Saturday, December 29, 2012

Amazon's Year-End Deals on Kindle books and Other categories + "Big Markdowns"

2-1/2  more days
on Amazon's Year-End specials

I haven't emphasized Amazon's many Year-End specials in individual blog entries but have included them in the Reference-info column on the right side of the blog.

  Since there are only a couple of days remaining, I'll add an alert here on the various End-of-Year deals for those who don't hit Amazon's website daily.

  These will include the daily and monthly deals, to have them viewable in one alert.

  The monthly deal on 100 books will change in a couple of days, so catch any of those books you might want before January 1.

  These are in the format used for the reference column:
  Year-End Deals - fairly large discounts - Books
  Current Kindle Daily Deal   (Changes at midnight~)
  Sunday only, Dec. 30.  "50 mysteries and thrillers are each just $1.99 or less, including 14 James Bond novels and suspenseful books by Frank Wheeler Jr., Andrew Peterson, T.R. Ragan, and more.
Deal Price: $1.99 or less (up to 80% off)"
  Monthly Kindle Deals  - 100 selections 1.99-$3.99  (Changes Jan. 1)

Amazon - general:
  Year-end Deals
     Overstock and clearance
     Electronics - general
        NEW  "Big Markdowns" (in TV, Video & Audio)

Amazon UK
   Boxing Day Deals - UK
   Warehouse Deals - UK

(Other Ongoing - U.S.)
    Select-Outlet Deals
    Goldbox & Lightning Deals

If  I see any more of these over the next two days, I'll add them here via an update.

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