Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Kindle News: Kindle Paperwhite is showing as GLOBAL now. UPDATE

The Kindle Paperwhite is getting around

A week or so, it was Canada where it can be found in the Amazon Canada Kindlestore; now it's finally not only shipping to Australia, where it's been eagerly awaited, per customer comments to blog posts here -- the Amazon US's pages for Kindle Paperwhite International (WiFi), is also showing it as available, in both WiFi only and 3G/WiFi, for shipping to places like Australia, Madagascar, Poland, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, and to most developed areas of the world not in (cold or hot) war zones and which don't already have their own Kindlestores.

  With readability in bright sunlight, built-in lighting for low-light environments, and what's been described as 25% contrast improvement over the previous model, it's a natural.

  Both the WiFi-Only Paperwhite and the 3G model that comes with free 3G cellular network wireless (in addition to the usual local network WiFi wireless access) will be purchasable by residents of probably ~100 countries that don't have their own Amazon Kindlestores, AT the U.S. Amazon Kindlestore's Paperwhite Global/International product pages -- Paperwhite WiFi Only and Paperwhite 3G/WiFi.

  It's not been announced, as far as I've seen, so this is just a report that this is obviously in the works at this moment -- customers were reporting receiving Paperwhites in Australia last week -- and the Amazon pages now show it shippable internationally.  As of this moment, the Kindle Paperwhite WiFi-Only page does not show a link to the Paperwhite 3G/WiFi page, and Amazon probably hasn't finished the product pages yet.

Again, this is a report that the product pages are showing global availability for the Paperwhite, but it's by no means official.  If you're interested in ordering one, from outside the U.S., I'd give it a try.  (Don't forget the power adapter if you don't already have another Kindle model and need the wall charger.)

Update - Commenter Kindlejoy reports she was able to buy the Paperwhite for shipment to Norway this morning, so while it's not "official" the International Paperwhite pages are definitely functioning.
Originally posted 5:30am PST, Updated 6:58am PST.

Update2 - The only news-site mention of this currently is one today (Jan 30) by "Motley Fool" an investment site.  Kevin Chen's headline is that the Paperwhite is "in 175 countries" and reminds us that the Paperwhite can be used "in nine languages -- Brazilian Portugese, French, English, British English, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, and Japanese."

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  1. Just bought to Norway, so it definately up and running. Finally :o)

    1. Kindlejoy (love your chosen commenter name),
      Thanks for letting us know they really are doing this.

      "Finally" is the word, as it's been difficult to hear from people the last few months who were very frustrated over its unavailability. They were backed up in the U.S. too until late December, so apparently they have been able to get enough of these ready now. Thanks again!

    2. Apparently no problems now. After posting the info on my own blog happy faces have appeared all over and Paperwhites are constantly ordered from Norway :o)
      (KindleJoy is my blogger name in Norway - and the registered name of my first Kindle. My existing Kindle is called PaperJoy, earlier ones FireJoy and TouchJoy ;o)

    3. Kindlejoy, good to see the orders are going through over there. What a great name for your first Kindle too and there really is not usually enough Joy in this world, so I love your focus.

  2. On the recently concluded earnings call, Amazon reported that they had supply problems with the Paperwhite in 4Q -- they could have sold many more of them, if only the supply chain could have produced more :D. One hopes these issues are getting ironed out ...

    1. Edward, they're quite ironed out since they are now shipping Paperwhite to over 175 countries effective a couple of days ago. This blog entry is all about the new *immediate* shipment availability to countries everywhere...

      They had that delay from production problems or shortages until late December (after Christmas) and supplies seem okay now. They have no limits on orders that can be made.


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