Friday, December 14, 2012

Update v7.2.3 for Kindle Fire HD 7-inch model

NEW SOFTWARE UPDATE v7.2.3 for the Kindle Fire HD 7" tablet - bug fixes and performance improvements

This blog entry also includes links to earlier articles with tips on how to add needed apps from other sources to the Kindle Fire plus Flash player work arounds, as well as some comparison reviews.

Commenter kindleowner alerted us to the update 7.23 received over-the-air by a few without a notice by Amazon the last two days.  I saw an added post about it in the Kindle Community Forums Wednesday and one in Mobileread Forums quoting a poster in XDA Developer forums.  But that was all I noticed as of early Thursday morning.  Then kindleowner saw the update go live on the Amazon software page and let us know later Thursday morning (thank you!).

The new update -- v7.2.3 for Kindle Fire HD 7" -- will automatically download and install for most Kindle Fire customers.  My Kindle Fire HD 7" is still on v7.2.2, and sync'g my device didn't seem to show an update file there that could be clicked on, but it takes a while to deliver these huge files and they're installed normally when the Kindle is not being used but WiFi is accessible.
  UK Link is: Kindle Fire HD 7" v7.2.3, UK.

Amazon notes only that the update "includes bug fixes and performance improvements" and that, as usual, it will be delivered automatically via wireless.

However, one fix was noted yesterday:
' Posted on Dec 13, 2012 12:09:47 PM PST
Chuck1 says:
Just received the 7.2.3, and it fixed the "destroying of all my calender appointments" after each update..."'

Checking which software version you have.
I checked by swiping down my Top Menu, then clicking on "More" and then "Settings," where I looked at "Device," then "About" and saw that I still have System Version 7.2.2.
  Since I am experiencing no problems with it, I might wait for it to be delivered automatically rather than get the file and manually install it.

  For those who prefer to do the updates via USB cable because you don't have WiFi, the update files are at the Amazon server locations linked above.

IF Downloading Version 7.2.3

This update automatically downloads and installs for most Kindle Fire customers; however, you can initiate the software update from your Kindle or manually download the software update via USB (some use the excellent WiFi File Explorer PRO app rather than the USB cable hookup).

Again -- before you begin, confirm your current software version:
  1. Swipe down from the top of the screen and tap More.
  2. Tap Device, and then tap About.
The instructions for manually downloading, if needed, the update via USB are at the software update pages mentioned above.  Most will find it more convenient to have it arrive via the automated download.

NOTE that when it does, your Kindle Fire will reboot and sometimes it does that twice, so don't be alarmed when it happens while it's idle and you're nearby.

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