.  They'll slowly change over, but until then, this is a good workaround, although some of their own TV-app updates have been unreliable, causing crashes -- and they have too many ads during shows.  The "live' features are good.

  The TV-app versions require, though, that your cable or other hosting company is a participant for the app.  The tendency today is to force viewers into mobile-app viewing where the bandwidth needed for display size can be smaller and where they can keep stats on the many ads and the effectiveness of them.  They're probably starting to use them in some reporting of audience-share too.  They turn away "Android" browsers from the website versions and require the TV apps more and more.

  NOTE:  With Amazon's Kindle Fire Silk web browser (no Flash player support on that), you can still reliably view the Youtube videos if you have your "Silk" web browser menu settings for Requested website view set to "Automatic" rather than to "Desktop," although it takes you to the Mobile layout as a result, but youtube has enhanced that area.   (The Silk web browser Menu looks like the usual tablet menu rectangle with 3 horizontal lines, resembling an old washboard or an air conditioner.)

Amazon is due some high marks for the "other-sources" apps-decision (not walled as is said).
Amazon made this decision starting with the original Kindle Fire.  Use Amazon's app store when they have the app - it's in the Cloud and gets vetting for the Kindle Fire tablet.

[Note re other alternatives which I can write about later if there's interest]
[1.] I've used the long-time APK-downloader by evozi group in Canada, when one is able to do that due to quotas they are under for bandwidth.

  It's not as direct a download method as is using a store like 1mobile, and the site is filled with ads that promote ad-focused software that can be annoying and it's best to avoid clicking on those.

  When the evozi site, which downloads from googleplay on behalf of the user, cannot fulfill requests due to quotas, they recommend the Chrome extension version.  That one requires your google password be passed through to them, and they promise that this is not stored and is only passed through.  They're a company in Canada, but that is a step of trust most may not be comfortable with.  If I feel like using them, I instead use their website version that requires having two windows open (for double-checking you're getting what you want) and doing copy and pasting.  I prefer direct downloads better and have had 2 years of good luck with 1mobile's store, with its 1.2 million apps that you can just download the way you do from Amazon's store.

[2.] Some Google-play apps now require Google-play Services be present.
As an experiment, I tried steps from an article that tells us how to install Google Play Services on a Kindle WITHOUT "Rooting" or any Kindle software modifications.  Four files need to be added and installed in just the proper order and reboots done after each step, but enough people manage to ignore some steps and wind up with non-working google files and unable to easily get rid of Google error messages with their leftover Google files.
  So I don't recommend this for 98% of other customers.  Their Comments area shows too many people who didn't get good results, although there are a few others, like me, for whom this works.  I'm not keen to contribute to that, as the apps that require Google-play services are few.

  However, it works well on my Yr 2013 8.9" HDX and I updated the Play Services file with the most recent one and also used a higher-DPI version than the author did.  (This is NOT a Store app -- the Google-Play store cannot be placed on a Kindle without rooting it, which I won't do since I bought the Kindle Fire for the great Amazon features).  The only downside for me is that when you load a Google app that needs those special Google support services or when you land on one of the app's main pages, you'll get a dialog message saying that some apps require Google Play Services which "your device does not support."
  Then it goes ahead to run the app just fine because the support files are actually present as add-ons.

  I can write more on this if a few people are interested but I don't recommend it for most Kindle owners, whose attraction to the Amazon tablets are their many unique and unususal features along with ease of use.

  While there is NO rooting and there are NO Kindle software modifications involved, I did see how many people missed steps from the article and wound up with Google Play Services error messages they can't disable once they just gave up and removed what they could.
  Amazon would not want to support customers placing themselves in that predicament.  Most Kindle owners wanting this kind of thing should get a cheap pure-Android tablet to supplement the Fire tablets that have so many other useful features.  

I'm mentioning this on the non-Amazon apps page only so that interested readers have an idea what -is- possible without rooting but which can still be problematical for people not used to working with files and installs that have to be done in the right order.

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  1. Thanks a lot for the post. I have a Kindle Fire and live in Brazil, so I'm not able to download apps from Amazon.
    Following your tip, now I'm downloading apps from 1mobile.com, it has lots of good apps and works fine!

    1. Lourenco, Thanks for letting us know this worked for you where Amazon hasn't yet acquired international rights to make them available where you are.

      Very glad you could find it available elsewhere!

    2. I recently bought an app that promised 100's of kindle fire tips, secrets, etc. Imagine my disappointment when what I had paid for was nothing more than a recorded "welcome to your new kindle fire..." today I accidentally found your oh when searching how to add Flash. I'm delighted with the information I've learned. I appreciate that you've made it the material easily understandable and don't feel like I need to dash out and get the engineering degree to take a photo. I'm grateful to have found you. Although it does break my heart just a bit when I think of all the time spent and mostly wasted in my ridiculous notions that S. Jobs would sail by and undo what I'd thought was going to be spectacular. spectacular.This kindle is still new, but as of yet finding this site is by far the most spectacular so far. (Sorry for the novel) And thank you so much. Brooke

    3. Brooke, thanks for 'the novel' ;-) Glad that some of this makes some sense, as I get novel-like as well. Not sure what the S. Jobs 'undo' meant, but thanks for the definitely appreciated feedback about the information :-)

  2. I also live outside the US... so I don't have access to Amazon apps. This post gives me hope. But how do you manage the apps with ES Explorer or Easy Installer?

  3. Joel, ES File Explorer is just a file manager.

    Like FileFinder on the Mac, or File Explorer on Windows.

    Normally, you use it if you can't find what you just downloaded, but things are a bit more automated these days, even from secondary app-market sites.
    It has a search function, for one thing.

    BUT, EASIER for finding a downloaded app-install file (*.apk) is Easy Installer app, as its only job is to find your downloaded *.apk install file if it didn't automatically install and you can't easily find it on the device.

    Easy Installer checks the entire device for all app-install files and shows them to you so you can click on the right one to start the installation.

    They're both available from the various app stores (and I don't know if Amazon itself makes those two available for customers outside the U.S.)

    My own favorite stores for files that Amazon doesn't have yet are 1mobile.com, slideme.opg, m.getjar.com

    getjar's store-app, which you use to be able to shop there via your tablet, is NOT usually a simple store-app download.

    With getjar, the *first* time you go there (which will be done on your desktop computer), you'll have gone to m.getjar.com to search for apps you want that they might have.

    That store-search done on your desktop during the first time you ever access that site, will show you any matching apps that are available.

    At the END of a search-result product page for an app you want, there'll be a link to get that store's own app used to shop there. I don't know why they make it so hard.

    After you get that and click to install it on the tablet, then it works as any other app. You go to that store, choose what you want, and it will allow you to download it if they have it.

    In other words, try 1mobile.com first :-)

    Good luck. Best way is to try it.

  4. I got a Fire HD for Christmas and I have been reading the blogs on how easy Getjar works but let me tell you that it will not download anything that is not available on Amazon App Store. Everything looks like it is going to work but in the end it takes you to Amazon to get the file and if it isn't there it tells you that it is not allowed on your Kindle Fire. If there is a work around for this I would like to know what it is because I have tried everything. And yes I changed the device to accept third party apps before I tried anything. Your help would be appreciated.

    1. Ben, getjar works best with 'm.getjar.com' but still presents problems like this once in awhile depending on KFHD Settings/Applications.

      Go to 1mobile.com instead which is my first suggestion on my blog articles, including this one, and download their 1mobile app and you won't have problems getting those apps.

      Let me know how it goes.

  5. I tried 1mobile.com and it said that I had to root or that I had Android 4.0 and "we're having problems with that"

    1. Dan, I can't imagine what would cause what you describe, as a number of us use 1mobile.com all the time and it never tells us we need to root anything.

      You may have tried to download another file that does need rooting but it wouldn't be one of the files I mention in this blog entry.

      1mobile has problems with Android 4.0 ??? (that can't be, in general) or do they say it's about Adobe Flash Reader ? That makes no sense, as the flash file I link you to is not at 1mobile.com but links to a special flash player file at XDA Developers forum and it does work with Kindle Fire HDs and the Google Nexus.

      ? Let me know what you were doing when such feedback would have happened at 1mobile.

  6. can't use dolphin hd browser blocked by amazon?

  7. Text size on kindle fire HD does not go as large as on previous kindles. Is there as way to solve this problem. I need the text large for a visually impaired user.

    Thanks Donna

    1. Donna, try "Helvetica" font on size 11 ... that's the largest I can see. And its being almost like boldface would probably help.

      Maybe turn it to landscape where the fewer words may be more easily seen...

      Let me know whether this helps and even if it doesn't. If it doesn't, send email to kindle-feedback@amazon.com to give them feedback to let them know...

  8. Amazon doesn't have the UK Daily Telegraph app in its Kindle Apps store - 1mobile.com does!
    Thanks for the tip...

    1. Gordon, I missed this tip. I didn't know that app was available at all. Thanks for the info.

  9. I live outside the U.S., so I cannot install apps from the Amazon AppStore apps, I downloaded the file for the 1mobile.com appstore, but after clicking on it I get a message "Cannot open file" do not understand why this happens.

    BTW : I have already turned on "Allow Installation of applications (from unknown sources)"

    Thanks Alok.

    1. Alok,
      Have you tried removing that apk file and RE-downloading it in case of corruption during download?

      If that doesn't work, I have paragraphs about alternate app stores for apps which Amazon doesn't carry. This is noted in the installing non-Amazon app tip.

      I've taken that info and included it in this blog tip as well.  If 1mobile still doesn't work for you after RE-downloading its store app, you can try some of the others. Note the caution I add about apps from other app stores though.

      (Also, check that your 'unknown sources' check mark is still in effect.)

      Good luck. Let me know how it goes.

    2. I just realized we were actually in the comment section OF that non-Amazon apps tip/article. So that info was already in there about the other app stores.

      I added it to the tip on installing flash. So, do try an alternate app store if 1mobile file RE-downloaded fails for you again, so you can know whether there is something odd about your unit or it's the 1mobile app file. I've been told by people living outside the U.S. that 1Mobile does work for them.

  10. This is a fantastic app! I live out side of my city, and I enjoy to watch my city from here about 1000KM away from my home.

    1. It's fun for me to see what other areas in the world look like from above and then zoomable down closer, no matter when the static images were last updated (which I think can be a year or two apart, but that may have changed).

  11. I am a new kindle fire HD 8.9 user and can't figure out this 1mobile market download. I am following the instructions, but when I click on the download on the right side of the page, nothing happens. Then I click on the file itself and it says cannot open. Any ideas? Thanks...

  12. Javier, look above at the full article to see the other things you need to do. One is to use the ES Explorer app, which is a file manager for your Android-based Kindle Fire HD. If you're doing this from the tablet, app-install files (.apk) are downloaded to the Download folder. EASIER though is using the Easy Installer, also an app that is linked to above in the full article, because that will present to you all the install-files and you can choose which app to install from that.

    Good luck. I just can't tell from your note how you're trying to do this, from a computer or from a tablet and which 'file' you clicked on and where... Let me know how it goes.

  13. Andrys, I had this KF HD delivered to me in Karachi, quite unaware of the restrictions Amazon puts on downloading apps. You can imagine how mortified I was! I didn't want to r the unit either, thus voiding its warranty. So you can also imagine how thrilled I was to read your article! Many, many, thanks!!

    You also mentioned in another article that the Google Playstore bypass on the Kindle could be removed by deleting some file. I can't seem to locate that article. Could you please...

    Thanks again!

    1. Pat, am glad you found the article and that it helped you get the apps needed.

      I don't remember writing about a Google Playstore bypass -- Google sets a restriction on access and must approve devices -- in fact, their restrictions on Barnes and Noble in order for their customers to be able to use Google Play meant that Google had to give up a lot --including their marketing areas being fairly secondary to Google's.

      Others write about a way to get at the Playstore but that involves 'rooting' and that's not supported by Amazon (it's not disallowed but you're on your own if something goes wrong).

      Thanks for writing to give us info on it working for you with the apps in Pakistan!

  14. Thank you so much for this, Ms Basten! You're areal life-saver!
    Pat from Pakistan.

  15. Hi Andrys,
    I found your article/blog 24 hours too late! I rooted my 3 week old Kindle Fire HD 8.9 yesterday morning - I hope it doesn't die on me! In any event even after rooting I still found getting apps from Google a bit of a hassle so I was trawling around looking for another way and found your site. Thanks!
    Whether my rooted KFHD 8.9 makes it easier I wouldn't be able to judge now but any *.apk app is an absolute breeze to download and install via ES file explorer. I have found being rooted helped in one way - I can download an apk app to my laptop/desktop and copy it over to the download directory in my Kindle which, because it is rooted, now shows up as a 'drive' in Windows explorer and then install it in the Kindle. Something or someone really didn't want to let me get to the 1mobile app on my Kindle via Dolphin but I used the laptop to Kindle method and it worked fine. Nothing here should be interpreted as recommending rooting - it took me a couple of hours interspersed with hours of Googling solutions to niggles and I think I know what I am doing and I wondered if I would ever get there! It also voids your warranty! Thanks for your blog which now in my bookmarked favourites.

    1. John, the main thing with rooting is that you need to watch for updates on the software for the device when Amazon suddenly decides to one, as it just did a couple of days ago.

      Odd re 1mobile with your tablet. I am able to download it from the hyperlink above, which leads you here -- That's just to download the 1mobile market app itself.
      THEN you install that on the Kindle and use it as you do the Amazon app, and should be able to get anything from it directly to your Kindle w/o need to transfer from another device.

      Even better than ES File Explorer, as mentioned briefly in the article above, is Easy Installer app. Its sole purpose is to find downloaded apps on your device so you can select them for installation.

      The rooting does get you google play though! but I think there is a drawback to Amazon Prime instant video, though that changes, it seems. At any rate, if you have trouble after the next update, I think you can set it to factory defaults but XDA Developer Forum folks will know best how that's all done.

      With the approve "unknown sources" box checked, app downloads/installs -should- be easy from 1mobile and the others mentioned above w/o needing to root, but you won't have google play of course. So, you would win either way :-)

      Congrats on getting it rooted. It's not really a trivial thing, so I can see how it took a few hours -- but the sense of accomplishment has to be worth it. Thanks for the feedback on your experience.

  16. Andrys,many thanks for your helpful comments particularly regarding the Kindle software updates. In the euphoria of a successful Kindle root I had forgotten that!
    Easy Installer sounds useful, hadn't heard of that one and it kind of passed me by in your article. Sorry! :-)
    Yes, that 1 Mobile issue was strange but I got it on manually as I said and it works well. If as I now understand all or most apps turn up 'somewhere' as a downloadable file rather than just an install even if its a little while after Google Play then I don't suppose I would have bothered to root my KFHD. However, there is a sense of achievement as you say but not for the faint hearted!

    1. John, sure thing. 1mobile market has about 250,000 which is a pretty good selection. All the ones I've wanted have been there or at one of the other places mentioned. I had to go to iapknew.com to get an older version that wasn't as slow as the new google earth at the time.

      For sure you are not among the faint hearted :-)

  17. Hi! I live outside the US and just bought Kindle Fire HD. I can access the Amazon Store as I use UnoTelly and maintain my credit card address in the US. Still, I am trying to get access to a radio station from the states. I did everything that you suggested (turn on install apps from unknown sources) and then found my app on 1mobile.com (as I can not access the google play site of course). It will not install. I downloaded ehe easy install app from Amazon and then downloaded the app from 1mobile. I get no error message. The install bar goes about 1/6 of the way and then stops and says Not Installed. Any ideas? Do I need to put on Flash? Thanks!!

    1. It could be the connection at the time you were trying to download it corrupted the file, though that's not likely. Have you tried emailing the developer of the app for the radio station? Or even the radio station contact? It IS a good idea to put on Flash since so many sites use it (just watch what sites you're given links to in email to go to when you don't know them).

      But the lack of Flash shouldn't keep an app from installing. It may keep it from playing multmedia though. I think last.fm (a CBS and Universal site that provides music streaming from mp3's) does require Flash on my computer. Haven't tried it via a tablet yet.

      Hope you can get some advice from the developer.

    2. Also, Penne, could you llet me know what happens on this -- what you find out? Thanks.

  18. Downloaded Dolphin and its jetpack. Downloaded Adobe Flash player from 1mobile. Problem is that it will not "install"' The package installer does not recognize it.

    1. If you have an HDX, Shisrley, I was recommending the older Dolphin in the step-by-step part in the orange box.
      Also the Adobe Flash player isn't from 1mobile. Did you check off that box about installing apps from Unknown Sources? Are you getting the files that I linked to?

  19. I got a Kindle HDX 7 for Christmas and installed Google Maps through the 1Mobile Marketplace. Problem is that when I zoom in or out, the street names immediately overlap and become illegible. Anyone see a similar problem or have suggestions for a workaround?


    1. Andrys- any suggestions? Thanks.

    2. Leo, sorry I had not replied yet. Have had no time to experiment to see why you're seeing this. Is there a setting that will let you use less data? See street names at certain times and not show them at other times? I will check my 8.9" one next week. Relative overlapping would still be there.

  20. Editor:

    I followed your instructions to the T to enable my new HDX to download and use Android (but non-Amazon apps). I used Google Play Store as the source of these apps. I downloaded first ES File Explorer then Easy Installer before attempting my download from Google Play Store. I am unaware of a download folder on the HDX so that is not an option but Iam unable to find any indication that any of the apps (including ES File Explorer or Easy Installer) were downloaded.

    Is Google Play not recommended? If so, why didn't you say so in your post? (Both the original and more recent post.) Where on my HDX do I go to view and then install the apps?
    One click on one settings-box is all it takes.

    It's much easier than people would guess. At the Top Row Toolbar of the Kindle Fire,
    Swipe down to get Settings / More / Device / and then merely CHECK the box that says:
    Allow Installation of Applications from unknown sources

    That's it! Then you can go to other app stores that are recommended when Amazon does not have a particular app, such as 1mobile.com, androiddrawer.com, getjar.com, iapktop.com slideme.org, handango.com, and others, to find and download the app.

    To install a non-Amazon downloaded app (by clicking on that downloaded file), use either ES File Explorer or Easy Installer from Amazon's Android App store. Easy Installer hunts down your downloaded app-install files (*.apk) so it's very useful if you can't find one that you know you downloaded.

    1. Greg, apologies that I've been away from the blog during the holidays and didn't check the Comments as I normally do.

      But, you say you followed my instructions to the 'T' ? Here's what I say, though you quoted the bottom part (without using quote marks). .

      Here's what I say at the top portion:
      "I run into only a few (mainly Amazon Kindle Forum regulars) who realize how easy it is get the normal Google Play market apps at other appstores and who therefore do go get them when they're up (within a day or so) at those other appstore sites."

      " ... That's it! Then you can go to other app stores that are recommended for apps that Amazon does not have, such as 1mobile.com, iapknew.com, slideme.org, iapktop.com, handango.com, m.getjar.com, and others, to find and download the app."

      -- [I've since bolded the 3 words above in #1 (but not bolded the words in #2) about getting the normal Google Play apps at OTHER stores, and I've linked to 1mobile.com and mentioned it a few times.]

      Also, when you were trying to download from GooglePlay, it does not list the Kindle Fires as compatible or eligible. Normally, that stops people and they google for another way to find and install them. Sorry this was confusing. Almost every single Kindle Fire review mentions the lack of access to Google Playstore.

      Google needs makers of tablets to agree to their terms (that normally involve time-taking approvals of devices and device updates + making GooglePlay the first store to visit for music, apps, etc and of course Amazon has its own store and ecosystem for all that).

      Anyway, in that orange box of instructions, do follow the link to 1mobile com and you should be fine.

      Let me know if it doesn't work for you when you do that.

  21. I'm about to purchase my first tablet and am considering the iPad Air and the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9.

    I wanted to explore the option of installing non Amazon Store apps on the Kindle, so I started by installing ES File Explorer and Easy Installer on the HDX 8.9 I'm checking out, as I figured they would be helpful for subsequent installs of non Amazon Store apps. Then I went to 1mobile.com, and selected the 1Mobil Market tab, as it's my impression the 1Mobile Market app is needed to download other apps from 1mobile.com directly to the Kindle.

    But I became a little concerned when I selected Easy Installer to install the 1Mobile Market .apk file because it warns that 1Mobile Market will have access to a number of things I wouldn't expect it to require--e.g. the ability to read my contacts, and the ability to draw over other apps. It also indicates it will automatically launch at startup and be able to prevent the Kindle from sleeping.

    I'm wondering... why does it need to read/know anything about my contacts? Why does it need to be able to "draw" over other apps, and what does that even mean? Why does it need to launch at startup? Is there a way to prevent that? If it automatically launches at startup, how will that affect the Kindle's battery life and performance?

    I expect my concern will seem silly to those in-the-know, but I'm brand new to all this and don't know what's typical and what isn't.

    1. Roughneck, I like the way you approach this! Unfortunately, the apps I most enjoy are the ones which are the nosiest and I suppose they are (as with all the websites today) exploding their potential user lists with the contact addresses. GooglePlay, as you can imagine, is already from the nosiest and yet most valuable Internet source for all kinds of 'free' services we use often -- and their 'free' is actually an exchange of all the data they can get on you and your friends (as with Facebook and most very-useful apps -- no one really works at anything others want 'for free'... We have to decide what we are willing to exchange for what we get. And you're doing that.

      It's not Easy Installer that tells you what 1Mobile will have access to -- each app maker has to let you know. And it's an upfront statement before you install it.

      It needs to write over other apps you already have installed to update your current apps. It does not, though, overwrite apps I have gotten from other appstores. If it auto-launches at startup, I use my application settings or app task managers to make sure they're not really running (and unless they're changing data live or transferring information (as in weather reports or news apps) they're not actually running -- normally they don't take up useful memory unless actually running. Same with iOS. But I sometimes use an app task killer just in case. Those are free. Supposedly, they're not really needed.

      Appstores and some other apps need to keep your device from sleeping when it is updating software in particular. Often they have their own app menus where you can make that choice even if their default setting is to start on launchup (as with our desktop programs). I didn't see the word "draw" on mine though. Battery life isn't affected when a program isn't actually running. I turn off WiFi when not using it and the battery stays pretty high even after a week if I haven't touched it.

      Not 'silly' at all ! Smart.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Andrys, thanks for the encouraging and helpful reply.

      I've tried downloading the Dolphin web browser from 1mobile.com (the one that says it supports flash) and have run into a snag I'm hoping you can help me get by.

      I previously installed Easy Installer and ES File Explorer from Amazon. Then, using SILK, I downloaded the 1Mobile Market app from 1Mobile.com, and installed it using Easy Installer. I can't see 1Mobile Market from my Kindle Home screen, but I can see and run it from within ES File Explorer's, App Manager.

      I tried to download/install apps from 1 Mobile.com a couple of ways--using 1Mobile Market and directly via Silk. At this point, I'd like to limit discussion to what happens using 1Mobile Market.

      ** Upon opening 1Mobile Market, a series of virus related "warning" messages begin to cycle through a message window at the bottom of the 1Mobile Market screens. I assume this window is used to "advertise", as the messages never actually claim that my device "has" a virus. They either say something like "Fatal System Error--Android could be infected. Remove virus now" (note it says "could" be infected--not that it "is" infected), or... the messages are presented to look as if they are actual warnings, but they end in a question mark. E.g. There will be an envelope icon followed by the message "17 viruses detected in inbox? Remove all viruses now." Note the question mark at the end of the first sentence of the message.

      ** I've ignored the warning messages and gone on to select an app for installation.

      ** Selecting an app results in the display of a page for the app with a blue bar/button that says either "Install" or "Free".
      IF the blue bar/button for the app says "INSTALL" (as it does for the regular Dolphin browser), clicking on it opens a black background window that reads "1Mobile Market" at the top, and asks if I want to install an update to this "existing" application (quote marks added by me, as I'm not sure why it says "existing" app unless it's because it's referring to the 1Mobile Market app as displayed at the top of the install window, rather than the Dolphin app which I had selected and which I have never installed). My options are Install or Cancel. Selecting "Install" results in a screen that simply says "X App not installed." No error numbers or messages--no explanations.

      IF the blue bar/button for the app says "FREE" (as it does for the Dolphin Browser Mini), clicking on it opens a page for the app that shows the app's icon and name at the top, along with a download progress bar accompanied by text that says "Prepare to download". Under the progress bar are two buttons (a blue one that says "Pause" and a grey one that says "Cancel". The progress bar never shows any activity--it just sits there--but the app does eventually download. Finally, an install window pops up (just like the one noted above, except that now, instead of reading "1Mobile Market" at the top of the window as when attempting to install the regular Dolphin browser, it reads "Dolphin Browser Mini". Clicking the install button installs the "Mini" version of the Dolphin browser just fine.

      So... the initial difference I see in the whole process, is that when I select the regular browser, the window that pops up for the app, has a blue button that reads "Install", whereas the window that pops up for the mini version of the browser has a blue button that reads "Free".

      Any idea why the attempt to install the regular version of the browser not only fails, but if I'm reading correctly in between the lines, why the process brings up an install window for the "reinstallation" of 1Mobile Market rather than for the "initial" installation of the regular Dolphin browser?

    4. Roughneck,
      Re -----"I can't see 1Mobile Market from my Kindle Home screen, but I can see and run it from within ES File Explorer's, App Manager"

      For any apps, you click on Apps at the top Menu toward the left. That will get you your listing of current apps.

      You can sort the apps by title in alpha order or by Most Recent. Find 1Mobile and then LONG-PRESS it to get the option to put it on the 'Home' page. In essence, that makes it a personal 'Favorite' app of yours. Any favorite apps will be below the Carousel and then you can swipe up to see them.

      Then you just tap 1Mobile and it takes you to the store, direcf and ready for downloads.

      NOW, you said you tried to get Dolphin from 1Mobile -- but for FLASH, I link readers in the above article to another article specifically for installing FLASH and there I've put an *alternate* URL for a Dolphin browser that will work with the HDX. Give that one a try.

      -- And don't get Dolphin Mini. It's normal Dolphin or Dolphin HD, but for most reliable results, get the one I link to in the FLASH article (linked in this comment to make it more convenient for you) and that'll work.

      But before that, use 1Mobile app direct, instead of ES File Explorer to get to 1Mobile app. that is probably the main problem.

      The flashing virus warnings are the same ones you see on Youtube. They're endemic on a lot of popular sites, unfortunately. I ignore them (and I should mention them in the article). I've not seen them as aggressive as the ones you detailed. Mine are just one line.

      I'll watch the Comments area closer tomorrow (or tomorrow night) in case you have another question. Let me know how it goes thouigh.

  22. Hi, Andrys!

    I've been "offline" for a while--just got back. Thanks again for your help. I had checked the Apps at the top menu before submitting my last message and didn't see the 1Mobile Market app there. I just checked again and didn't see it either--then realized it was displaying what was on the "cloud", not what was on my "device". So yes, after changing that, I was able to see it in the Kindle apps as well as in ES File Explorer. Thanks for waking me up. ;-) I had already installed Dolphin Mini, so I've uninstalled it and tomorrow I hope to run through the process you've noted above for the regular Dolphin or Dolphin HD and the FLASH app.

    By chance, Amazon had an order mix-up and delivered a Kindle HD yesterday in addition to the HDX I already received from them. I started to call them to get an RMA for the HD, then thought it might be worth comparing the HD and HDX, in case the cheaper HD would be satisfactory for my need. So when I called Amazon I asked if they'd be OK with that and they said to go ahead and do the compare. So tomorrow, I hope to get the HDX set up with Dolphin and FLASH, then get everything (EZ Installer, Easy File Explorer, Dolphin, and FLASH), set up on the HD as well.

    Thanks again!

    PS: I discovered your web site after reading some of your comments on Paul Thurrott's review of the Kindle Fire HDX. I appreciated your thoughtful analysis and measured responses to both his review and to his subsequent replies to your comments.

    1. Roughneck, the HD is quite a bit slower and it's heavier.
      I remember Thurrott's review and that he did ultimately reply. Something about the type of person who'd get a Kindle Fire, I think...

      It'll be interesting to see what you discover :-) Let us know!

    2. OK... First the good news.

      Using the links you so kindly provided, I was able to get both FLASH 11.1 and Dolphin HD 8.5.1 installed on both the HD and the HDX. Links from MSN.com that require FLASH now work on both devices!!

      I did however encounter something I didn't expect during my initial attempts to use FLASH with Dolphin. On both the HD and the HDX, the first few attempts did take me to the msnbc web page and presented the colorful spinning pinwheel--that was good!. But when the pinwheel stopped spinning and disappeared, the video window that appeared was all blank, and the only other thing on the screen was an advertisement for a different msnbc feature/article. The add appeared to the left of the empty video window, apx. 5-10 seconds after the blank video window appeared. I couldn't find any way to play anything from the blank video window, nor any way to access the video selected via the MSN.com link.

      I backed out to MSN.com and selected the link again. I got the same results. On maybe the fourth attempt, I saw a list of small video icons appear briefly just to the left of the main video play window, but it disappeared before I got a good look at it. Finally, after a couple more attempts, the list of small video icons remained on the screen, AND the video for the link I had selected at MSN.com began to play. After that, subsequent video links worked fine.

      Again, this happened on both the HD and the HDX. It seemed like it was having to "learn" how/where to connect the dots to load and play the video. It took more attempts on the HD, but eventually it started working as well. SUCCESS!

      I have encountered one problem however, that is affecting both Dolphin and SILK, and has me wondering if there is a conflict between the two. I'll cover that in a separate comment though, or this message might get too long.

    3. This is part two of my reply.

      Since installing Dolphin HD, attempts to access MSN.com from SILK result in the display of a web page that's blank, except for one line of what "appears" to be random numbers and letters, divided into three sections, labeled "Ref A:", "Ref B:", and "Ref C:". Also, where the MSN icon should be displayed on the tab for the page, there's a Bing icon instead.

      I had run into similar issue a couple of days earlier, after installing the Dolphin Mini browser from 1Mobile.com on the HDX, although at THAT time, I didn't make the connection right away that it might be related to Dolphin Mini. The only difference is that in that first scenario, initial attempts to reach MSN.com from SILK brought up a Bing Home page rather than this blank page. After several attempts to get to MSN.com though, I started getting a blank page like today, and I never saw the Bing Home page again. The problem ONLY occurred with MSN.com--not any other web site I tried.

      When having the problem after installing Dolphin Mini, I tried several things to fix the issue. I cleared all app related data for both Dolphin Mini and SILK and I did it from within each app as well as from within Kindle's main settings for app management. I force closed both apps. I rebooted the Kindle. Nothing helped, so I used the MAYDAY feature on the HDX to contact support.

      Amazon passed me around to a few people as they worked their way up the escalation ladder, but no one could fix it or explain why it was happening. They decided MSN must be having a problem. Their suggestion--wait and try it later. I waited a few hours and tried again. Still no good. So I went to a computer and tried. Everything worked fine. I tried the HDX again. No good. I borrowed a Fire HD from a family member and tried with that. It worked fine as well. I tried the HDX again. No good. That's when it "finally" occurred to me that maybe Dolphin Mini was causing a conflict with SILK. I uninstalled Dolphin Mini and SILK started working fine--no problem with MSN.com.

      Now I'm having the problem again... for the first time since uninstalling Dolphin Mini a couple of days ago, then installing Dolphin HD today. Except now, once it starts happening in SILK, it sometimes happens in Dolphin HD as well, but I haven't been able to determine what triggers it in Dolphin HD. It's happening on both Kindle devices though--the HD and the HDX--so at least there's some consistency there

      I've been able to get by the problem a couple of times on both devices by clearing all data for both browsers, force-stopping them, and rebooting the device. But doing that doesn't "always" fix the problem. Bottom line is, I'm not sure what triggers the problem, nor why my actions to attempt a fix work some times but not others.

      There is one thing I've seen happen when both browsers are installed that I don't see happen when it's only SILK, and I'm wondering if it has any bearing on the problem. I.e. When both browser are installed, "sometimes" clicking on a link results in a pop-up window action what app I want to use to complete the action and if I want to use my app of choice just once or always. IIRC, today the choices ES Downloader, Dolphin HD, or SILK. Also, IIRC, when Dolphin Mini was installed, 1Mobile Market sometimes came up as an option along with the browsers and ES Downloader.

      I'm guessing this is becoming more involved than you have time or interest for though--certainly more than I should be taking. So I may just uninstall FLASH and Dolphin, and live with SILK. It's not the greatest browser and it doesn't support FLASH, but I "can" live with it. :-)

    4. Roughneck, I was away from the blog Comments longer than I had intended. Apologies for not checking in on the Comments earlier. Glad the first part went well.

      On the 2nd part, could you go back and re-read my Flash article. I had modified it because ever since the large networks started making special apps for tablet use, they started disabling whatever made it work or work reliably with Flash on mobile devices earlier This is true for almost all Full-Episodes TV watching on those networks.

      When having Flash problems, I also mentioned trying the 'm.' before the site name to get the mobile version (or change a web browser menu setting to go in to "desktop" or "mobile" or "auto" or whatever.

      HOWVER, MSN *is* one of the sites that has gone full bore into APPS so that's what's happening here.
      If you typed m.msn.com it redirects you to onmobile.msn.com for all its new mobile apps that they've made for almost everything on their site for people using mobile devices.

      That should solve your problem.

      However, one more thing just to clear up memory configuration on the HDX.
      With your HDX, I would try doing a Restart -- press the power button in and hold it for 21 seconds no matter what shows up on the screen (ignore any messages on the screen).
      Then release it. After awhile it'll clean memory areas and left-over things and it might clear up your problem with MSN (though probably not). If after a few minutes the tablet doesn't restart on its own (but it should), you cxan tap the power button..

      Might not help with MSN, but it's worth a try. In the meantime I'm pretty sure the MSN apps will help.

      I would never give up Dolphin and Flash on so many websites JUST to access MSN through a mobile web browser.
      re Browser options - choose only an actual browser. It might be annoying but the flexibility means a lot. Ignore the other names.

      Actually Silk supports HTML5 and tries to work with sites on the Flash problems and does better at this than any other Android tablet (and the iPad doesn't of course do Flash on the browser at all).

      But I think the answer to your problem is simple (and I went into detail about what is going on with the networks with apps vs browsers on mobile devices in that article on Flash).

      Liked how you cleared your cache within app settings and died the force stop. Hope you don't have to do much more of that though!

      I'm interested in why things don't work and what might work, so don't worry about that. Keep us apprised :-)

    5. Andrys,

      I've had very limited opportunity to play with the HD & HDX the last few days, but will give a brief status. I'll start with some responses to items in your last post.

      For "whatever reason", the problem I had earlier with not being able to access msn.com, magically disappeared. Prior to the problem disappearing, I had followed the Kindle "Restart" procedure you noted in paragraph 6 of your reply. In fact, I had done that a few times before ever contacting Amazon for help, and then did it a few more times at their request as they worked me through the escalation ladder. But the problem persisted. I'm glad it's working now, but am unhappy about being in the dark as to why. :-(

      On the humorous side, in paragraphs 3 & 4 of your post, you noted typing m.msn.com would result in a redirect to onmobile.msn.com. I had trouble with that, I "think" because of the way I went about it (My bad). I.e. While using the SILK browser and already at MSN.com, I tapped on the URL bar and inserted "m." in front of the msn.com that was already there. This resulted in a URL of http://www.m.msn.com/. But all attempts to get to onmobile.msn.com via that method resulted in the infamous "Webpage not available". Later, I tried doing a search for onmobile.msn.com, found a link for it and selected it. In that process I discovered all it did was take me back to the same URL for MSN that I get when just typing "msn.com" into a blank URL bar. My assumption is that when using SILK, entering msn.com in the URL, defaults to the mobile version of msn.com, and does not use the "m." as part of the URL. (At least if SILK's "View" setting is set to "Auto", as mine was.) It's so often the little quirky things that bite. :-)

      So I'm now only dealing with one problem--getting seamless play of FLASH videos. I'll address that in a separate reply.

    6. OK. The remaining problem is that I still have only poor to moderate success playing FLASH videos from MSNBC, whether going directly to that site, or via video links from msn.com. I thought I was past this issue (see earlier post), but apparently not. Sometimes the selected video will play, but often on the HDX, and almost all the time now on the HD it fails. What happens, is after selecting a video, I'll see the spinning color-wheel, then an empty video window will appear. At that point, I'll sometimes see a list of videos to select from. When that happens, they usually quickly fade and an advertisement icon will appear next to the empty video window. At other times, the video list never appears--the process just goes straight to the advertisement icon next to the empty video window. Either way, once the advertisement icon is displayed, the process very often hangs on the HDX and almost always hangs on the HD. Every time the process gets past the mandatory 15-30 second advertisement video, it also continues on to play the video I wanted. But most of the time, the process hangs before playing the advertisement.

      In paragraph 2 of your post above, you suggested re-reading your Flash article. Before installing Dolphin HD and FLASH, I had read through it, and I followed the directions there for installing Dolphin 8.5.1 and FLASH 11.1. I installed them on both the HD and the HDX. The FLASH article in turn, had other links which I also followed, including the links related to Amazon's SILK settings for the Experimental Streaming Viewer, Accelerated Page Loading, and View (Automatic, Desktop, and Mobile.) So in addition to my effort to get consistent, reliable play of FLASH videos by playing with a host of Dolphin HD settings, I also played with the SILK settings noted in the links.

      One thing I plan to try on the Fire HD, is the newer version (10.0.3) of Dolphin HD. The links noted above specified using the older version of Dolphin for the HDX, but noted the newer version had been working on the HD, so maybe the newer version will help.

      I won't have any more updates for a while though as both of the current devices are going back to Amazon for reasons unrelated to this discussion, and I'll be waiting for the delivery of another HD, which is the device I've decided to go with. I may regret going with the HD rather than the HDX, but I opted to go that route for a couple of reasons.

      1. My initial goal/purpose in having a tablet was for reading/studying various resources I have. I've been doing this via a couple of PC versions of the apps, but there are also mobile versions, that while limited in scope and features relative to the PC versions, still hold value for me.

      2. This is my first foray into tablets, and while I've quickly discovered some of the other benefits tablets can provide (e.g. email, web browsing, streaming video), the HD will serve my reading/studying needs well. And while it doesn't exactly "shine" in the other areas, I think it's adequate for now, and at just $199 for the HD 8.9, I think it's a good price-point/value combo for my first tablet--using it will help me nail down which features and capabilities I'll really want going forward. It will also be an inexpensive backup device for my reading/studying needs when I upgrade. :-)

      I'll return with an update on the FLASH issue later this month after getting the replacement HD.

      Thank you VERY much for your interest and your help!!!

    7. Roughneck, re your first note on Jan 11
      I experimented and found MSNBC is another one of the broadcasting networks that have gone to apps for each show and have changed their web pages. Amazon did a workaround on the prob though.

      At the top right of the page, you'll see something like "Try another reading view" ... Click on that and it uses the HTML5 that MSNBC is using for the videos.

      I tried it on Hardball and one other show.

      Let me know how that goes for you. (Dolphin w/ Adobe Flash doesn't work with that website currently, no matter what 'user agent' you designate in web settings -- but Amazon's experimental streaming viewer is working for this but you have to click to get the alternate view for the video to run.

    8. Okay, Roughneck - Just read your 2nd note and tried a few things. It turns out I had seen the option "Request another view" in the web menu while on the MSNBC page, and that's what worked right away with Silk on the HDX, after I chose "Mobile" - no hiccups.

      Unfortunately, this did not work with the HD 8.9" which is a good tablet but much slower than the HDX. And not as many tricks are played to get speed and certain functions.

      The new OS for Yr 2013 Kindle Fire makes certain web processes easier, at least on the 8.9" HDX I have.

      It seems that for MSNBC on the older HD, you'll need to get the apps. I can get all the MSNBC shows on the HDX with the "Request another view" and choosing 'mobile' for that site. (It reverts to 'automatic' mode after I leave that site.)

      NBC tends to want mobile viewers to use the apps, and full episodes can be watched on those and on laptops and computers (but not tablets usually), as mentioned before.
      Amazon's Silk on the newer devices can do it though. On the NBC Full Episodes, the KFire HD 8.9" tells me the videos aren't allowed. On the KFired HDX 8.9" it offers to use the Experimental Streaming viewer when it detects 'Flash Content' and the experimental streaming viewer works.

      On MSNBC, with the HDX, I watched Morning Joe for awhile, and just now I tried Parks and Recreation (not one of my regular shows but it's a hard one to get on tablets) for about 10 minutes.
      NBC and MSNBC are the same company now.

      I wish I had better news for you on the HD, which is useful for playing your tablet contents on an HD TV via a simple cable connection and is great for what you need, except that you seem to want to access MSNBC -- but you can do that with the individual MSNBC apps anyway.

  23. Just exchanged my kindle fire hd for kindle fire hdx and can't load any other browsers on. It tells me Dolphin was installed but cant find it anywhere. Its says look later. So far the only thing i love about the hdx is the Mayday feature. I miss the HD 8.9. It was more user friendly. I'm a big browser and this isn't like hd 8.9. This is the best for pics, videos and movies. Think Nexus 7 might be a 2nd option.

    1. If you use Easy Installer as I mention in the step-by-step section (in orange), it'll find the app if it's there. But maybe you did install it. I can't imagine it saying to look later (under what circumstances did you see that message?)

      There is a problem because if you check the Settings box to allow installs of apps from 'unknown sources' it'll doo that.
      You don't mention which HDX you got... (am just curous).
      Are you saying you use Mayday but they can't find the Dolphin app (whether installed or not installed?) -- that's something they should be able to do for you.

      Sorry you're having a bad time with this. It is so much faster than the HD that it should be a good experience.

      Give Kindle Customer Support a call at 1-866-321-8851 and they'll respond within a few seconds and be able to go over this with you. Let me know what you find out.

  24. I installed the 1mobile app in order to download Google Chrome on my Kindle HDX. Now, I receive an error message when attempting to download a file through either Chrome or Silk. It is a little strange, as the file starts to download, and then I get a message that says "Download Failed", which then fades into a different message that says "download faild", and leaves me in the 1mobile app store. Thoughts on what could be happening?

    1. Tim, I'd try restarting the Kindle Fire. Press the Power button down for 21 seconds -- ignore the message asking if you want to power off. Then release the power button. If it doesn't restart on its own, just tap the power button and it should restart, and any memory confusion would be cleared up. Make sure though that you did check the settings box for Applications -- it's the first option there -- to allow installation of non-Amazon apps... Let me know if all this works.

    2. Thanks for the suggestion, but no luck. Same behavior. It seems strange to me that the error message would fade into a different one, with a spelling error. I googled this but couldn't find any reference to it anywhere. Any other ideas?

    3. I'd (1) Uninstall Chrome app and then (2) Uninstall 1mobile app and start again with new 1mobile app.
      I would download with Silk the Chrome app, from 1mobile and then Power Off. Separate Silk and Chrome from any one session, as remnants nmay be left in memory. I clear the cache on Dolphin each time and the same can be done for Silk. Don't know about Chrome, I use Chrome on my Surface Pro 2 laptop and on all other computers, but I don't see a reason for it on the Kindle Fire HDX at all since Dolphin hs more capable for Android currently. But then for Flash video use, I am using the older Dolphin I link to at http://bit.ly/kwt1022 in the flash-video blog article.

      I would also make sure you have enough storage space on the HDX you have, for the downloaded file...

  25. Hi...Great site...Quick question..Is it ok to do the updates from mobile1market when they notify you? Also..they want to sometimes update apps that you got from the Amazon App store...Ok to let them? Thanks. John

    1. John, yes it's okay to do downloads from 1mobile if they notify you of an update and you want the update. I usually wait to make sure others are not having problems with the latest update though.

      If 1Mobile wants to update an app from the Amazon appstore and you say Yes, it will fail anyway because the app was originally from the Amazon appstore, so there's no harm. If you know you got it from the Amazon appstore, update that one instead though to save time.

  26. So I have very strange question as kindle runs a fork of android. Is is possible to install apps that rely on google play services on those devices like handouts or google+, I use cyanogenmod rom on my phone without goggle apps and I find it not possible to use those on it. Also stores like appdroid that have a lot of game loft games are not compatible with device without installed play store - due to use google leather boards I guess.

    So my question is anyone tried this on kindle hd or hdx, I'm really in to buy one - I must read tons of reviews and tutorials but none of them cover this.

    1. Pete, could you let me know what the apps you're interested are? Some say they all require google play services and that's not so.

      As a blogger whose main subject is Kindle devices, I don't really recommend the modifications -- that's up to people who want to do it, but they tend to void the warranty and have to be redone with each update -- I see no need for it, as it deprives you of Amazon Prime Instant videos -- and we can get almost any Google Play app wanted without having to do that.

      A total rooting of the device (for those who like to do that and know the risks) will get you the ability to do google apps -- but if that's what you want, I'd just go for the Nexus !

      What games are you interested in. If they're free I can always try one and report back to you.

    2. Pete, I meant to say "will get you the ability to do google apps direct from Google" since I can run all kinds of Google apps that I get from 1Mobile.

    3. Tried those mentioned apps on my phone from 1mobile market and come up with the same issue "app not installed" or " you currently don't have google services installed, contact your manufacturer"

      My other question is about dlna I often throw- or beam photos or videos on to my tv using dlna/miracast dongle is kindles even dlna certified or not, can't faint this info about them anywhere

  27. I don't seem to be able to find any information about how to find apps downloaded from the Google play store in your post.

    I tried purchasing an app from the store, using my Google account. It found my payment details, then said it would install soon. Now the install button says 'installed', but there's no app in my library, and I can't find any *.apk file anywhere on the device!

    Any suggestions on where it's been downloaded to, and how I can install the app?

    I'm using a kindle fire HD 8.9", ES Explorer, and Chrome browser.

    Thanks for any advice you can offer.

    1. Cephas, you ask about "...how to find apps downloaded from the Google Play store (which is not possible for a Kindle Fire, since Google does not even allow it).

      What I did write was about "...how easy it is get the normal Google Play market apps at other appstores and people therefore can go get them when they're up (within a day or so) at those other appstore sites, and I name a few and, in the orange box instructions, I link to the one I use most (1mobile.com site.

      All I can think of is you may have gone to Google Play on a PC, to be able to at all download an app from the Google Play store but even then they give you a list of devices that you have which qualify for the app download -- and then you can download it to one of those devices but not to the Kindle Fire.

      Are you saying you actually downloaded an app directly from the Google Play store? Or are you saying that you downloaded from 1mobile.com (using its store app) an app that was originally from the Google Play store?

      If the Kindle HDX says it's installed, the only possibility is that you got it at one of the secondary stores (which is how you should do it) and that it -is- installed. There would be no .apk file left after installation unless you specified you wanted to back up the .apk file that had been downloaded for installation.

      Are you checking under Apps on the Kindle Fire HDX top menu and sorting the apps by "Recent' -- which would make it the first one that you see?

      Let me know more.

      ONE other thing. For something this basic, use the Kindle Fire's own Web browser as it, for sure, will download a file to the correct Kindle Fire directory.

      But right now I'm at a loss, otherwise. Please let me know more about the details and how it goes.

    2. I had this happen to me and was pretty confused but the realized what happened...

      It was kinda what you wrote where I had made my play account from a Samsung Galaxy and the used the same account on the Kindle Fire HDX. I was also told the app would be loaded soon.

      Later that same evening I was back on using the Samsung and it started loading my app there. The following day on the Kindle it said was installed. I looked around and realized it was just on the other device.

      Also just to throw it out there, if I'm using the Kindle on that same account each app I look at says it's compatible with my device as if I was still using the one I had already made purchases with.

      I basically just use Google play to browse for apps I really want or earthen get them else where (Having really good luck with the site 'Android Pit as of late).

      Hope that helps

    3. BadKitty, thanks for writing your experience with this. If you do it from the google page, it'll show you the devices it's for and the Kindle won't be listed. If you then access googleplay area from the Kindle it'll act as if it can do it, I guess, but google would never allow it on a Kindle. Odd that the app would tell your Kindle it was compatible with your Kindle. But the good thing is you're savvy on this and know Google's not being accurate there.

      Android Pit? Just looked at it. How long have you been using it? Looks interesting. Will try it when 1mobile doesn'st have something I want. Thanks!

  28. Hi,

    I'm thinking of buying the Kindle Fire HDX. Does it allow for word processing and Excel spreadsheets? Thanks.

    Joe K

    1. Joe K, sorry for the delay. The Kindle Fires all use the Office Suite Pro to read and do simple edits to Word and Excel. That one is $15 though maybe once a year it's made free for one day only. That's at http://amzn.to/ofcsuitepro. There are other ones like Kingston's, which are free and do something similar. These are at http://amzn.to/office-apps.

      Let us know if you do buy it and use any of these. You can "Test Drive" these on your computer, using Amazon's Android apps feature for that, before buying them.

  29. Andrys, I got my Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 today, and the directions for allowing non-Amazon apps are a little different. Instead of Settings / More / Device, the "slide bar" for that setting can be found at the top of the Settings / Applications page.

    1. Boyd, thanks so much for reminding me of that. I use the 8.9" HDX too and remember seeing it at the top and then forgetting about it. Much appreciated. Will add that in this weekend.

    2. By the way, it's beautiful, isn't it... :-) So light too, and speedy.

  30. Could you comment on wi-fi access by us based Kindles while traveling overseas? My Kindle 3 wifi only would not connect in Ecuador. A little research showed that router channels? run 1 thru 11 in us, but overseas they also have 12 and 13. My K3 at least will not connect with routers using the higher numbers. My iPod connected just fine. Maybe you have some influence with Amazon.

    1. Timecheck,
      I wish I did have any influence with Amazon. You can contact them at 866-321-8851 though or at http://amzn.to/kcallme to get a response from them direct on that. IF not satisfied, ask for a supervisor -- and call during normal US daytime hours too, to try to get the Seattle Kindle customer reps. I'd be curious what they say about this.

    2. They said a software update I just got should take care of it. The rep sounded a little uncertain, though, so I will just have to wait for next foreign trip to check.

    3. Timecheck, thanks for taking the time to report back. Did they just send you a software update for it because of your call and the problem your reported? I hadn't heard of a recent update for Kindle 3 software.

      The latest one I wrote about was version 3.4 from September 2012.
      Article at http://kindleworld.blogspot.com/2012/09/kindle-keyboard-kindle-3-software.html with link to latest official software update for Kindle 3's at their online update page.

      What version is yours? You should be able to see this in something like Manue/Settings/Menu/Device ...

    4. Timecheck,
      -- That last line in my reply just now should read, "Menu/Settings/Menu/Device ..:

  31. Can you shed some light on this problem..I'm at a loss.l found your post about allow 3rd party apps check yes...did that and got a little farther but.....the app is nbc2 weather app for android devices.it now says its installed but on my samsung s5.it was already on that device....it has something to do with tootle account which is what it ask to sign into prior to getting the app.any ideas?any help is apprieciated..

    1. Denise, you don't mention which Kindle Fire model you have. The nbc2 weather app IS at http://bit.ly/1mobilecom-apps, which is the main place I recommend trying, If you downloaded it from there to your Kindle Fire, you should see no messages re it already being installed on your Samsung. Let me know if you've done this and followed the other steps listed. Thanks. The product page for this app at 1mobile site is http://www.1mobile.com/nbc2-wx-578148.html

  32. Mr. Basten, I have HDX 8.9 I installed 1mobile & installed Chrome okay. Next I installed youtube app & tablet said it did install but when I try to start youtube app it just increase/decrease icon a little but did not open? any advice...

    1. Apologies for not being here for a few days ! For Youtube, Amazon's Web browser 'Silk' works fine even if it uses the now more capable mobile version of Youtube.

      Chrome browser doesn't work well or reliably with flash video. I recommend Dolphin and a special file. In the over-long article above, I mention (in Red font)
      " How to Install a Flash Player on the Yr 2012 (and 2013-14) Kindle Fire tablets:"

      And the links are to the steps for both older and newer HDX's. Depending on which year's HDX you have, you should follow the steps in those. Year 2012: http://bit.ly/kwt1022 and Year 2013-14: http://bit.ly/kwv1229.

      Let me know if you get back to see this and try it -- and how it goes...

  33. Have just received my new 2015 Fire 7" Tablet. I have been looking for the setting to check that I wish to allow 3rd party apps. It doesn't seem to be there. Am I having a senior moment? or has something changed and it is no longer an option, or has hidden away somewhere.

    1. Gorse Fox, I don't have one, so I can't check, but did you look under both "Device" and "Application" settings ?

      Will see what I can find.

    2. In settings, there is "Device Options", but within that, there is no obvious setting for the app source. There is no "Applications" setting, but there is an "Apps & Games". Within that there are several settings, but so far I have not found anything within the sub-menus.

    3. Thanks for that, Gorse Fox. I'll ask about it while looking around, later today. I hope they've not gone the way of B&N's Nook tablets, before B&N gave in to Google (because their own store and apps were so limited they were largely unused) and allowed Google to be First apps store and First music app on their tablets in exchange for the ability to have the tablets recognized by google and its google play store. Before that, B&N removed the Android setting to allow apps from other sources, and Amazon has always allowed that setting, on the previous tablets. Will get back to you.

    4. Gorse Fox, I got an answer. It's now under Settings / Security ... Let me know that this is true for your particular tablet.

    5. Excellent, thank you so much for your help. I have checked it out and it is, indeed, there. I've clicked the slider and this will, no doubt, open up a world of additional apps.

    6. Glad that worked out for you, Gorse Fox. Thanks for reporting that the setting was not where it's been in previous models. Very helpful. Yes, it does open up apps availability. I tend to use 1mobile and slideme (the latter is favored by Tubemate's maker -- Tubemate is one of my favorite apps.


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