Monday, January 28, 2013

Kindle Tips: Kindle Software Update v4.1.1 Ready for Kindle Basic No-Touch (US, UK, Canada pages)

New software update v4.1.1 for the Kindle Basic - No-Touch/No Keyboard a few days ago.

The Software v4.1.1 update for the $69/$89 No Touch Kindle (US)  is ready for download online as an option.

  Here's the UK software update page for the UK model of the Kindle Basic, £69.  Canadians will use the U.S. software update page.

While the update is ready for manual download and install, it will be delivered automatically to your Kindle over WiFi if you prefer to wait for that.

If you'd rather get it sooner (it can take a couple of weeks sometimes), then follow the steps outlined at the download pages linked above to get it on your Kindle sooner.

The update includes "optimizations for your Kindle's performance."

I read in the forums that some reported the fix of a glitch that occurred with some who have thousands of Kindle books in their "Manage your Kindle" area.

For those who are still trying to decide on this basic model or another one:
  Remember that for this model, any searches for words, or any instructions needing typing such as location number or typing the first alpha character for a title look-up, will require use of an on-screen alphabetically-arranged keyboard-diagram pop-up, which is accessed via the front bottom controller button to "select" each character one by one.  It also, like the Paperwhite, has no audio.

However, it's only 6 oz's, is therefore very light and very small and may be fine for those who never plan to do regular searches or much keyboard input.  For some, size is very important, in snug purses, pockets, etc.  Truly portable even if not my own preference, as I do use the keyboard a lot for searches and Wiki.  The price is right.

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