Thursday, March 28, 2013

Kindle News: Kindle Touch update v5.3.2.1 has suddenly appeared. Updated info 3/28 on fix.

Kindle Touch Software Upgrade to v5.3.2.1 - an apparent maintenance update that nevertheless appeared on my Kindle Touch with a very long "letter" from Amazon describing all the changes that actually came not this week but on January 8, 2013.

Originally posted March 27, this March 28 blog-info-update includes, a user report today on a couple of glitches that were fixed, and Tom Semple's report earlier, at the bottom of this article, of another problem that was resolved by the software update.

The bug-fix report today, March 28, from a blog commenter:
' I installed update 5.3.2 several weeks ago manually.  My Kindle Touch was stuck trying to finish indexing, causing battery life to suffer greatly.  In addition several games and apps would not open, giving an error message.  After a week or so trying to figure out this behavior (I figured that it was due to the update), I contacted Amazon about the problems. I was told that update was available and should solve the problems I was having. It did! '

  The changes in the earlier huge update January 8 included user-interface features first seen in the Kindle Paperwhite, and it received a lot of comments on the blog article (worth reading) for that as well as in the Kindle community.

  Am glad to see that a swipe up or down in a book still allows a move to the next or previous chapter, for books that have chapter markings, a feature I wish they'd put on the Paperwhite.

  I've enjoyed those new features but usually use the Paperwhite now because of the built-in light which is as enjoyable in daylight as it is in low light situations, but I keep the Kindle Touch for the text-to-speech feature.  Last night I saw a news article that reported this update as if the new interface features had just arrived with this 4th digit upgrade.  That's understandable since the long Amazon letter came with it, as if the update introduced all the new features described that were received over two months ago.
  That's odd, but maybe that was meant for a few who somehow had never received the original v5.3.2 update.

FOR THOSE RECEIVING v5.3.2 AT ALL FOR THE FIRST TIME, here's a repeat of the features
  From the Amazon US update and Amazon UK update pages -
  (bracketed info is by me.)

"The update will be delivered wirelessly and includes an updated user interface and new features.  This update automatically downloads and installs for Kindle touch customers; however, you can also manually download the software an udpate your device via USB cable."
' This software update includes the following new features:

  . A new user interface
  . Whispersync for Voice   [ US only]
  . Enhanced Parental Controls
  . Book Covers
  . Time-to-Read
  . Recommended Content   [ This can be turned off. ]
  . Enhanced book samples
  . Navigate graphic novels, and comics '

If your Kindle Touch has software version 5.1.0, 5.1.1 or 5.1.2, or 5.3.2 installed, you'll either get this wirelessly or you can download it manually as mentioned.

If you have a version prior to 5.1.0, Amazon links you to the earlier 5.1.0 update that must be downloaded and installed before doing the update.

Determine your software version

  1. From Home, tap Menu and then tap Settings.
  3. On the Settings screen, tap Menu (the Amazon update page omits a step here) and THEN select Device Info. Your software version is listed under Firmware Version.

The Kindle Touch Software update page ( US,  UK ) leads you through what to do, depending on which Firmware Version is showing for your KTouch.

What Was New Jan 8, 2013 -- and what you need to know
Amazon has a page explaining the new features ( US   UK ), including the fact that "Archived Items" is gone, and "Cloud" replaces it, listing all the items or, in this case, Kindle books or newsstand titles you've purchased (including the $0.00 ones) and which can be (re)downloaded to your Kindle at any time.

  It includes fuller descriptions of the new features and also explains that you can turn off "Recommended Content" if you don't want to see it (which entails going to Settings, Device Options and then Personalize your Kindle).

  Other descriptions detail:
  . how to view your book covers or, instead, just a listing
  . how to track your reading progress with Time to read
  . enhanced sample-to-book feature
  . navigation of graphic novels, comics, and children's books

The Kindle Community forums post listed them at athe time, and I'll include that here for easier access in one place (italics and bold-facing added by me):
' * Updated User Interface: We have an updated and streamlined interface for your Kindle.  Archived Items has been renamed to Cloud and appears in the top left of your screen under the toolbar.  All your archived items can be found there.

* Book Covers on the Home screen: View the covers of your books by selecting Cover View in the menu from the Home screen.

* Time to Read: Kindle Touch calculates your reading speed to let you know when you'll finish your chapter or book.

* Recommended Content: We've made it easy to discover new titles with recommended content.  The Kindle Store uses the same personalized customer experience you're used to across, matching our best recommendations to your personal reading habits.

* Enhanced Sample-to-Book Experience: When you buy a book after reading a sample, we will now automatically start the book at your last reading location in the sample and remove the sample from your Kindle.

* Parental Controls: With the latest software update, parents can restrict access to the Experimental Web Browser, Kindle Store, and Cloud.  While the Kindle Store and Cloud are locked with Parental Controls, you can continue to buy books from a computer and send them to your Kindle wirelessly.

* Whispersync for Voice: Now you can switch back and forth between reading and listening without losing your place.  Whispersync for Voice will synchronize what you read on any Kindle platform device with Audible playback on Kindle Touch, Kindle Keyboard, Kindle Fire, or on Audible apps for iPhone and Android.

* Author Profiles: We've added biographical information and the ability to browse other books by the same author from within your book.  When reading, tap the Menu button and select About the Author.

* Children's Books and Comics: Children's books come to life with Kindle Text Pop-Up, enabling you to easily read text over images.  Comic books can now be read with Kindle Panel View, which allows you to read a comic book panel by panel.

We will be delivering this update over Wi-Fi in the coming weeks.  Customers who prefer to receive the update immediately can manually download and install the software update from [the] kindlesoftwareupdates/touch page ( US   UK )

If you have questions or need help with this update, please head over to the Kindle Help Forum [no announcement in UK forum at the moment]. '

What users discovered about the upgrade in January
1. Kindle books can't be searched before a re-indexing of keywords is done.  This re-indexing will happen automatically and will take quite a bit of time in the background (you can read a Kindle book in the meantime) and will use the battery pretty heavily before it's done.

  *~*Pineapple*~*, a Kindle Forum Pro, writes
' To check for indexing, search on the Home page (Device) for an uncommon or nonsense word like zxcvb and at the bottom of the list will be the number of unindexed books.

To start them indexing:

1. Turn on wireless
2. Restart (Home > Menu > Settings > Menu > Restart)
3. Wait '

Depending on how many books are on your Kindle, it could take hours or a day, but you can use the Kindle while it's slowly re-indexing the books in the background.

Note that the software update file is a big one and it takes longer than usual.  Leave it alone when you see it happening and let it complete.  It may take up to 15 minutes.  I like to plug in my Kindle when manually doing an update, but it's not necessary.  However, it's a good idea to plug it in for the re-indexing that will have to be done and can be quite a battery drainer.

At any rate, the original extensive v5.3.2 update was quite a boon for Kindle Touch owners, and they've apparently added maintenance fixes in this v5.3.2.1 update.

Updated info mentioned on 1/11/12
Users have reported problems with font face selections, and Amazon customer reps have told them they are working on a further update that will fix that.

Added March 27, 2013
My guess is that this update may include fixes for those font face selection problems.  And maybe Tom Semple will find that the problems with downloading of graphic novels have been solved.

Added March 28, 2013
It turns out that Tom Semple's problems with downloading of graphic novels were solved with this.

Check often: Temporarily-free recently published Kindle books
  Guide to finding Free Kindle books and Sources.  Top 100 free bestsellers.  Liked-books under $1
UK-Only: recently published free books, bestsellers, or £5 Max ones
    Also, UK customers should see the UK store's Top 100 free bestsellers.

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  1. I was surprised to discover my KT had updated to It must have happened Monday or earlier as it hasn't been on wifi since then and they aren't known to push updates over 3G. Meanwhile my KPW is still running 5.3.3.

    Font selection problems. The only problem I can remember seeing applied to a few books where you could not change the font, and I checked one and it still doesn't let me change it (on Fire I can). I assume it is some formatting issue. I haven't encountered a book with 'Publisher font' for quite awhile and don't remember if I saw any problems with that.

    One significant change is that the Kindle Store finally shows KT as a supported device for comic book / children's book content (whenever KK/K4/KPW are listed). This was not true after 5.3.2 for at least a couple of months. Maybe there's some correlation with the availability of, to give publishers a chance to check their stuff before enabling KT to download. But no way to know. So I was finally able to download one of my 'graphic novels' (takes forever over 3G). Not much novelty to it as PW has had this since it shipped and it works the same. But KT has much more available storage for people that have lots of these things.

    It is worth noting that KT is still being sold on (new wifi for $99 and refurb for both wifi and wifi+3g, $89 and $129 respectively), but you have to search for the listings, as it is not mentioned on the Buy A Kindle page.

    1. Tom,
      My KPW is also still running 5.3.3 and so far I've had no reason to update it but may eventually if they don't, just in case.

      My update on the KTouch was on a device that was extremely low on battery, so I'm surprised the update went through or maybe the download and indexing did that. That long letter that was on the screen was very odd to see, since those changes were presented as if they came with this latest update.

      They had actually said in January that they were going to update it for font selection fixes so I'm surprised that they may not have (depending on the book).

      I did mention you and your downloading problem on some graphic books, so am glad you're able to now.

      Big thanks! for seeing the KT is being offered again, new, on Prime, in fact.
      I just used my old link, which I kept commented, though am using a different shortcut word for it, and there it is.

      I've changed the latest Country listing for Current kindles as well as the Kindle-Info listing that's on the right, reference column (which is generally not as current as the country listing)

      Before that, they've been showing the Int'l model differently from what we see now. It offered, for a long time, a sign-up for people to be notified when the model might be re-offered internationally. Now it just says it's not currently available and no indication if it will be again.

      The U.S. 3G one, when I clicked on 3G model shows it currently with no refurbished or used, but that probably changes as lot, since they ask if you have one to sell.

      Thanks again!

  2. I installed update 5.3.2 several weeks ago manually. My Kindle Touch was stuck trying to finish indexing, causing battery life to suffer greatly. In addition several games and apps would not open, giving an error message. after a week or so trying to figure out this behavior (I figured that it was due to the update), I contacted Amazon about the problems. I was told that update was available and should solve the problems I was having. It did!

    1. Anonymous, 3/28, 2:34AM PDT,
      Thanks very much for this info. Very helpful. Glad it worked for you.

  3. I had updated my KT manually 2-3 weeks ago and it gave me & the long email at that time -- so I guess this update had been silently hanging out there for a while.

  4. Does anyone know how to archive stories from the home page? Before this update, I know you just hold the story and then a pop up comes up. Any help would be great! Thanks!

    1. Jennifer, I have the new update on it and I can still longpress the title or the cover and use the last option in the popup, which says "Remove from Device" -- this will remain in the Archive at Amazon servers.

      Hope that works for you. For "personal docs" that did not come from Amazon, you should have those backed up, of course, if you ever want them again once you remove one from the device (UNLESS you sent them to a Kindle via email, in which case a copy is sent to the server's "personal doc" area for you and that copy remains on the server unless you remove it yourself on the manageyourkindle page.

  5. My KT updated itself, and began having lock-up problems. Customer service agreed it was the software's fault, and sent me a replacement. I updated the software (it was going to happen anyway), and the lock-ups continue. It's time to buy a Nook.

    1. Sorry you're having these problems -- only Customer Svc can help and you should let them know but you may be fed up with it after two.

      Re the Nook, you should go with whatever makes you happiest. That's the whole idea...

  6. Hi, i don't know how to update my kindle touch 5.1.0 to help me what to do? i have downloading the software and i have transfer it in my device (kindle touch) when finish i unplug my USB cable from the PC and kindle then when i open my kindle pages i don't see the software so what to do explain me clearly plzzz help me plzzzzzzzz

    1. To Anonymous, writing at 1:35:00 AM PDT
      Go to the actual update page, where there actually already are instructions, step-by-step, which are clear.

      You missed an important step that comes after transferring it to your Kindle... Also, make sure you drop the file at the top level of the Kindle (at the 'root' level, above the folders there).
      Follow the directions given for what to do on the Kindle, after that...

      You can also ask for personal help on the Kindle forums.

    2. Hi, my kindle touch 5.1.0 has already come to but can i update another to my kindle touch? and also i can't download a video or a pdf file on my kindle touch there is wifi at home i use internet on my kindle touch but i can't download any file any songs and any videos can u help me plzzzzzzzz and how to chaNGE my mp3 player format i wANt it to be as a list

  7. Hi, my kindle touch 5.1.0 has already come to but can i update another to my kindle touch? and also i can't download a video or a pdf file on my kindle touch there is wifi at home i use internet on my kindle touch but i can't download any file any songs and any videos can u help me plzzzzzzzz and how to chaNGE my mp3 player format i wANt it to be as a list


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